PC Part Picker – A Complete Review

The modern technological world has made it compulsory for every user to own the latest computers or PCs to carry out their professional activities. However, not all of them can afford as the prices of some quality products are sky-high. Under such circumstances, PC Part Picker emerges as one of the best platforms for all users to build a PC based on their preferences and requirements. In this blog post, we have elaborated on different aspects of this site to help you understand its features, advantages, and how to use it.

PC Part Picker is an online platform that is designed specifically to allow users to build custom computers. It offers a comprehensive database of different computer parts such as motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, and others. In this way, you can easily pick the components depending on your requirements and preferences. By checking the compatibility of different components with each other, you can avoid unnecessary mistakes that may prove costly otherwise.

With the help of this platform, you can compare the prices across different retailers, enabling users to find the best deals. Additionally, you can leverage the potential of build guides and user reviews that make it accessible for both beginners and experienced professionals to create their ideal setups.

PC Part Picker is a highly beneficial tool for all users who are looking forward to building their customized PCs. You can select the compatible parts quite comfortably from the larger collection available alongside comparing the best pricing structure. As a result, you will be able to build your customized PC without breaking the bank. In the under-section, we have detailed a step-by-step guide on how to use this website.

Access the Official Platform

Open your browser and search directly for PC Part Picker. On the results page, you will see multiple options. However, you have to click on the official website ( to access the homepage. Create your account to save your builds and accomplish the whole task without any problem. Enter your credentials and verify the email to complete the account creation. Also, you have to select the country for accurate pricing.

Start Building

On the homepage, you will find the Start Your Build button that will directly lead you to the system builder which is the core functional part of this amazing platform. By adding parts, the compatibility filter will automatically shortlist the available choices. Hence, it will make sure that all the parts are capable of working with each other.

Start Building

Use Build Guides

If you are new to the landscape of PC building, you can directly hit up the Build Guides section. These guides are already built by the users who have leveraged this platform and are compatible with different budgeting requirements.

Check Completed Builds

This section is also pretty helpful as it features the builds submitted by the other users. With the help of this portion, you will be able to grab insights about the list of essential parts, their descriptions, and photos. 

Compare Prices

Next, PC Part Picker compares the prices of different retailers to help you find the one that resonates with your budgeting limits. Also, it offers setting up price alerts for specific components. As soon as they are available for sale, you will get a notification.

Check Compatibility

After selecting the parts from the PC Part Picker, you must see if there is any compatibility issue related to physical setup or power surge. Resultantly, you can prevent common mistakes that could otherwise prove too costly.

Review Your Build

Review the PC you have built after selecting all the crucial parts. Some key factors to watch out for are wattage, dimensions, and power components. Furthermore, you should access the customers reviews to be completely satisfied with your choices.

Save and Share Your Build

If you are short of time and unable to complete your task of PC building, you can save it to come back later and accomplish it. Additionally, if you have completed the customization, PC Part Picker allows you to share it with others to receive feedback by generating a unique URL.

Purchase the Parts

After completing all the customization, PC Part Picker will provide you with a direct link to retailers, which will further ease the task. With the help of this convenient solution, you can take your experience to an advanced level.

The following are the important quality features of the PC Part Picker that will further help you learn about the importance of this platform in this modern digital landscape.

Extensive Database

PC Part Picker offers an extensive database of different computer components to allow users to check a wide range of options. Hence, they can build their custom PCs quite conveniently. This platform also automatically checks the compatibility between different selected parts and sets up alert notifications to let users know if there is any potential issue.

Price Comparison and Alerts

Users can also compare the prices from different retailers with the help of PC Part Picker. In this way, they can have an idea of the overall budget they have to allocate for building a customized PC. In addition, you can set up notifications to know about the prices of the parts when dropped below a certain point.

Easy Navigation and Filters

The design of the website also features easy navigation access to help its users find the parts quickly. Also, it showcases filters that let you check the parts of a specific retailer for more precise outcomes.

Easy Accessibility and Forums

PC Part Picker has a user-friendly design and is highly accessible to allow cross-platform compatibility. Hence, users can use the potential of this platform even when they are on the go. Besides, the forum is present to enable people to share their experiences and learn from the feedback of others.

Pros and Cons of PC Part Picker


  • Simple interface
  • Comprehensive datasets
  • Easy accessibility
  • Automatic compatibility checker
  • Price comparison


  • Not available globally

To Sum Up

PC Part Picker has been in the trend since its launch, and it is the most accessible option for users who want to build custom PCs. You can find the complete details related to building a quality computer by utilizing the available options. This platform will guide you from selecting essential parts to making purchases, delivering a smooth and enjoyable experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, the user-friendly interface of this site makes it accessible for all to utilize its potential comfortably.

Can PC Part Picker be trusted?

Yes. The pricing structure generated by this site depends upon the specifications of the components you have picked.

Does PC Part Picker build your PC?

Simply No. PC Part Picker only gives insights into different parts of a PC and helps you select the most compatible options.

Is PC Part Picker accurate for compatibility?

The results generated by the PC Part Picker are accurate at around 95%.

Who runs PC Part Picker?

Philip Carmichael is the current owner of this incredible platform.

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