Apple Has Fixed the Zero-Day Bug In Its Vision Pro

Apple has released a new versionOS 1.0.2 software for its VR headset Vision Pro. It is launched to fix the security vulnerability in this high-end device. It includes the security patch to overcome the potential vulnerabilities found in WebKit. The company has taken this significance readily after the reporters published their review of this brilliant mixed reality device. The defect was found in the browser engine of the WebKit, which supports the Safari search engine. Apple has confirmed that the retention of this defect can open the doors for hackers to exploit this brilliant technology. Apple has announced the first-ever security patch for its Vision Pro to overcome the challenge.

Zero-day Bug in Apple Vision Pro

The zero-day bug in Apple’s Vision Pro is a bug in the browser engine of this device, called WebKit. The vulnerability present in it could seriously impact the device’s functioning and allow hackers to take control of this device and carry out malicious activities. Apple has readily discovered the error in this VR headset and has adopted solid strategies to eliminate this bug. The latest security patch released by the company holds the power to fix the issue. It also eliminates the room for hackers to execute their activities. 

Zero-day Bug Fixing

Apple has released a new visionOS 1.0.2 software for its Vision Pro with an additional fix for the vulnerability present in the WebKit. The company has stated clearly that the vulnerability could be exploited by hackers, causing unwanted disruption in the functionality of this device. The security patch for the mixed reality headset was made available by the company on January 31, 2024. However, some devices are still facing issues as they are not upgraded to the recent version.

Impacts of Zero-Day Bug

Zero-day bug is similar to the one Apple has fixed recently when it has ended its iOS 17.3 operating system for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TV. All of them relied on the WebKit. However, the company has confirmed that no specific bugs for this vulnerability have been launched. They are officially tracked as CVE-2024-23222, which was released for Apple Watch in history.

Although it is still unknown how hackers can exploit the Apple Vision Pro’s vulnerability, it could seriously impact the device’s performance level. It’s common for online stealers and spyware to target such vulnerabilities and use them as an entrance point into the infrastructure of the tool. Thus, they can control Vision Pro’s functioning to steal the users’ data and cause further significant negative impacts.

Future Prospects

The launch of versionOS 1.0.2 has played a significant role in eliminating the Zero-day bug from Vision Pro. Moreover, Apple is looking forward to enhancing the security standards of its devices to provide maximum data protection to its users.

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