1 hour ago

    Are Deceased Social Media Accounts Outnumbering the Living?

    The emergence of social media has completely changed how people communicate and express themselves. These days, our internet presence goes…
    4 hours ago

    How to Reset Siri on Your iPhone

    Who doesn’t want things to be done with just one voice command? Obviously, this is one of the major concerns…
    5 hours ago

    Rise of Altcoins Development – Everything You Should Know

    Cryptocurrency is a dynamic field in which new cryptocurrencies emerge to challenge Bitcoin’s supremacy. One such altcoin, currently sweeping the…
    20 hours ago

    NogenTech Blog – Our Story of Survival (and Growth) After the Google Helpful Content Update

    The recent Google Helpful Content Update sent a collective wave of worry through the content creation world. Everyone has experienced…
    22 hours ago

    How to Disable the “People You May Know” on Facebook

    You may have often seen “People You May Know“ suggestions on your Facebook feed that show you users that you…


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