Snapchat Story Viewer- How to View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing

If you also want to be someone’s Snapchat story viewer without his knowledge, then you are at the right place. Here, you’ll get familiar with some tactics of viewing Snapchat stories without getting in the knowledge of the creator. Snapchat is the most famous and widely used social media platform which allows you to add your friends and share pictures and videos with them. Its filters and lenses are the most dominating and popular in the selfie game. There are a lot of photo and video filters that help the users to make themselves more attractive. These filters are also very famous among teen girls. Almost half a million filters are updated every month to give a better users experience.

Snapchat Story Viewer Feature

Like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, Snapchat has also a story-sharing feature. Where users can share their videos or photo with all their friends. The story remains 24 hours on Snapchat and you receive a notification whenever someone views your story. This helps the creator’s friends to know about his activities. Sometimes, The Snapchat story viewer doesn’t want to notify the creator that he viewed his story. There are no hard and fast rules within the app to help the viewer to hide his identity. Even, straightly, he couldn’t do so, and viewing the story is also important for him. 

Don’t worry, I’m here to deal with this wish. I’ll elaborate on some best ways to for viewing Snapchat stories anonymously. You don’t need to be scared or feel any fear, because these are the only ways that will help you in viewing the story safely without his knowledge. These are the only tricky ways to help you do something you want. Let me explain Snapchat story viewer tactics,

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How to be Snapchat Story Viewer Anonymously

Before getting started on the process, you should have the latest version of Snapchat installed on your mobile phone. You should follow the given steps for being a Snapchat story viewer hidden.

  1. Open the Snapchat app and login your account
  2. Click on the Discover’ option at the right bottom edge of the screen
  3. After opening the stories section, wait and refresh and reload all the newest stories of your friends 
  4. You don’t need to open stories at this moment, it is just for loading the latest stories of your friends
  5. Once the stories have appeared with their creators, you have to close the app and return to the home screen
  6. Here you have to put off the mobile cellular data or your Wi-Fi connection if connected.
  7. You can also select Airplane Mode instead of getting into other formalities.
  1. Now again open Snapchat again on your mobile phone, Open the stories section to watch stories anonymously.
  2. You can now watch the stories without the creator’s knowledge. All the loaded stories will be available in airplane mode and you can enjoy their stories anonymously.

This is the most used and successful technique for a Snapchat story viewer. He didn’t have any problem after doing so, However, one important thing that is necessary to acknowledge is that Snapchat only didn’t notify the creator until you turned back to the internet. Snapchat holds all the data and activities you performed without a network. It means that your view has been recorded in the app but needs data to send to the server. The creator will watch your activity if you turn on the mobile data after some time. But don’t worry, where there is me, there is the solution, So, to stay away from this problem, you can follow these basic things,

  • Watch the specific story in the last hour of disappearing, doing so will not allow you to wait for disappearing the story.
  • Set a schedule for watching stories when they are about to disappear after determining their posted time.
  • If you have watched the story in the first hours of its update and want to turn on your mobile phone data, in doing so you have to follow the specific system which is related to your device category,

For Android Users

Android users can easily stop the Snapchat story viewer activity by clearing the app data. You can clear the app data by following this process

  • Go to your android device settings
  • Open the ‘installed apps’ section
  • Search for Snapchat and open its ‘App info
  • Scroll down and tap on the clear data option
Snapchat Android Data Clear

After clearing the app data, you’ll be safe to turn on your mobile data and go to use Snapchat. Doing so will remove all the back recorded data of the App and after turning on the data, the app will run without containing any previous data to load. 

For iPhone

iPhone doesn’t have the feature of clearing data of the entire app, so the users have to remove or uninstall the app from their iPhone for an anonymous Snapchat story viewer. After uninstalling, you can reinstall it without having the fear of your activity knowledge to the creator.

It is necessary to wipe up the app data from your mobile data. It will make the app as original as a newly installed app without containing any database or cache data.

Sometimes, if you installed the app instantly after reinstalling it, or do all the processes quickly, your Snapchat story view is recorded into the mobile application. So, the best and ideal way will be to reinstall the app after 24 hours of uninstalling it. Doing so will wipe up all the caches and databases of the mobile from your screen. Moreover, for a more foolproof process, you should once restart your mobile phone before installing the app again.

Final Verdict

This article will help you in becoming a safe and secure Snapchat story viewer without your knowledge of yourself. Don’t forget to put your mobile phone in airplane mode. Hope this article will fulfill your requirement and will be enough for you to understand the methodology.

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