Beginner Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

Passionate about blogging but fear of making beginner blogger mistakes holding you back to do? The path to blogging success is paved with both challenges and potential pitfalls. While the thrill of creating your own space over the web is undeniable, avoiding beginner blogger mistakes is essential to ensure your blog thrives in the long run.

Below, we have listed common yet critical blogger mistakes that can derail your blogging journey and how you can avoid them to grow your blog.

Common Mistakes That New Bloggers Must Avoid

1- Use of Free Hosted Blogging Platforms

One of the very first and foremost beginner blogger mistakes to avoid is starting a blog with a free hosted blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger (without buying a hosting plan).

These are great to get started because you don’t have to spend lots of bucks. Still, when it comes to kick start blogging for professional or money making purposes, you must buy a suitable hosting plan to make your domain name attractive and professional.

How to Avoid

In order to start a professional blog or website for your own business, you must purchase a unique domain name and hosting plan according to your business needs.

By doing so, you will enjoy the benefits that free hosting never offers you.

2- Lack of Proper Plan

Lack of a proper content plan is at number 2 in the list of blogging mistakes that can lead you to failure.

Having a foolproof plan always leads you towards success and when it comes to start blogging, you have to spend enough time on planning before you get started.

By doing so, you will easily manage to your time when running your blog to chase your goals without any delay.

How to Avoid

You need to follow these steps in order to get maximum ROI from your blogging efforts;

  • Choose the niche wisely
  • Do proper keyword research
  • Create unique, engaging and quality content
  • Promotion of the blog

3- Lack of Content Publishing Schedule

Consistency is one of the success factors when you want to earn more from your blog and it is only possible with the help of a proper content publishing schedule.

No matter you are writing daily, weekly or monthly for your blog, you must publish the content according to a schedule in order to keep your visitors engaged for the long run.

Publishing some post on a daily basis and then a gap for a week will disappoint your readers.

Start with less and when you are used to with the situation, start adding more but with consistency.

How to Avoid

Make a list of days and time as well according to which you will update your blog.

Almost all content management systems allow you to schedule your posts to maintain steadiness.

4- No Idea of the Target Audience

It is the matter of identifying that what people you are writing for. Without having a fair idea about it, you cannot address your readers properly to keep them engaged with your blog.

For instance, if you are selling discounted hosting plans, you must have an idea of who will read your blog post and what writing tone you should use to make your content worth reading. It is one of the biggest blogging mistakes that can lead you towards failure and almost 80 % of beginners are doing this.

How to Avoid

As it is mentioned in recent lines that if you are selling discounted hosting plans, all bloggers who want to save some pennies when it comes to buy hosting plans, are your target audience.

And you should choose a persuasive writing tone to make them buy from you right after reading your post.

Once you are able to define your target audience, everything will be on right track and marketing will also be easier for you.

5- Focus on Quantity Rather than Quality

In order to succeed in blogging, quality matters a lot, not quantity.

Most of beginner bloggers think that quantity of the content on the blog will impress the readers instead of quality, but it is one of the biggest beginner blogger mistakes to avoid.

Believe me that, if you have few posts on your blog with high quality and engaging content, readers will love to stay on your blog instead of one that only has lots of posts but with low-quality content.

How to Avoid

It is recommended to write 10 blog posts with unique and informational content instead of writing 20 posts that are not create a great impression on readers.

If you are unable to write good quality content, just hire a professional writer to get some great posts written for your blog.

6- Not Promoting the Blog

Writing unique and quality content is great for your blog but it is not enough to reach maximum readers but after some promotion and marketing.

Publicity is the only way to let people know about you and your business and there are several ways to promote your blog that you must take on in order to grow it in the market where you want.

Promotion and publicity will help your blog reach a big number of readers, so spend some of your valuable moments on promotion of your blog to get some extra.

How to Avoid

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are the most common ways to promote a new blog or website.

SEO (search engine optimization) helps you improve search results for your blog as well as to get higher ranks and SMM (social media marketing) enables you to spread your blog in social circles to get more views and reads as well.

Ending Note

By following these tips and avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, you will be able to increase your chances of building a successful blog that thrives effectively. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, so enjoy the process of creating, connecting, and sharing your voice with the world by updating your blog regularly with quality content.

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