WhatsApp Has Allowed Pinning Up To Three Messages

WhatsApp has recently announced an improvement in one of its advanced features that allows users to pin more than one message in a chat. The social platform has increased this mark up to 3 messages. Thus, users can easily access the important messages in their chats simply by clicking on the pinned message section. The section will appear on the top of the contact or group conversation. This feature has made it more accessible to use this social platform and now you can quickly reach the desired message without wasting even a single moment.

Message Pinning

WhatsApp has announced the message pinning option in December 2023. The feature was made available both for direct messages and group chats as per the details revealed by TechCrunch. It made it simple for users to pin all kinds of messages such as images, polls, texts, and videos. The pinned messages are clearly visible to all members of the chat or group and they can easily access them via a single tap. This exceptional WhatsApp feature has several useful aspects as people can easily pin the messages that need to be accessed too often. It may be a business file or a memorable sentiment. 

Since the launching of the pinning feature, people have liked it and used it extensively. Considering its popularity, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, and Will Cathcart, who is performing his duties as the head of WhatsApp, have made announcements on their respective channels that users can now pin up to three conversations in a group chat as well as in the direct chat. This advancement is surely expected to boost the popularity and accessibility of this advanced social site. 

Pinning a Message

It is tremendously easy to pin a message in a direct chat or group as WhatsApp has provided extensively simple functionalities. You only have to tap on the desired text, video, audio, photo, or poll until different options appear. On the top, you will find the pin button. Clicking on it will easily mark your message as pinned. If you have performed this activity in a group conversation, all the current members will be able to see it. Similarly, the direct chat member can also see and access the message with just a single tap.

Features of Pinned Messages

Pinned messages showcase numerous attributes. You can select the time duration for pinned messages based on the requirement. It may be 24 hours, 7 days, or a month. However, the duration depends upon the requirements and your preferences. For example, you can select the one-month duration for important messages to make them visible for a longer duration. Nevertheless, you have to update it after 30 days as there is still no feature that can pin it for years. Star messages are the best possible substitute for pinned messages. They will appear in the chat history and you can easily access them as well.

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