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Dumpor is a tool to help users to see someone’s story privately and anonymously on Instagram. Moreover, you can watch their profile and followers as well without letting them know. It is an interesting way to hide your identity not letting others that you have seen their profile, stories, and followers.

Instagram has become a popular platform at present time. According to CNBC, there are 2 Billion monthly active users who are spending their time on this platform. Keep in mind that there are many users who prefer to hide their identity and want to use Instagram without having an account. This is the exact place that Dumpor appears to fulfill by playing a great role to keep the users anonymous.

How Does Dumpor Work?

Dumpor can be described as an Instagram post analyzer and viewer. It has an algorithm to assist the users to watch other users’ profiles and data. We are talking about

The Instagram staller helps a lot to improve an Instagram account’s popularity. It allows the users to monitor your own and others’ accounts as well, even though, without clueing them you have visited their accounts. Dumpor makes it very simple to find someone’s profile, account, news, posts, hashtag, and followers.

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Instagram Visual interference

This is a global website that allows users to visit different profiles for getting to know many things without notifying the profile owners. It allows you to download many of the things from the account that you are visiting. But on the contrary, you can not download anything when someone has a personal account.

How to use this platform

It is not rocket science that will take a lot of time to come to know about the use and work of Dumpor. There are pretty simple steps that you have to follow for using this app.

How to use Dumpor

  • Visiting the Dumpor website
  • Create your own desired user account
  • Go to the Instagram profile whom you want to visit
  • Visit the different accounts without letting them know

Features of Dumpor

Dumpor makes you delighted to provide the features to explore many accounts, stories, and profiles without being feared that the next person will come to know about you. This is an interesting trait that the users like the most.

Now let’s discuss the important features of this attractive app that must grab your intention for a while.

  • Free service

This is one of the best features of this platform to provide complete free service to its users. You will never be upset to pay anything while using this app.

  • Download Anything

Allowing the users to download anything is another interesting feature. An option is available from where you can download any video, Story very smoothly. You will not face any restrictions while using this app.

  • Users friendly

It has one more convincing trait that is easy to use. Even though, when beginners visit the site first time, they do not have any problems while using this site.  They all come to know and become able to use it.

  • Anonymously browsing Instagram

It is interesting that when you are browsing any Instagram profile on the dumpor, the profile owner will not come to know that you have visited his profile and get downloaded some of the photos, and videos from his ID. It is more obvious and impressive that adds a lot of value to the user experience.

  • Explore Hashtag  

One more very exciting experience you get here, you can find here different hashtags just in a few seconds.  So, enjoy the app and share it with your friends. This would excite you a lot.


No doubt, that the above dumpor is one of the best sources to stark not show identity to others when you explore anything. Here are some alternatives that are also working to improve and maintain your experience.


This is a primary function of Izoomyou to enlarge the images from Instagram. If you are in searching for this kind of tool then you are at the right place. Being an alternative to Dumpor this has also gained great importance from the users.  This would help you to enlarge the profile photos on Instagram. It is not just stopping here you can also watch and download posts, stories, profile pictures, and posts from Instagram. This all the procedure is very easy that can be done on the mobile phone.


Instalkr has a great hand in helping the users to see the profile without being afraid that the next person will come to know about you. It would not appear to help if you want to download anything but you can watch all the things on a profile. The profile owner will not come to know about all your acts. The impressive function of this app is to discover the stalker who viewed your profile. it is very helpful here to know who stalked you.


This has gained great importance as being an impressive alternative to dumpor. This is also the best tool to view stories and stalked their status and can download them without taking any prior effort. It has the same duties to help the users to watch the different accounts as being there anonymous. All you need is just to create an account of your own choice and click on the button just wait until the browser loads the video and you watch.


This is one of the best alternatives to dumpor. The most interesting feature of this website is to offer the users a chance to download anything from their desired account. It makes users effortless to not worry if they want to download anything from the account that they visit. It also enables the users to view any account or download anything in their own way.  The users can easily download from both public and private accounts or can view them offline. There are many popular hashtags that the users enjoy like happy, love, fashion, food, and art.


Fastsave assists global users whenever a user wants to download anything just needs a click to download any photo, video, or post. More interestingly, you can use this tool on your mobile phone and laptop. This platform has tremendous use due to having the stalked option that is available for the users. Moreover, you can watch offline photos, videos, and posts of all the private accounts on this splendid platform.

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