Instagram Stories Viewer: Guide to Crafting Engaging Content

Instagram is one of the most prestigious and widely used social media platforms in the world. People use it on a daily basis to connect themselves to the outside world. Instagram has a feature of stories that are available for you to view in 24 hours only, which can be irritating for some people who want to watch that story after those 24 hours.

We have a lot of Instagram stories viewer tools that are exclusively developed for Instagram stories. You can use these tools or websites to not only download the Instagram stories but also view them anonymously. You do not have to disclose your identity while watching someone’s story or visiting their profile.

In this article, we are going to tell you the top 5 incredible Insta stories viewer tools that are absolutely free. You will get a comprehensive review of these tools and their features so that by the end of the article, you will be able to decide which platform will do the best for you.

General Introduction to an Instagram Stories Viewer

There was a time when Instagram was a platform with just posts like photos and videos, but then, some years ago, they introduced an additional feature of stories. You can put any videos or photos on your stories that can only be viewed within 24 hours.

You cannot view someone’s insta stories without hiding your identity and downloading them. This is why a lot of online websites and tools were developed so that people can download the stories into their device gallery and watch them whenever they want.

 Most of these online tools also offer the features of anonymous story viewing. If you are an Instagram influencer and want to keep track of your performance and competitors, or you just want to get some inspiration from other Instagram users, then you can download their stories and watch them whenever you want.

Top 5 Instagram Stories Viewer Tools

When it comes to using a third-party platform to have extra features, you can get confused easily about which kind of tools would be best for you. To help you in choosing the best for you, we have given numerous Instagram story viewer platforms so that it can be an easy decision for you.

1.      4K Stogram

Instagram Stories Viewer

4K Stogram is an online Instagram stories viewer platform that will let you view and download posts and stories from different usernames by just using a Hashtag. You can use this tool not just to view someone’s insta profile but also to back up your picture to your PC hard drive.

Key Features

  • Ability to back up your account.
  • Offers you the ability to view and download insta stories anonymously.
  • Its basic version is free.
  • Subscriptions can be exported, imported, and followed through this tool.
  • You can preserve information through Hashtags.

2.      Spokeo

Spokeo is one of the best Instagram stories viewer because it not only lets you view insta stories anonymously but also provides real-time activity tracking of the accounts you want to know about. You can use private mode in this platform to visit private accounts and their stories.


It can be said to be more like a spyware tool that is exclusively developed to track insta accounts because you can even see the DMs of the given profile by just signing up on this platform by giving your account details.

Key Features

  • If someone is viewing some reels or stories, it will take screenshots for you.
  • It can give access to the DMs of the given profile.
  • The physical location of the target device can be tracked.
  • Stories can be viewed anonymously.
  • It will provide you with Real-time updates every five minutes.

3.      xMobi

To track someone’s social media activities and view Instagram accounts anonymously, this is one of the most used tools. You can use it to take parental control of your kid’s devices and social media so that you can have a check and balance to their exposure to social media.

You can use it to recover the deleted insta messages and screen record the content that the given profile is viewing. You can even block websites through this tool remotely.

Key Features

  • : no icon will be shown in the monitored device.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls will be tracked.
  • GPS location of the target device.
  • Can recover deleted messages.
  • Specific apps and websites can be blocked.
  • Can access browser history and deleted history of targeted account.

4.      Anon IG Viewer

This is an Instagram stories viewer tool that will let you view Instagram accounts and stories anonymously without even creating an account for it. Just open this platform and enter the username of the profile you want to visit. It will only let you view the content that is posted in the current 24 hours.

Anon IG Viewer

Key Features

  • Download insta posts and stories anonymously.
  • Stories can be bookmarked to view later.
  • No need for an Instagram app or account to view stories and posts.
  • You can access both private and public accounts.

5.      Dumpor

Dumpor is an online Instagram stories viewer platform that gets you some extra features for Instagram, but this tool is used only for public accounts. You can view anything on Instagram, like posts and stories, but you will always be unidentified.


 This is a web-based Instagram stories viewer tool that will let you browse public accounts, their stories, posts, and hashtags without creating an Instagram account. You can download all the content from insta public profiles without any difficulties.

Key Features

  • No need to log in to your insta account.
  • Hashtags can be explored.
  • You can analyze insta accounts by their likes, shares, comments, and followers.
  • You can share your stories privately with people you want.


There are a lot of terms and conditions that you have to follow while using Instagram, which are there just to give you the best of it, but these restrictions limit user experience, so Instagram stories viewer tools are developed to increase your ease and enhance your user experience.

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