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Building Success: Essential Apps and Software for Your Construction Company

Your construction company stands at the intersection of physicality and cyberspace. If your operations rely solely on spreadsheets and sticky notes, now may be the time to upgrade. Adopting the appropriate apps and software could take your business from unstable scaffolding to solid skyscraper status.

Mortar and Management: Project Management Tools

Just like you wouldn’t attempt to lay bricks without mortar, project management requires tools of its own. In construction’s busy world, keeping track of tasks, timelines and to-dos are as essential as wearing your hard hat – that’s where project management software steps in. It acts like the virtual equivalent of an experienced foreman – from to Basecamp these digital taskmasters help keep everything under control so your projects are completed on time, on budget, without hitches. Much like mortar holds your bricks together so do these digital taskmasters help ensure all tasks related to people and deadlines in order to build success. Just like mortar holds your tasks together as a solid foundation so will these digital taskmasters hold all elements together ensuring the success of your projects.

Fit for Measurements: Estimation and Bidding Software 

Imagine this – You are holding a bid competition to secure the next big construction project and manually juggling figures like an amateur circus performer is no way a viable way of managing bid competitions. Now is the time to put this old habit aside and use software designed for bidding and estimation as part of your arsenal. Say hello to estimation and bidding software. These digital wizards, from PlanSwift to STACK, quickly absorb your blueprints, labor costs, and material rates before producing accurate estimates faster than you can say “haberdashery.” (we’re not sure why you’d say it, but it’s a hard word, okay?) Your bids become more competitive, your wallet gets heavier, and you become the Picasso of pricing! Get bidding without being bid-ridden today.

Build with Confidence: CAD Software

Would You build a home without first consulting its blueprint? Of course not! In the same vein, building any structure requires computer-aided design software (CAD). Imagine yourself crafting skyscrapers to rival Burj Khalifa or the Eiffel Tower. But are you still using pen and paper for drafting purposes? Welcome to the 21st century. CAD software like AutoCAD and Revit are here to take your designs from drawing board to the digital arena, turning coffee-fueled sketches into accurate, manipulable 3D models that can be shared. View your project from every angle, anticipate potential problems and make corrections without needing to erase and redraft. It’s like having an electronic crystal ball. Construction success relies heavily on details, and with CAD software you don’t miss one of them. 

Safety First: Safety Compliance Software

A hard hat may not always be enough to ward off workplace safety hazards; enter Safety Compliance Software – your one-stop-shop in glowing neon vest. OSHA regulations are an integral component of many industries; adhering to them is not only smart; it is essential. Their software serves as your personal watchdog to guide you through this maze of regulations. Software like iAuditor and SafetySync can automate safety audits, track incident reports, and ensure your company remains compliant. They give a bird’s-eye view of your safety performance while offering insights to prevent mishaps on construction sites – helping make safety no longer a matter of chance. Safety should always be prioritized over risks.

Your Safety Playbook: Safety Procedure Systems

So you have your vision, team and tools in order. But are your safety procedures up-to-date? That’s where Safety Procedure Systems come in – acting like quarterback of your safety strategy by calling out plays and keeping everyone aligned. These apps turn your raw safety procedures into an organized, user-friendly manual with just a few clicks. With Safety Procedure Systems’ applications, your safety manual becomes an interactive tool to promote safety culture within the workplace – the best defense is an excellent safety manual!

Survey the Field with Drone Software

Do you crave an aerial view of your construction kingdom? Look no further: Drone Software is your solution! Providing wings without Red Bull, these high-flying tech marvels equipped with cutting-edge software such as DroneDeploy or DJI GS Pro can map out terrain, track progress, identify hazards and provide actionable data about potential dangers without breaking sweat or bank. Their high resolution photos and videos translate directly into actionable data which gives a comprehensive aerial survey without breaking a sweat (or bank!). Drone Software doesn’t just elevates views but propels construction projects forward – elevating both views as well. After all, no limits or heights; in construction world no such restrictions!

Financial Management Software

Whoever said money couldn’t buy happiness had clearly never managed a construction company! Now is the time to say farewell to an outdated abacus and embrace Financial Management Software – your virtual accountant without all those stuffy suits. QuickBooks and FreshBooks can handle everything from invoicing and expense tracking, payroll processing and tax filing – letting you focus on growing your empire while taking the strain off yourself! Both applications offer fast, accurate solutions that always arrive on schedule. Financial Management Software makes you your own Scrooge McDuck without all the swimming through gold coins! Manage your finances without strain or difficulty while you focus on building the future piecemeal – your money won’t just sit there idle; put it to work for you so you can focus on building dreams rather than structures! In construction business you’re building not just structures but dreams too – these don’t come cheap.

Building Your A-Team: Human Resource Software 

No one likes managing people – but have no fear! Human Resource Software can save the day (and your sanity). BambooHR and Workday provide your own digital shepherd to oversee all aspects of managing employees from recruitment through retirement, such as tracking leaves, managing appraisals and onboarding new staff – all while you relax over a cup of coffee in the morning! Human Resource Software makes you your own HR superhero without the cape! Workforce management becomes as smooth as a freshly laid concrete slab when using HR Software to manage workforce management. Keep in mind, however, that the strength of structures relies heavily on team work – use HR Software to form your dream team! After all, people make plans come alive!

Conclusion: Building Your Digital Foundation

Adopting the appropriate apps and software for your construction company shouldn’t just be about following trendy tech trends – rather, it should be about creating a solid digital foundation to support the success of your business, similar to those laid by physical foundations for buildings. Take on technology with open arms and watch as your construction company rises step by step towards greatness!

Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the Founder and President of NowSourcing, an industry leading content marketing agency that makes the world's ideas simple, visual, and influential. Brian has been named a Google Small Business Advisor for 2016-present, joined the SXSW Advisory Board in 2019-present and became an SMB Advisor for Lexmark in 2023. He is the lead organizer for The Innovate Summit scheduled for May 2024.

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