Best Investment Apps To Download This Year

Investing your money in a business or company to get handsome ROI is definitely a frightening activity especially when you are totally new to this.

As a fresher with lack the basic investment know-how and support to take some smart investing steps, you need a mentor or a professional investor that will help you to invest your money in safe hands.

Nowadays, in this advanced era of technology, a plenty of investment apps is available on the web that can work great not only for beginners but for professionals as well.

Investment applications are becoming a growing and best option for fresh investors to get involved efficiently not only in the stock market but in local trade as well to find better investment opportunities.

With help of the best investment app downloaded in your smartphone, you can just pick up your phone up and can trade instantly by tapping your screen for few times. Most of the apps allow you to trade for free or at a relatively low cost in order to lessen the cost of investment.

Here are some top investment apps that you must download this year to invest money smartly.

Best investment apps to download this year


Once this amazing investment app vault is downloaded from play store, it will allow you to open an IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP IRA account for fertile investments either as a self-employed or freelancer.

Basically, it is the investment app that helps you a lot to create investment account after retirement and gives you the ability to invest your finances based on a specific percentage of your entire income.

By doing so, you can invest your money in better opportunities without having an effect on your cash flow or finances.

After having this great app, there would not need to make and maintain an employer 401(k) plan because it provides you all you need to plan retirement or investment after retirement.

Once the money is deposited into the account, it will show you the further set up to invest the money according to the chosen percentage.

This investment app also uses the same pricing model as Acorns and Stash.


Looking for a unique yet efficient approach to buying and selling stocks without making huge efforts physically? You must go with the stockpile.

By using one of the best investment apps, you can quickly purchase partial shares of almost any company through this app.

On the other hand, it also offers you to fund an account with a stock gift card that gives the fortunate beneficiary shares of stock starting from the value of $5.

You will be charged no monthly fee if you are using this app but all trades are made for 0.9 $ each.

This investment app is loved by parents or grandparents who are looking to get their kids or young adults interested in investing their finances.


If you are seeking a superb investment app that will allow you to make the safe and luxuriant investment, then you must try betterment.

By using a blend of software and human financial advisers, this investment app takes the passive investing approach to investing your money in almost 13 ETF accounts.

It helps you to create a personalized portfolio on the platform with details like your investment goals & risk tolerance, and then automatically rebalances it for you to bring more investment opportunities according to your personal interests.

It also provides assistance of real financial advisors to make wise decisions.

You can start its digital plan with 0.25% per year with a $0 as a minimum balance. Its premium plan starts with 0.40% per year with a $100,000 minimum balance. In simple words, when you are using this app, the more you deposit in account the less you will have to pay.

Hopefully, you will find these investment apps interesting and handy as well to make safe investments but if you still looking for more, you can read reviews about more best investment apps here in order to choose one that suits your individual needs.

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