Apple Abandoned Autonomous Electric Car Venture and Shuffled Project Workers

Apple after a long time struggle has decided to get it off from the Project Titan – which was basically focused on the development of autonomous cars. According to internal sources of TechCrunch, the company is cutting of its workforce from this project. It has come to noticed that almost 2000 workers are removed from their roles and shift those at Generative AI project. However, anonymous worker told that the project still has 1400 employees working on it.

Apple had never announced about any date for the launch of their autonomous car. Hence it was observed that when the Apple initiated for this project called Project Titan; the hired hundreds of skilled professionals included Tesla and Canoo Auto Software experts.

The decision was took when the major investors asked for the reevaluation or scrutiny of the project as they were investing since long time.

Apple Entry in autonomous Industry

Speculation regarding Apple’s plans to create electric, driverless vehicles dates back at 2014, and the company has been actively involved in the autonomous vehicle business ever since. From that, Apple emphasized on creation of a top featured electric car in competition of Tesla. Hence in Januray, Bloomberg broke the news that there is huge pressure on the Project Titan leadership to bring something autonomous in the market as soon as possible. However, in last Tuesday meeting project leaders followed that this is not the step to this project closure while shifting the employees. Despite encountering obstacles and delays, Apple has recently stepped up its efforts, increasing the testing of its self-driving cars.

While there is not any official concern showed by the company to close the Project, while the currents acts of Apple showed that there might be something that is going to be changed in this project either its going to be dead or delayed. Too some extents the rumors that claimed the first launch of the Apple Autonomous car are rarely not claimed to be accurate till this date. There are no future prospects that are noticed according to the official sources.

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