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The final leaks roundup of the Iphone 6

As the Iphone 6 release is right upon us, lets take one last look at the latest and most reliable leaks for the Iphone 6’s design, hardware and software. Are you ready?

It is now certain that the Iphone 6 screen size will be massively larger compared to the Iphone 5 and 5c, adopting not only a larger display but rounded edges just like the newer Ipad’s are made. We are expecting to see a 4.7-inch Iphone 6 tomorrow and possibly a 5.5-inch as well. Well besides the Iwatch and the larger screen on the Iphone, can Apple possibly offer anything else that could ever compete with the Android market? Lets take a look.

As far as reading about the leaks about the Iphone 6 from China reports, we have seen nothing but full size dummy displays which hasn’t really justified too much. Now there are videos of the Iphone 6 that show the phone in full working mode which confirms the screen size and the phones rounded edges. Its not certain that the Iphone 6 will look a lot like the Ipad air and mini.

Check out the video below as this seems to be the most legit leak yet.

The Iphone will also be very thin, measuring at 6mm or so. Due to the thinness, the camera is shown to be bulging out a little bit. The video also talks about the Iphone being very light in weight.

Iphone 6 hardware specs:

Now that we covered a wide range on how the Iphone 6 will look, we know very little about the internal specs. The display resolution will be increased without a doubt, probably to 1920×1080 on the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, and 2560×1440 on the 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

The Iphone will be able to act pretty much like a wallet in a way. Apple landed a partnership with American Express, Mastercard, Discover and other payment gateways.

Its about certain that the phone will produce a new A8 SoC but there isn’t much info on what specs the chip will have on it. Both the A6 and A7 didn’t satisfy me much so I doubt the A8 will repeat the same. I can see the Iphone 6 speed at about 1.5ghz.

The camera on the Iphone 6 is expected to be a huge improvement from the 5. The photo taking should seem a lot faster, and have higher resolution than the predecessor. Nokia’s camera engineer was recently hired at Apple but you most likely won’t see anything until the 6s or Iphone 7 comes out.

Software Specs:

The Iphone 6 will come with IOS 8, which was released back in June. IOS 8 is a lot of tweaking and cleaning up minor issues that IOS 7 skipped out on. It is expected to come with a health app on the phone that will help you out with real-life health analytics. I can see more information being released on September 9 with the Iwatch.

You may see the Iphone 6 allowed to be used as your wallet method. Don’t be surprised if you see the software allowing you to add credit cards to an application and it will take over from having to carry credit cards, possibly preventing thief’s from stealing your information.

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