TikTok Introduces STEM Content Feed for European Audience

TikTok has recently announced that it is working to bring its STEM feed feature to the European Union after receiving a lot of hate and criticism in the US and UK. With this decision, the video-sharing platform will be able to integrate the educational content which will surely help it to navigate through the challenges. TikTok has gained immense fame for its dedicated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) feed. While this feature was inaccessible in Europe, the social site is starting from the UK and Ireland and will expand to the United States.

The STEM Feed

The STEM feed is a specialized section inside TikTok that features content sorely related to educational aspects. Generally, the topics it covers include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Hence, the youngsters will find it an interesting way to learn important lessons with the help of engaging and informative videos. While TikTok is always an exceptional way to have solid entertainment, the combination of educational content will further enhance its popularity. The creation of the STEM feed will enhance the users’ creativity, curiosity, and learning capabilities.

Integration of STEM Feed

TechCrunch has revealed that TikTok will automatically integrate the STEM feed for users who are under the age of 18. You can find it around the “Following” or “For You” section. It will make it easy for young learners to access STEM content quite conveniently. On the other hand, people who are above 18 and are using TikTok have to enable this feed through the manual method. Just access the “Content Preferences” settings inside the app and turn on this option.

STEM feed primarily features the content in the English language. However, automatic subtitles are generated and translated to make it easier for second-language learners to understand the information. Whether you are interested in cosmos facts, physics, or coding tutorials, you will surely find something to rejoice in inside the STEM feed.

Quality Control and Reliability

TikTok has made it clear that the content to be added to the STEM feed must pass certain quality control checkmarks. These include Poynter’s check as well as Common Sense Networks. Passing these two standards will ensure that the video is eligible to be part of STEM. Otherwise, it will not appear in the dedicated STEM section.

The Common Sense Network is a non-profit organization that will review the content in order to ensure that it aligns with the STEM requirements. The primary principles on which it evaluates the videos include their accuracy, educational value, and relevance. On the other hand, Poynter is an institute related to journalism. Its role is to determine the reliability of information found in the STEM videos. 

Future Prospects

TikTok’s announcement to integrate the STEM feed in Europe is a step toward handling the criticism it has been facing for so long. By becoming a dedicated and engaging educational hub, the company will be able to navigate through the accusations alleged by the European Union.

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