The Most Successful Laptops 2014

Are you looking for the most successful laptops 2014? You are at the right platform on time. You can make an informed choice to buy a brand new laptop within your budget. The most outstanding features of laptops give complete support to users beyond their imaginations. This is worthwhile to take note of the following details regarding the best laptops 2014 to get the most expected support.

Apple MacBook Air

The most impressive features of Apple MacBook Air are a catchy design, a lightweight, the best storage capacity, the highest possible performance, and user-friendliness.  The main reason behind this laptop’s ever increasing recognition and success is its longest battery life. Users of this laptop reap entire benefits of the longest life of the battery. They feel happy to enhance their lifestyle through the hottest features in this affordable laptop. If you have invested your money in this leading laptop, you can get the best returns continuously. Even though this laptop is sturdy, the slim design feature of this laptop gives an extreme comfort to everyone. The fastest processor in this laptop supports users who have to work in this laptop continuously.

The most successful laptops 2014

Lenova ThinkPad X240

One of the most famous laptops of lightweight is Lenovo ThinkPad X240. The portability of this laptop is higher than what users of laptops usually expect. This laptop has the most powerful features of the fourth-generation core series processor. The other attractions of this affordable laptop are optional Full-HD touch screen,  extended battery, the best design on the whole, and user-friendly nature from top to bottom. The keyboard of this laptop has a spill-resistant nature. The bottom of this laptop is made of fine quality materials to extend the lifetime of the laptop. As compared to previous versions of ThinkPads on the market, this laptop has the most exceptional features.

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Toshiba Chromebook 2 gets the best recognition by its 1080p display. The overall features of this affordable laptop give endless benefits to every user. Individuals who have bought this laptop can take advantage of its boisterous sound, compact design, and lightweight.  This laptop is available at an inexpensive price to give happiness to those who are willing to buy a laptop. Skullcandy-powered speakers in this laptop satisfy users of all ages at all times.  The elegant design of this laptop is rich in extraordinary features that support every user to get the most expected facilities. The IPS technology in this laptop is very useful to improve the color reproduction and angles of view to the highest degree. As a result, users of this remarkable laptop can get the desired support on time.

Alienware 17

Alienware 17 is the best option to those who love to engage in gaming mostly. Many people who have a crush on playing games online nowadays have a preference on this laptop confidently. This is because special features in this laptop enhance players’ experiences throughout entertaining issues.

This laptop has customizable lighting, the best graphics, the highest performance, rich audio elements, and the most colorful characteristics of a 1080p display. Even though this laptop is more expensive than other laptops available on the market online at this time, buyers of this laptop get the desired worth without fail. The overall processing power in this laptop does not fail to surprise every user. The most luxurious finish of this laptop’s interior and exterior parts gives encouragement to everybody to use it. Players of interesting games by using this laptop can experience more than a few favorable issues that support them be happy and professional in the game world.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Touch

Many men and women nowadays use Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Touch happily. They recommend this laptop to their beloved contacts. This laptop has a full-HD display, the longest battery life, comfortable features, the highest possible performance throughout the lifetime, and compact size. The Haswell power in this laptop gives endless favorable issues to users of all ages. The ultraportable design of this laptop has solid battery life and a soft-touch deck.

The most attractive features in the slim design of the laptop satisfy users who wish to take advantage of this laptop as professionally as possible. This laptop has a USB 3.0 port, power input port, and headphone jack port on the left side. The right side of this laptop has two ports namely an additional USB 3.0 and a Kensington lock.  Users of this laptop feel happy to spend their time in video chatting because they get the best features such as a 720p webcam.

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