Spotify Introduces Music Video Feature for Selected Countries

Spotify has taken a brilliant initiative that will transform the music streaming landscape in numerous countries. The music-sharing platform has announced the incorporation of music videos for the available songs. As a result, this strategic addition of videos will enhance the user experience by providing users with a seamless transition between traditional audio and their videos. Thus, all the entertainment will be present on one platform. This exciting development has taken the world by storm, contributing to the success of the music site.

Availability of Videos

While Spotify has announced this new interesting feature, it is only available in beta mode. As a result, users from only the selected countries will be able to access this attribute. Currently, 11 markets have been declared as having access to Spotify’s videos. Techcrunch, The current markets are Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Netherlands, Philippines, Kenya, Italy, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden.

The beta rollout will allow users residing in the countries mentioned above access to videos on the Spotify app and website. It is interesting to note that Spotify hasn’t included the United States in the early rollout. Moreover, only premium users with active subscription plans can watch the videos. Free members still have to switch to YouTube to watch the videos of their favorite tracks.

Features of Spotify Videos

Spotify has integrated music videos to make its interface both innovative and user-friendly. It functions brilliantly to take the users’ experience to an advanced level. People with premium subscriptions can start music videos directly from the “Now Playing” screen. The developers have not created a separate video section to minimise the cluttering. By clicking on the song from the home screen, a button will appear that will show the Switch to Video option. Clicking on them will enable a seamless transition from audio to video mode. 

Another exciting feature is that the music video will start from the very beginning, even if you click the button while midway through the track. Thus, you can lock in the complete entertainment. Instead of album artwork, you will watch the video panel. Spotify has also provided the full-screen mode for further amusement. You only have to rotate your phone to switch to the landscape mode.

Besides the dedicated mobile app, Spotify is also accessible through the website. On the desktop, the music video will appear in the right-hand column. Additionally, information about the current song and artist will be provided here. Spotify has also launched this feature for TVs, which makes it particularly convenient for large screens.

Future Prospects

While the video feature is available only in a few countries, the music streaming platform has secured the distribution rights to add more and more videos over time. Unlike simple embedding, Spotify hosts videos, making them ad-free to deliver uninterrupted entertainment.

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