How to Use Twitter Trending Hashtags for Marketing

Twitter is considered one of the most effective ways to boost the pace of your business and strengthen your client base. Twitter is an ideal platform that allows you to connect with your audience all across the globe and grow your network. The Twitter hashtags work wonders in the marketing field. You can take your business to the next level using Twitter hashtags. But the question arises that how to use the right Twitter Hashtags? The pearls of words, or chains of wisdom you have been tweeting become useless unless you use appropriate Twitter hashtags.  Not using the right Twitter hashtags results in a lack of engagement with the targeted audience. Consequently, all your struggles will be in vain. We have prepared this guide for you to let you know how you can use the Twitter hashtags in the most appropriate manner and receive the response you want.

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What Exactly Are Twitter Hashtags?

A pound sign (#) represents the name hashtag. A hashtag is simply a word, or a collection od of words, a phrase that is written with this symbol, without any space. The major purpose of the hashtags is to let the audience search for the desired topic with more ease. For instance, anyone who is in search of plenty of content on affiliate marketing, then he or she can simply go for “#affiliateMarketing”. The origin of Twitter hashtags is found back in 2007, since their commencement they have been one of the most effective marketing tools.

In order to improve the readability and accessibility of the hashtags, it is a common practice to capitalize the first letter of each word. It is not very necessary, but it helps the reader to understand the phrases well and deliver the right meaning of the content. This is only for the ease of the readers. it simply means that write the hashtag as #AffiiateMarketing rather than writing it as #affiliatemarketing.

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How may Twitter Hashtags Help you out?

The Twitter hashtags have earned a great repute in the marketing niche, and this is because of several good reasons. Particularly, if you are a marketer or an influencer then keep in mind that Twitter hashtags can save your day. Here are three ways that show how Twitter hashtags help their users.

Get Recognized on Twitter: The ideal way to get recognition is using Twitter hashtags. The Twitter hashtags have the capability to group your content with others having the same hashtags for a better search experience. As a result of this, the targeted audience will get your content more frequently when they search for a similar hashtag. In this era of technology, all the users of Twitter very well know how to deal with hashtag searches. They simply tap on a hashtag and get the numerous content available on that very hashtag. This increases your chances to reach your target audience.

Research: Since hashtags are clickable and searchable so they are considered excellent search tools. Searching with the hashtags rather than with the key phrases retrieves more relevant results.

Adding Humor: As Twitter hashtags are one of the social media tools so it does not require an unnecessary formal tone. You can go for inside jokes to grab the attention of your readers. You can brag about the personality of your brand by adding more punchlines as your hashtags.

Understanding the Twitter Trending Hashtag Finding One?

You can tweet about your business and your followers would see your tweets. They can turn your tweets into Twitter trending tweets by retweeting them. You can make your hashtag by adding the # symbol and then you can write whatever slogan or whatever brand promotion line you want to use. Once your hashtag keeps trending, your followers would rapidly increase and in this way, the reach of your hashtags. Various tweets can contain that specific hashtag in their way and by clicking on your specific hashtag word, you can get all the tweets that contain the clicked hashtag in them. There is no specific rule for adding hashtags. It can be added anywhere in your tweet.

It is a very easy way to find trending hashtags. As soon as you get logged into your Twitter account, you can see trends for your option which you can click and find all the trending hashtags. It would give you a basic idea about the things happening in the world in a quick time. You can click on explore option and still you would find the same hashtags.

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How to Make Use of Twitter Hashtags

Before we get into how you should use hashtags on Twitter, let’s go over some general guidelines.

  • To increase the visibility of your hashtag, contact the influencers.
  • To improve accessibility, capitalize the first letter of each word.
  • CAPS LOCK should not be used (until the hashtag contains any acronym)
  • Tell your users how they must use your hashtag by giving them proper reasons.
  • Use hashtags that are naturally integrated into your tweet.
  • Don’t repurpose a popular hashtag for another purpose.
  • Check to see if you are using existing hashtags correctly.
  • In a single tweet avoid using more than one or two relevant hashtags.
  • Try to create a hashtag that is unforgettable and simple to remember.

The first thing that needs to take care of is that the hashtag that is trending on Twitter and which you are choosing should be related to your brand and so it can act as:

  • Voice of your brand
  • It can show the values of your brand
  • The topic should have a deep link with the used hashtag
  • The used hashtag should have an attractive point to engage a variety of audience

Things you must do using Twitter trending hashtags for marketing:


Consistency is the key. With your tweets and hashtags, you need to be consistent. Using hashtags would help in Connecting your brand with whatever is happening on Twitter. It would help in increasing your marketing funnel and lifting it. Through hashtags,  brand awareness boosts up as well as the intention of people rises to purchase.

Research matters

Use those hashtags that are easy to use and pronounce.  For ease,  use all the capitalized letters in your hashtags. If people are tweeting about your brand and using hashtags on their own that relate well to your brand,  use them on your business account.

Ask people to use your hashtag for the marketing of your business. Give them small favors such as a discount. Also, ask your employee to do this for you.

Ask influences to be partners with you

If influencers post the same hashtags of your brand,  it will help in increasing visibility for your brand, and the exposure of people would be increased. If you do not have the resources to do so,  you can use your followers in acting as unpaid influences as their reviews and self-made content for your brand would also matter.

Use of branded hashtags would help in attracting people as using ghee creative content contained ad plus adding the hashtags of brands would increase for chances of your ad getting viral by ten percent.

Use hashtags for your brand and campaigns

You can specifically design your brand-related hashtags. Use the name of your brand or your company tagline that relates well with people. It should be unique enough to connect with people. It should be short and easy to pronounce. Similarly, you can use campaign hashtags that include any ongoing sale that your brand offers. It can help in increasing the SEO of posts that are shown by your brands.

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