TikTok Has Removed a Feature From Lite App in EU

TikTok, one of the most popular social media and short video-creating and sharing platforms, has recently announced that it is pulling out a significant feature from its Lite app in the European Union territory. The move has been taken because of the increasing concerns of addiction. EU has reviewed the impacts of the platform on users especially that of young age. After the intervention, they elaborated on the addictive nature of its certain features and its potential effects on the young generation.


TikTok Lite app features a gamification aspect that enables users to earn rewards when they interact with this app and perform activities such as watching and liking videos. With this feature, a huge rise has been observed in the user’s interaction with this platform. Nevertheless, it has raised significant concerns regarding addictive behavior. Therefore, the EU has decided to eliminate this feature to comply with its Digital Service Act.

Intervention of EU

The European Union has its executive branch called the European Commission. It has taken action against the video-sharing platform TikTok for launching the reward-to-watch feature. The commissioner has called this feature toxic and addictive as cigarettes. Moreover, the EU has showcased its concerns over the mental health risks caused by this app. As young people are more susceptible to addictive behaviors, they are at higher potential risks.

Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act or DSA is a regulatory framework that is designed primarily to ensure a safe online environment within the EU. It has made it compulsory for digital platforms to eliminate systemic risks from different areas concerning child safety and mental health. Also, TikTok has complied with the DSA and is now compelled to conduct comprehensive research for requesting the EU regulators.

TikTok Response

TikTok has validated the concerns of the European Union and has removed the reward features from this region. Moreover, the company has shown its commitment to dealing with the issues and potential penalties under the DSA which may rise up to 6% of its annual revenue generated from across the globe. 

Implications for TikTok

The suspension of this feature is a significant move taken by TikTok and it is wide proof of the platform’s commitment to following digital rights. In this way, it can prioritize the users’ well-being over engagement numbers. Nevertheless, social media companies have to face numerous challenges when maintaining ethical considerations and regulatory compliance simultaneously.

European Union has taken several actions against TikTok that represent its regulatory power and its commitment to protect young people. By ensuring compliance with DSA, the EU has guaranteed that the companies are currently operating within the jurisdiction. 

Future Prospects

The decision taken by TikTok to remove the gamification features from its Lite app is solid proof that the company is willing to follow regulatory compliances without any offense. It will further help the company to flourish in this highly competitive landscape and protect the mental health of its users. 

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