What Does the Yellow Heart Snapchat Mean (2024 Guide)

Yellow heart Snapchat is an emoji that indicates the loyalty, happiness, consistency, and enlightenment between two special ones on chat lists, who send snaps to each other more than other added friends in the two weeks. It is one of the most widely used global networks for sharing their daily routines with their friends. Snapchat is used by millions of people and is most famous among the younger generation. Teenagers are very interested, and every teen uses this platform to stay connected with friends and family. Snapchat has multiple features and user-friendly things to create a happier place. The app’s instant workability inspires the users.

Yellow Heart Snapchat Emoji Mean

Yellow heart Snapchat is the emoji used by Snapchat to inform you that you’re the #1 best friend to one another compared to other friends. The emoji only describes that these two were best friends in the first two weeks. The emoji means that these two send a lot of snaps and reply to each other snaps compared to other added friends. After two weeks, the heart will become red if you also routinely send snaps to each other. Sending snaps also brings you closer to your loved one by sending snaps repeatedly. The main thing you must know about the emoji is that it is only visible to your best friend. It will not be noticeable to other your friends.

Despite this yellow heart Snapchat emoji, there are also other features like Snapchat Planets, Snapchat Ghost Mode, Snapchat Stickers, and Snapchat AI, which are considerably unique in different terms of analysis.

How Can You Get Yellow Heart Snapchat Emoji? 

If you’re also willing to get the yellow heart Snapchat emoji, it is not rocket science to achieve it. It is quite simple but a bit harder. You have to spend a lot of snaps with each other, as you do with other friends. Sending a lot of snaps to each other will make it easier for you to get this emoji. Sending equal snaps to someone else will also make it harder to attain this emoji. You have to adopt a proper strategy to send snaps to each other and ensure that not a single hour is left without sending snaps. This is the guaranteed way to get this Snapchat emoji.

Why Did the Yellow Heart Snapchat Disappear?

The yellow heart Snapchat only disappears when you don’t reply to a snap. Sometimes, you are extremely busy and do not have time to send a snap. After the countdown, it will be automatically removed. We can say that earning the yellow heart emoji is hard, but maintaining its presence is more complicated than it is. The maintenance of the emoji relies on both the achievers. The yellow emoji will persist as you both are each other’s number one friend.

Pro Tips About Yellow Heart Snapchat

Keep sending snaps and conversing with your friend to maintain the Yellow Emoji.
Sustaining the visibility of the Yellow Heart and strengthening your friendship can be accomplished through regular conversation.
To change your best friend, stop snapping with the present one and start talking to the desired friend more.

Yellow Heart Snapchat Emoji Release

At the beginning of the app, the list of best friends was pinned at the top of the chat section instead of indicating emojis. During the release of April 2015, the app specified the best friend with this yellow heart emoji. In all upcoming updates, Snapchat will introduce an emoji feature to gain users’ interest. Geo filters were also debuted later in the year. Firstly, these emojis were observable by your all-added friends. After a few complaints regarding the users’ privacy concerns, the app limited emojis’ visibility to only best friends. That’s why the emojis are only on the private best friend list. 

Value Of The Yellow Heart Snapchat

The Yellow Snapchat logo is the only logo of its kind worldwide created by the app; the emoji was only to consider the best friend’s loyalty. They think maintaining their best friendship award is essential, even digitally. You can also start this with your loved one to match and cross the borders on the platform. After the yellow emoji, you’ll be moved towards the red heart one, the symbol of love. The experience also makes random people interested in getting to know each other.

Closing thoughts

The yellow heart Snapchat emoji is the executive launch of Snapchat for friends. You should also start this method to earn a yellow heart emoji for yourself and your friend. You can do it and reach it easily by sending snaps to your friends and asking them to send them to you. And there you have it, folks! The Snapchat Yellow Heart symbolizes friendship and connection online.
Maintain your streaks, spread love, and let the Yellow Heart glow in your Snapchat activities! I hope this article will be beneficial for you to inform you about the Snapchat Yellow Heart.


What does the yellow heart emoji mean on Snapchat?

The yellow heart emoji signifies that you and another user are best friends on Snapchat, indicating a close friendship based on frequent interaction.

How is the yellow heart emoji earned on Snapchat?

To earn the yellow heart emoji, users need to exchange the most snaps with each other consistently over a period, indicating a strong and consistent friendship.

Can the yellow heart emoji change color on Snapchat?

Yes, the yellow heart emoji can change color to red if both users maintain their streak for two weeks.

Is the yellow heart emoji significant on Snapchat?

Yes, the yellow heart emoji holds significance as it represents a close and consistent friendship between two Snapchat users.

What happens if you lose the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat?

Losing the yellow heart emoji means that you and the other user are no longer each other’s best friends.

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