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How to Get More Followers and Likes on Instagram? (Updated 2024)

Are you a social media freak who wants to promote your business on Instagram to get more followers? If yes, you must consider several points in light of this matter to get more followers for your brand and yourself. You need to make a post on Instagram in such a manner that it attracts the attention of your target audience.   

Many people have the same query about how they can get Instagram followers for your business. In this regard, you need to understand what tools you require to make your ad copy more attractive and catchier in the eyes of your target audience. In the next, everything is discussed that you need to know to gain more followers and likes on Instagram.

There are multiple ways to get more followers for your Instagram business. Just you need to follow some of the essential steps to get maximum followers for your Instagram business.  

Optimize Instagram Profile and Bio:

Instagram bio and profile optimization is about making a good first impression. Consider it your business’s virtual storefront—if it’s inviting and clear, people will come in and browse. Your profile picture—your brand’s emblem, a professional headshot, or a product image—should be readily recognized. Consider your bio next.

Make the most of your 150 characters to describe yourself and your work. Use industry-specific keywords and add personality or comedy to keep things interesting. Emojis can personalize your bio and break up text. You can use them sparingly and judiciously to underline points or enhance visual appeal.

You Must Create A Branded Hashtag   

A dedicated custom hashtag you can create for your collection of the best content. When another follower finds your hashtag, they can target your tag to get more hashtags for your business. First, you need to create a sequence of your top posts on Instagram regarding your brand and yourself. It will help you get maximum exposure for your brand. 

You can make use of each of your branded tags for your marketing campaigns. It will help you to reach your target audience quickly. The result will be that you will get better exposure from the market. Sometimes, you can choose a better option so that it sounds less promotional.   

You Can Cross-Promote Your Dedicated Hashtag 

You can cross-promote your dedicated hashtag on multiple online as well as in offline channels. Make sure that it is your profile, and you can use this hashtag in numerous places. You can take the hashtags or your game offline by printing the receipts, ads, and signage. If you are on the radio, TV, or other people, then you can use this hashtag to develop your branding among your target audience.  

Make sure you do brand through your Instagram handles in all possible ways. Do not make a mess of it. Otherwise, it can ruin your brand image in the market.     

Use Industry Specific Hashtag 

You can make use of the industry-specific hashtag as per your niche. You must use those keywords on your hashtags using which your target audience is searching. It will help you to increase the number of followers for your brand. Ensure that you get Instagram followers by using hashtags for your brand in the right way. 

You must understand consumer behavior and place your hashtags on Instagram afterward. It will help you get maximum traffic for your business. The more specific you are, the better response you will get from your target audience.   

Avoid Buying Fake Followers & Likes

It may seem like a quick way to increase your Instagram followers, but it’s like constructing a castle on sand. It might seem magnificent, but the foundation is weak and could collapse at any time. Not only can fake followers not engage with your material, but Instagram’s algorithms can discover them and penalize or prohibit your account.

Real followers, however, are essential to Instagram’s success. They like, remark, share, and promote true engagement and growth. If you’re considering buying phony followers, know that it will damage your business’s credibility and viability. To truly grow your Instagram following, focus on building authentic relationships with your audience.

Do Not Be Boring 

Make your Instagram ideas attractive and exciting. Try to grab the attention of your target audience. It will help you to get the maximum number of likes and followers for your brand. You may want to use those, but you can use those hashtags to tell the part of your story to grab your target audience’s maximum attention. You can mix it up to use the hashtags to say to your Instagram stories that will help you get the maximum exposure for your brand.   

Your hashtags must be funny, outrageous, and ironic. It must have a funny ingredient so people can respond better to it. Ensure that the content you share on your Instagram is engaging enough to help you get a better response from your brand.   

Sometimes, related hashtags or festival-related hashtags on Instagram can provide you with more likes and followers for your brand. You can organize events, seminars, and workshops using the Instagram platform to get maximum exposure for your brand.   

The events can be of two types: self-organized or external events that are not organized by you but have relevance as per the need of the situation. It can be any festival or any other event organized by some other person but connected with your branding. You can use this opportunity to develop your brand image in the best possible manner.   

You can participate in popular events related to your brand niche. After that, you can use the details of the events you have attended in your Instagram hashtags to engage more audience for your brand. Make sure that you have made the right choice to develop your brand image. These events can increase your brand exposure in a short period.   

Final Lines

Instagram can easily change the fate of your business in a short. It can help you develop your brand image and get more likes and followers for your business. If you want to get Instagram followers, you need to build your content quality and creativity. You need to understand your target audience’s mind before you can start promoting your Instagram ads or your posts on Instagram. Make sure you satisfy the informational requirements of your target audience. It will help you to increase your brand engagement. 

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