Snapchat Streaks Explained- Tips For Beginners:

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an American application considered a multimedia messaging application. It was created by students at Stanford University named Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel, and Bobby Murphy. It is the most frequently used app among social media users particularly among the young generation due to its features. One key feature of this app includes that you cannot see pictures and messages for a long time. They are available for a limited period. It has privacy options named my eyes only in which users can keep their pictures in a space that is protected by a password. Besides, end to end encryption feature is also being broadened. Different persons can share their pictures with each other, and you can upload status for a duration of twenty -four hours. Varied brands can show their content in the ad form. Its active users range from293 million and this application has a growth rate of twenty-three percent. People daily send almost more than four billion snaps to each other.

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Snapchat Streak:

  • Snapchat Streak is a feature that tells us about several days two persons have been using this Snapchat feature by sending snaps to each other. Streak tells us the number of days. They daily send snaps to each other, and this is how it goes, and the streak continues to increase in number. It is also taken in sense of strong friendship.
  • People send you requests on Snapchat just like on Instagram and if you accept them, you can start sending snaps to each other. A streak number is shown next to a person’s name or contact in the Snapchat app and a high number means a longer streak. It is shown by a flame sign next to the streak number. It can be seen by only people that are using this feature.
Snapchat Streak

Why people are interested in streaks:

  • People take it in the form of competition and friendship, and they keep others updated by sending streaks. A streak can be in the form of a picture or video, and it can be about anything that can include you, people surrounding you, things around you, or any blank video or picture.
  • Some people even send snaps to their rivals to just make them jealous by showing snaps that would not like. People take it as a competition, and it also creates a sense of pressure or depression in them that forces them to continue sending snaps. A higher number of snaps means a remarkably close friendship.
  • In front of your streak number, an emoji is shown by Snapchat that talks about your friendship meanings. If your snaps are one hundred, a hundred-count emoji would be there.

How parents can help their children avoid the social pressure:

To get attached to your children, you have to be a part of their insight life. Some parents become worried about their children using these platforms of social media. You have to be friends with them. Send them requests on their accounts and keep an eye on their lives in a friendly manner. Ask them to keep you updated about social media. Ensure them that you are always there to hear them as social media is creating so much pressure in children’s lives.

How to not miss your Snapchat streaks:

  • It is a twenty-four-hour period that you need to remember. You have to send a streak in the above-mentioned period. If not so, your streak will disappear. It is a team game and both members need to keep each other updated by sending pics or videos in the limited time frame.
  • If you have not sent a streak to each other within this due period, an hourglass emoji will appear beside the streak number which would help
  • in reminding that it is the streaking time now.
  • If one member sends a Snapchat streak and the other does not, it will cause the snap streak to disappear, and you will need to start it again.

Interactions that are not counted as Snapchat Streaks:

  • Sometimes, people send snaps to each other, but it does not lead to an increase in their snap number. Some exceptions are not counted as streaks which include sending snaps to each other from memories.
  • Secondly, chatting with someone would not help you in increasing or showing any streak number. It would be counted as a normal chatting and not a Snapchat streak.
  • In the case of posting stories, it would not be counted as a Snapchat streak and your streak number would not be shown to friends who view your story on Snapchat.
  • If you send photos or videos from a saved album, they are also not counted as Snapchat streaks as these videos or pictures were captured at various times. You have to take a picture or make a video within the twenty -four hours and then send it.
  • The content recorded through spectacles of Snapchat would not fall in this category also.

Interactions that are not counted as Snapchat Streaks:

  • Only two interactions are counted as streaks on Snapchat that include either posting a picture or a video to any friend. Remember sending a regular snap in a friend’s group would not be counted as a streak. If you remember this simple rule of daily taking a snap and sending it, your Snapchat streak number would readily increase.

Sharing of Snapchat streaks by using Stickers and filters:

Snapchat has a lot of features that are fun to use that keep the passion of maintaining the Snapchat streak no matter what happens in your daily life. It helps people to feel a sense of relaxation as they enjoy seeing what is happening in others’ life.

Filters can be used by double-tapping on your contact name and then taking a picture or recording a video and then by swiping left or right, you can easily select the filter you want to apply to your current snap. A frequently used filter would appear alongside your flame in the form of the white mark in your snap streak number.

Bitmoji stickers of Snapchat:

You can make a bitmoji or yourself in your account by selecting the most suitable avatar for yourself. To use stickers, double tap on any contact name and see whether bitmoji stickers of your bitmoji are available or not, and if they are present, you can use them in your Snapchat streaks.

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