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Four things the Android has that the Iphone 6 will not

After digesting some of the specs on the new Iphone 6 and comparing it side by side to the wonderful android smart phone I have, I came up with a short list of some things that are highly unlikely to be on the new Iphone.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Apple has been known to take existing phones and platforms to make them more usable to buyers. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that because Apple has proven to me that they have been successful over the last few releases. The Iphone 6 may just surprise me- Well, I hope they do if the functions they said the 6 will have then I will be.

Apple will be coming out with a larger display phone, which is the number one reason I currently do not own an Iphone. That is the biggest reason why I own an Android over the Iphone is because of the awesome display size.

When it comes down to the way that the phone operates, it means a lot to me even though most buyers can care less. Apple doesn’t care for the special features that Androids use because millions of people will buy the Iphone anyways because they can care less to have all the neat features. But see for me, I like to get use out of my device and stay up to date with the latest updates and is what I wish to see Apple do.

Some of the following features I am listing below aren’t on every Android platform but just about every one. I currently use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for an everyday use.

  • Infrared for your TV remote: I don’t travel as much as I use to but when I do I stay at hotels a lot and I like to have control of my own TV with my own personal device. Especially at home when you can just relax and don’t have to worry about losing the remote.
  • VoLTE: Tmobile is releasing the Voice Over LTE very fast and the HD voice sounds AMAZING on the Note 3. Apple has been known to stay behind a generation and that is why I recommend Android over apple.
  • Micro SD card slot: Both Androids and Windows phones now offer the Micro SD card slot feature. This is a great feature because most phones are made with such low memory space its good to control your extra memory space.
  • Long-life Battery: The Android makers have stepped up tremendously in this area. They have improved the battery life so users can get the use out of their devices in a full day. I have never been satisfied with the Iphone battery life and this is another huge reason why I will not own an Iphone 6 device. I will go a full day on my Note 3 with battery remaining when I head to bed. And I am a heavy user.

If Apple were to step it up and offer everything that the Android does, I wouldn’t have a reason to not chose the Iphone.

What other features do you see on the Android that you wish the Iphone 6 would have?



Brandon Surber

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