What is Picnob – An Indepth Overview and its Top Alternatives

Stalking Instagram profiles is getting difficult because of this social platform’s latest features and advancements. Thus, Picnob has entered the market with its unique infrastructure and features. Featuring multi-platform compatibility, you can use it on your smartphones, laptops, and PCs. With the rise in the popularity of social media, everyone wants to explore the new world without showing their identity. For this purpose, you must be biased toward this platform. We have developed this guide to elaborate on the features and advantages of this stalking portal. Also, we have listed some of its top alternatives, as some users may dislike it.

Picnob – An Overview

Picnob is among the top platforms for watching Instagram posts and stories anonymously. It is accessible over the web with the help of a laptop or PC. Owing to its exclusive infrastructure and exceptional benefits, it has taken the world by storm.

Further, it features a simple interface that allows people of every proficiency level to stalk their favorite content and personalities without letting them know. In addition, you can save and download the content during offline sessions, a feature unavailable in the base application. Above all, you can make fun of your friends by watching their stories and posts without downloading the Instagram app.

How to Use Picnob?

  • Enter your search term: In the search bar, users can enter an Instagram username or a hashtag.
  • If you enter a username, the platform will display all the public content from that account. This includes posts, stories, and reels.
  • If you enter a hashtag, it will show you all the public posts that use that hashtag.
  • Browse and Download: Getting the search outcomes, the photos and videos can now be viewed by you. If there is anything you would like to save, just click the download button next to that media information. The platform will take it only in its original resolution.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • No account needed: You don’t need an Instagram account to use Picnob.
  • Public content only: Picnob can only access public content on Instagram. You cannot view private accounts or stories.
  • Instagram’s terms: It’s important to be aware of Instagram’s terms of service regarding downloading content. Make sure you have the right to download anything before you save it.

Pros and cons of Picnob:


  • View stories anonymously
  • Download photos and videos
  • Works on any device
  • Fast, simple, and user-friendly


  • Only works for public profiles
  • May violate Instagram’s terms and privacy
  • May expose to malware or viruses
  • May not display or download the latest content

Features of Picnob

In the under-section, we have enlisted Picnob’s features. You can learn from them if this high-end platform suits your work.

Unknown Viewing

With the help of Picnob, you can watch anyone’s Instagram stories as an anonymous viewer. The original content holder will never know who watched his or her stories. Instagram has a built-in feature that allows people to easily know who has watched their stories. However, this platform allows you to stalk them without letting them know.

No Account Required

Generally, all applications require an account to operate. But, there is no restriction to creating or logging in to an account to perform the desired operation. You also don’t need a Google or Apple account to surf the stories and posts. Just access the application and watch your favorite content without leaving any sign.

No Ads

One of the worst things about online third-party platforms is that they exhibit numerous pop-ups and advertisements. Consequently, they spoil the whole experience and frustrate some users. On the other hand, Picnob is a complete exception. It features a simple interface with no pop-ups or marketing campaigns.

4 – Zoom Option

Although the typical Instagram application possesses a zoom option, it is difficult to use. It is because you have to hold the screen as long as you view the post. With this platform, you can easily zoom in on any device without difficulty.

Save Anything

Picnob lets you save different things, like posts, images, and even profile pictures. In this way, you can rewatch them during online sessions to spend your time interestingly. The official Instagram app and website lack this feature. That’s why people are now getting more biased toward this high-end platform.

Multiple Language Support

When using Picnob, language is not an issue. It’s multilingual, so anyone from all around the world may use it without any problems. This universal design ensures that the service is available to people all around the world.

Advantages of Picnob

We have enlisted the features of this tremendous platform in the above portion. Now, we will elaborate on the advantages of utilizing Picnob.


Compared to other software, which requires downloading and installation, Picnob does not have the same features. Its main benefit lies in its accessibility, as you can access it over the web because of its web-based infrastructure. Now, the official application is also available for smartphone users. Download it from the respective stores to direct yourself on an embarking journey to unlock new content.

User-Friendly Interface

We have already mentioned that Picnob features a user-friendly interface. All the elements and functionalities can be accessed easily. Furthermore, its outstanding layout and exceptional navigation feature enable beginners to access the tool that meets their major requirements. No matter which accounts you are looking for, just hit the search bar and acquire your targeted accounts or posts.

Non Traceable

We have already mentioned that Picnob is famous for its non-traceable nature. No one can recognize who watched their stories. In this way, you can stalk your favorite account or your friends without letting them know. Furthermore, you can surprise them by telling them what they post without watching their stories or posts from your original Instagram accounts. Hence, it could serve as a source of fun.

Enhanced Privacy

In comparison to other stalking sites, Picnob gives its users more control and anonymity. Your online pursuits on Instagram won’t leave a trace, so you may look around without worrying about violating your privacy.

No App Installation Needed

Unlike many other third-party programs, Picnob may be used without first installing it. You won’t have to install any unnecessary programs. It also guarantees a smooth and trouble-free experience while saving space on your device.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

You may easily move between your smartphone, laptop, and desktop computer due to Picnob’s cross-platform compatibility. As a result, you may surf the web anonymously using any screen resolution or device.

Top Alternatives of Picnob

Although Picnob offers a variety of options and attributes, some users may find it frustrating. That’s why we are here with this section to elaborate on the top alternatives you can use for the same purpose.


Although the InstaNavigation alternative is lavished with as many features as Picnob, it still can serve as its top alternative. You only have to enter the username and will get direct access to the stories and highlights of the respective ID.


Iganony is the top alternative to Picnob, allowing you to explore the world of Instagram in a new way. The platform is also available on the App as well as the Play Store. Consequently, mobile users cannot gain the benefits of this high-end platform.



Picuki is also a third-party platform for surfing Instagram without leaving any identity. You don’t have to create an account to unlock all the features and access the profiles for more entertainment.



Fourthly, we have listed Imginn among the top alternatives of Picnob. It is the most diverse platform available on the web to cover Instagram from every aspect. You can download videos, posts, profile pictures, and stories.


Lastly, Dumpor is present in this rundown. As the name represents, it is helpful to download and watch the stories without showing your identity. Another exclusive feature of this site is its multi-language compatibility, which allows people who don’t know English to access it.

Summing Up

To sum up, Picnob is the top platform to stalk someone’s profile anonymously and download the content present on them. With a simple interface, you can reach anyone’s account and save and view posts, stories, and profile pictures without downloading them. Moreover, you don’t need to put in any additional details or credentials to create your account. Hence, this platform ensures complete privacy and makes it completely safe. Also, we have enlisted its top alternative. So, you can pick any of them to enjoy the same benefits as mentioned.


How does Picnob work as an Instagram viewer?

Picnob is a web-based application that allows users to browse and view Instagram photos and videos seamlessly.

Can I download Instagram content using Picnob?

Yes, it enables users to download both photos and videos from Instagram effortlessly.

Is Picnob a free tool, or does it require a subscription?

Picnob is a free online application that allows users to view and download Instagram content without any charges.

Does Picnob support quick exploration of Instagram content?

Yes, it will enable users to explore Instagram photos and videos swiftly.

Can I use Picnob on any device, or is it limited to specific platforms?

It is a web-based tool, making it accessible from any device with an internet connection.

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