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PS5 Controllers- Top Picks for Gamers in 2024

The DualSense wireless controller with your new PS5 is undoubtedly a unique variable for all PS5 gamers. However, some people are bothered after using these PS5 controllers for a long time. They lose their performance speed. If you’re willing to find an alternative, then you should choose the best picks that have better performance, new shape, tension triggers, and improved vibrations, all the updated features of controlling the PS5 game. If you want to play new games, you should switch back to PS5 Controllers. All complete details of the best controllers are covered in this article.

Top Best PS5 Controllers:

Here, I’ll help you determine the best PS5 controllers you should buy for a better gaming experience. Indeed, these are the best options for a gaming lover.

HexGaming Rival 

HexaGaming Rival is a DualSense PS5 that has powerful functionality. You can customize the backpedal for any game or application with any other activation through remapping software. The thin profile at the top of the triggers button allows you quick activation, which is profitable for gamers who are working on their response time. HexaGaming, with a large variety, will enable you to pick the best design without inferior quality. Furthermore, Robolox and GT5 are playable on this PS5 controller.

Key Features

  • You can also upgrade to the Rival premium edition, which is more expensive than the original DualSense.
  • This controller is the best controller among all the PS5 controllers in the market.
  • The controller also has six in-one thumbsticks, which allows the gamers to adjust the height according to their level, and the thumbstick also prevents slipping and makes the grip comfortable.

Razer Raiju Ultimate

If you are in search of the best wireless PS5 controller, then Razer Raiju Ultimate is the best option for you because of its advanced personalization. Cool effects give you smooth operation. Raiju’s ultimate premium quality and cool look make it attractive for gamers, as it is customizable to their liking.

Key Features

  • Two programmable buttons are available on the top of the controller, while two paddles are inserted near to the grips.
  • Compared to other PS5 Controllers, it is the only controller with two features: Bluetooth or wire.
  • The whole design of the controller looks compatible with its functionality. It also has an advanced mobile app configuration system.
Version 1.0.0

Aim Controller Customized DualSense Controller

AIM Controllers deal in one of the best gaming pads for both ps4 and XboxOne. Genuinely, its journey toward the PS5 Controllers is appreciated. It only deals with its best custom DualSense controllers. You can manage AIM Controllers on its website with new thumbsticks, triggers, paddles, and many other features which are available on other controllers. After paying for the shipping and handling fees, gamers can customize their DualSense.

Key Features

  • The activation for the standard dual Sense without any modification mentioned on the site is $80. AIM gives a lifetime warranty on its controllers.
  • This controller fits perfectly in the player’s hand; high-quality materials are used to personalize the cover and allow for long-term play without discomfort.
  • It is a modified PS5 DualSense controller, so you can be sure that the product will meet all your expectations regarding the precision of buttons and analogs.
Version 1.0.0

Victrix PS5 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

The Victrix Pro FS is designed from the end to provide the fastest response time on the PS5 console. With programmable smooth buttons, fully customizable audio, lighting, and easy access door to swap components, the Pro PS5 FS gives you complete control over your PS5 game. A handle on the front of the controller is a way to control the games while playing. Moreover, it has a good holding area with comfortable access. You can play PS5 games smoothly from this controller with the aid of this controller.

Thrustmaster T248

Thrustmaster is one of the epic kind PS5 controllers for racing game lovers. They can break their thirst for playing racing games through the T248 Controller. It is not a premium kind of controller, buyers get all its in one package after buying it. It has a sleek and premium quality design with smooth corners of the steering wheel.

Key Features

  • With easy start-up and functionality, it makes an easy operating system for users. You can easily hook up to your PlayStation.
  • It only requires a USB cable to your gaming machine. The steering has a clamp system through which you can adjust it with any of your tables or desks according to the required height of your legs.
  • For stylish racing, nothing is better than Thrustmaster T248 PS5 Controllers.

Final Conclusion

After going through a brief eye view of these PS5 controllers, you’ll be able to find your favorite PS5 Controller. Hence, all these controllers mentioned above have different specifications and functionality on an individual basis, so it is hard to suggest a single one; all of these controllers are for people with different interests; find your favorite ones and get that one!

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