TikTok Logo and its Story – Growing Across the World

The TikTok logo and TikTok are now well-known in every country of the world by millions of people. It is a fast-growing social network across the world. TikTok is a social media app for sharing videos just like Instagram, Facebook, and other media platforms. Many talented and professional content creators uploaded their videos on this platform to attain public attention. Their main aim is to influence others through their activity of content. Let’s talk about TikTok and the story of its company.

Many companies change their logo designs yearly or before updating the terms and conditions. You’ll be amazed to know that the TikTok logo is the only logo with the interesting fact that it is still the same as was uploaded on the first release of the app in 2016, only with minor changes. There are many logos available with plenty of styles and designs, along with some monochromatic styles with multiple shade options. But the company has only its developed logo that contains three color variations, white, blue, and pink background and primarily black and white color scheme.

Incredible Story of TikTok Logo and the App Itself

2016: First Logo of Tiktok

In 2016, TikTok was first launched by Zhang Yiming in China as a video app. Through this app, users were able to send and receive their videos with their friends and other connections. At that time, TikTok was named Douyin. The app was introduced by the tech company ByteDance, whose owner is also Zhang Yiming. After the launch of this app, Yiming was ambitious to spread it across the globe. Douyin reached about 100 million user base who watched approximately 1 billion videos daily. This was the first glitter of Yiming’s success. 

2016: First Logo of Tiktok

2017 – 2018: TikTok Affiliation with Music.ly

In 2017, ByteDance, after one year of launching, the company had an agreement with a video app called Music.ly for a handsome amount of one billion dollars. This was used to create short TikTok videos and funny videos. This was a wise decision taken by Byte Dance. Later, Douyin was introduced in international markets and was renamed Tiktok. Tiktok was now available on the Play Store and App Store. Here, it took a great completion with other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The accounts presented on Musical.ly were merged, hence the integration of two social platforms emphasizes the public to keep an attention a Tiktok.

2017 - 2018: TikTok Affiliation with Music.ly

In 2018, Tiktok held the credit for most downloaded apps and was a new trendsetter in different countries of the world. On the Apple Store, Tiktok was one of the most downloaded apps. And all of the credit goes to the wise decision to purchase Musical.ly to integrate with Tiktok.

2019: Integration with NFL

In 2019, Tiktok was first sponsored by National Football League in the United States. Tiktok hosted its fan activities and event for the launch of the NFL official Tiktok account and to honor the NFL 100th season. Now TikTok has partnerships with many companies for promotion and many celebrities.

The sudden rise and an unlimited number of new users joining this social platform have not made it possible for the app to improve its features and security analysis for new TikTok users. As Tiktok has some criteria which prevent it from uploading and creating a new account anonymously, rather it does not fill the whole circumstances of the society. Due to multiple attacks in some societies, certain countries have banned its access for its citizens.

2019: Integration with NFL

Though Tiktok faces many social controversies yet it is very popular among the citizens of many countries. The reason behind Tiktok’s success is its exceptional way of promoting and advertising, through which it generates a lot of revenue. Besides, it provides some feasible tools to edit short form video quickly like TikTok split screen, TikTok caption, and more.

How Was TikTok Logo Created?

According to the team, an unknown designer created the TikTok logo. The designer was inspired by that concert he joined before creating the logo. He was willing to create a design that would excite a major concert to show the brilliant creators and show the value of the content they offer. He got an idea by looking up at the stage with the black background and putting the black background for the TikTok. For the neon light, he used a neon blue and red D shape design on the logo. This made similarity to the concert for the viewers. The app’s previous name concerns the D shape, which is visually similar to the note icon. At the time, people gave a lot of thought to the app’s icon.

First TikTok Logo Creation

In 2017, the logo was last time designed, and the motive to update it was to give a clearer appearance to the glyphs of the design. The ‘O‘ was also given a purplish-blue outline like a note. The logo was completely arranged in an outclass shape to attract viewers. The company has not changed the shape of the logo to show the relativity of its logo. Moreover, the Logo has become an absolute sign of music and entertainment.

  • The TikTok logo is considered one of the deepest logos of its kind as App Logo was not the first thing coined by TikTok, as the logo is necessary for the identity of any platform or company. The logo also plays a vital role in the digitalization marketing of apps.
  • The logo has contributed much to making the app popular and famous worldwide. TikTok has allowed many companies to use its logos, such as hoodies, shirts, cups, mugs, glasses, and many other items that use the TikTok logo to generate more and more sales.

Final Words

The social media site TikTok is huge, and millions of people use it and share videos on it. The company has gained and achieved many milestones in less period. Many hidden talents were also growing through this platform. A person who doesn’t have enough resources to join clubs and give auditions can join TikTok to show his hidden talent to other users. TikTok logo has exceptional value in the market. It is generating a lot of revenue through its shape.


When was TikTok’s logo created?

TikTok’s logo was created in 2016 when the platform was launched by the Chinese company ByteDance.

What does the TikTok logo represent?

The TikTok logo represents Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. It reflects the platform’s lively and creative atmosphere.

What is the inspiration behind the TikTok logo design?

The TikTok logo’s evolution since 2016 is inspired by the platform’s dynamic and creative nature.

What is the significance of musical note in the TikTok logo?

The colorful musical note in the TikTok logo adds to its appeal, symbolizing the platform’s association with music and creativity.

Can I use the TikTok logo for personal or commercial purposes?

The use of the TikTok logo is subject to the platform’s terms of use and branding guidelines. Refer to official TikTok resources for information on logo usage policies.

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