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Europ And Asian In Technology Are Now Controlling World Technology In An Indirect Manner

Starting from the days where the word westernization started to spread all over the world, one thing can be seen that the word technology has also spread along with it. Most of the revolution in the world of technology can be seen to be linked to that of the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom’s and the French revolution in France which made the world a better place to live in a number of aspects. At those days, world is filled with a number of problems that are impossible to be solved with anything. But the word technology has been more pronounced in those days, which has transformed the world into a new one that has not been dreamt for several years. When seen about

When seen about Europ and Asian in technology, it can be observed that they both travel in the same path with or without competition in the aspects of commercialization of the technologies. The has applauded technologies from these countries are influencing the world technology in a considerable manner than compared to the imprints left over by the super powers in the world of technology. They have made world a better place to live in a number of ways.

Technology in Europe
Europe is one of the continents in the world that has written the history of many countries all over the world. In the ancient world, Europe is one of the most powerful control centers where they determined whether a country should be free or not. Many European countries conquered other countries and made them come under their reign. This is how technology has sailed across various land masses since they conquered most of the countries through seas.

They also spread their technology in those countries and in return they gathered as many details as they can could to develop a new technology in their country. Through, it can be seen that Europ and Asian in the technology world has changed a number of aspects, where the large hadron collider researches conducted by European union is considered to be the best ever research done to know the origin of life forms in the universe.

Technology in Asia
The countries in Asia are affected due to the reign of foreign countries in a number of aspects. It can be seen that the largest countries in the world, India and China which are the well known Asian countries are worst affected in the British reign on these countries, where they have erased the marks of tradition from these countries in a number of aspects. But in today’s world, they are one of the leaders in introducing cost effective technologies.

The best example is Indian space research organization, which has now turned to be a cost effective launch pad for satellites in the world, where they are launching various new satellites of other countries at a reasonable cost. When seen in Wikipedia about Europ and Asian in technology, it can be understood that they are indirectly affecting the world of technology in a number of ways.

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