Buying Instagram Likes vs. Building a Genuine Audience – Which Is Better?

Are you confused between buying Instagram likes and building an authentic audience? This article compares buying Instagram likes to build a genuine audience and discusses which approach is better for your Instagram strategy. Find out which option is better for your Instagram growth strategy.

As you scroll through Instagram, some profiles in your feed may have tens of thousands of likes and followers. 

You might wonder, “How did they do it?” 

Two primary ways to increase your presence on Instagram are buying likes or building a genuine audience. 

But which one is better? 

This discussion has continued for some time, and we’ll fill you in on the details. While buying likes may seem like a quick and easy solution, it is essential to consider the long-term impact on your brand and reputation.

This article will provide valuable insights into the question and how to get more Instagram likes.

So, buckle up and get ready to find out which method will help you gain the Instagram presence you deserve.

Importance of Having A Big Audience

Do you market your brand or product via social media? If not, you’re passing up a massive chance to reach billions of people. 

Instagram is the most popular platform for business promotion, with over two hundred million business accounts worldwide.

Thanks to social media sites like Instagram, marketing your content, products, and services to a big audience is now easier than ever. However, having an effect requires a big audience.

But why is it so important to have a big audience?

  • A big audience means more potential customers. If more people are aware of your business, they will likely purchase from you in greater numbers.
  • Having a big audience gives you credibility. People trust accounts and businesses with many followers, so the more you have, the more reputable you appear.
  • A large fan base also means you have more doors open to you professionally. You can collaborate with people in your niche, connect with other influencers, and even be asked to speak at event conferences.
  • Larger audience is likely to generate more likes, comments, and shares on your posts, which can help increase engagement and potentially lead to more followers.

Of course, gaining a more significant social media following can be challenging. It requires dedication and constant high-quality content for your audience.

Benefits of IG Likes

If you want to grow your Instagram account and become a well-known user, you must concentrate on more than just followers. You need to focus on boosting your likes.

Here is why having more likes on your Instagram posts and the benefits you’ll unlock by doing so is essential.

Popularity Is Key: Getting Famous Quickly

Everything you do on Instagram attempts to gain more followers and likes and, thereby, more fame. Likes can create wonders for you by giving you the exposure you need for growth. They can boost your chances of brand collaborations, promotions, and sponsored posts.

 Instagram’s algorithm favors posts with maximum likes, putting you in the spotlight and helping you stand out from the crowd.

Instagram Likes Can Boost Your Brand Image

When you have more and more likes on your post, it will indicate that you or your brand is famous and trustworthy. Your profile’s popularity will boost your brand’s reputation, and visitors will feel reassured that you are reliable and responsible.

The market is customer-oriented, so when your audience strongly believes in you, your brand grows and gains greater heights. 

The greater your number of likes, the higher you appear in people’s feeds, and the more likely they will follow you.

Likes = Credibility: Show That You’re the Real Deal

Credibility is crucial on social media like Instagram, and the audience is looking up to accounts with a quality fan base, many followers, and lots of likes on their posts.

This is one way to tell whether a social media account is real or not. Getting credibility isn’t easy; to get a lot of likes on your posts, you have to work hard.

Outshine Your Competitors: Be The Popular One

With thousands of people trying to reach success through social media, you must stand out. Instagram likes will boost your reach, and having more likes gives you an edge over your competitors. 

People tend to associate more likes with more popularity and, in turn, more credibility. This can lead to increased engagement, wider reach, and more success in achieving your social media goals.

See Your Posts in Search Results

Instagram likes can make your posts appear in searches and suggestions, increasing your visibility and popularity. When users search on Instagram, the results prioritize posts that have received the most likes and comments.

As a result, more people will see your posts because they will be recommended to them when they search on Instagram. People will double-tap on your post and give you more likes if they appreciate what you’re posting.

How To Get More Instagram Likes

There are several ways to get more likes on your Instagram posts. Here are some effective strategies:

Host Like-To-Win Giveaways or Contest 

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Holding a like-to-win giveaway or contest is a great way to get more likes on your posts. 

You’ll increase engagement, give back to your followers, and show them some love by asking them to like your post to win.

Also, it’s fun to show appreciation for your followers’ support. So, develop a fun giveaway that will entice your audience to double-tap.

Elevate Your Instagram Game With Hashtags 

Hashtags are like the magic wand of Instagram. But don’t go overboard and use too many, or your post might be spammy. 

Instead, use a mix of popular, niche, and branded hashtags. 

You can also research popular, relevant tags in your niche with a high engagement rate. Also, make use of special events and trending hashtags.

Relate & Connect With Your Followers On A Personal Level

Your followers want to see the real you! So, stay real and authentic by posting content your audience can connect with personally. 

Post behind-the-scenes photos, candid shots, and snippets of everyday life. And let your personality shine through. People will be more likely to engage with genuine and authentic material.

Be Consistent With Your Instagram Posts

Consistency is key when it comes to gaining popularity on Instagram. Post frequently and at regular intervals. But don’t overdo it, or your followers might get overwhelmed. 

Find a happy medium that works for you and sticks to it. Experiment with different posting frequencies and see what gets the best response from your followers.

Use A Reputable Service To Buy Instant Instagram Likes

What if you can buy instant Instagram likes?

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When you buy likes for Instagram, you’re essentially paying for engagement, which leads to more followers, exposure, and potential customers.

Skweezer’s services are continually optimized to stay ahead of the competition, and every addition is a real person, ensuring compliance with Instagram’s regulations.

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What Is Better: Buying Likes Or Genuine Audience Building?

The age-old question of buying likes versus genuine audience building. This discussion has been happening in the Instagram community for quite some time.

The thing is, though, there isn’t a silver bullet.

Buying Instagram likes can quickly boost engagement, but it’s not a long-term solution. 

Also, if you get caught by Instagram’s algorithms, you could face serious consequences, such as a drop in your organic reach.

On the other hand, building a genuine audience takes time and effort. But it’s the most effective way to grow your account organically, gain genuine followers interested in your content, and build a loyal community.

So, which one is better? The decision is yours based on your goals, priorities, and budget. 

Buying likes may be a good option for a quick engagement boost or social proof. However, if you’re seeking long-term success and a devoted fan base, you should focus on building a genuine audience.

Wrapping Up

Whether you buy Instagram likes fast or build a genuine audience, both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Ultimately, It all depends on your goals, budget, and preferences. Remember that quality content and consistency are critical to Instagram’s success, regardless of your chosen approach. 

To become an Instagram sensation, you must keep trying new things, changing your approach as needed, and learning from your mistakes.


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