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What did we Google most in 2014?

What did we Google most in 2014When looking at the usual end of year news items that always come up in December reviewing the biggest news from that year, there is generally always the filter that is applied by the media agency in question which means that the items that are most important to us as a population are not always represented. Thanks to the metrics and tracking available on sites such as Google, it is far easier to find out exactly what got us clicking and talking since the search engine rose to prominence. 2014’s list featured celebrity deaths, a sporting carnival and some internet phenomenons.

1. Robin Williams

Top of the most Googled terms in 2014 was the late actor and comedian Robin Williams. Following his death in August 2014 when he committed suicide, social networks as well as traditional media were flooded with tributes to Williams’ talents.

2. World Cup

Staged in Brazil last summer, the FIFA world cup was won by Germany following an impressive performance throughout the entire tournament. The general search term here probably largely applies to the tournament held in Brazil, but could also have been used to search many of the myriad of stories pertaining to the scheduled tournament in Qatar in 2022.

3. Ebola

As the term featured strongly in news stories throughout 2014, it should come as no surprise to see this incredibly contagious disease featured on the top search terms of the year. From people checking up on the story to people fearing the worst, it was at the forefront of many minds as they looked online.

4. Malaysia Airlines

The tragic disappearance of flight MH 370 along with the incident surrounding MH17 which was shot down kept Malaysia Airlines in the news, as well as in the search engines.

5. Flappy Bird

When Dong Nguyen coded Flappy Bird in 2013, he could have had no idea that the game would capture the attention of the world in the way that it did. A simple, addictive and infuriating game, Flappy Bird hit the top of the download charts across both Android and iOS platforms before making international news when the creator took the game down in February 2014.

One of the most important things that the story of Flappy Bird can teach us is that you don’t need big corporate backing to become a massive online success story. Nguyen was pulling in around $50,000 a day in advertising revenues before he pulled the plug on Flappy Bird, but he also had a very strong background in coding. If you have an idea but not the technical know how to make it a reality, getting in touch with a localised company such as, to cope with your app design or Web Design Cheltenham or wherever you are based can really help.

6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

People throwing water over their heads all for a good cause. There are some comedy gems to be found amongst all of the charitable stuff.

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