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How to Disable the “People You May Know” on Facebook

You may have often seen “People You May Know“ suggestions on your Facebook feed that show you users that you might know. Facebook suggests that these users are based on mutual connections, Facebook group similarity, friends of friends, or the same institution added to the profile. So, if you really know the people suggested in People You May Know, then you can add friends to send them requests. However, if you don’t want these kinds of suggestions on your feed, then don’t worry; you can disable this option. In this guide, I will discuss How to disable the People You may Know feature on Facebook. 

Why Do People Appear in the ‘People You May Know’ Section?

Facebook Usually suggests people You May Know a new user based on different factors. Here are some mentioned:

  • Mutual Friends: Mutual friends are common friends on Facebook; FB suggests the new having mutual friends. 
  • Group Similarity: It is another reason to appear as a new user in People You May Know. If both users are members of the same group, then there is the possibility of suggestions. 
  • Same Institution: However, if you are affiliated with the same school, college, university or company, then Facebook suggests a friend request
  • Contact: The user who allowed Facebook Sync, then Facebook suggests the IDs From the contact list. 

How to Disable “People You May Know” 

If you don’t want to friend suggestions on Facebook, then luckily, Facebook allows disabling the People You may know. But keep in mind that you cannot disable this feature permanently; just hide it temporarily. However, there are some simple to get rid of these suggestions. Check out below:

  • First of all. Open the Facebook app on your mobile.

There are two ways to hide the people you know First, you can hide from the settings and second, scroll down the news feed until you find the People You May Know suggestions. 

  • Now, open your profile and click on the settings option.
  • Here, you can click on “Notification.” 
  • Open the “People You May Know” option
  • This will show you notification options so you can turn off all the options to get rid of. 
  • On the other hand, scroll down the Facebook feed until you will find the people you may know suggestion. 
  • Click on the three-dot on the right side and Hide.

How to Turn off People You May Know on Web Chrome?

In the above section, I have discussed disabling the people you may know suggestions on the mobile app. Here are some steps to hide this suggestion on Chrome

Here you will need to log into your Facebook account on the Chrome tab

  • After logging in, click on the profile icon and then tap on “Settings and Privacy
  • Then Click On “Settings
  • In the settings, you can click Notifications
  • Tap the “People You May Know” option in the middle of the page
  • Now you can turn off all the notifications

In this way you can easily hide the suggestion, but it is a temporary process because facebook does not allow permanent disable the option. It will appears sometime but dont worry you can repeat the process to hide again. 

How can I Reduce the Frequency of “People You May Know” Suggestions?

  • Ignore Suggestions: Simply ignoring the suggestions can reduce the frequency over time.
  • Remove Contact Permissions: If you’ve allowed Facebook to access your contacts, you can revoke this permission:
    1. Go to the Facebook app settings on your phone.
    2. Find the permissions section and revoke contact access.
  • Hide Suggestions: On the “People You May Know” section, click the ‘X‘ next to the suggestion you want to remove.

Final Thoughts

Facebook suggests that users that you may know and want to connect on Facebook. But some of the users don’t like “People You May Know” suggested. So, Facebook provides you the option to hide these suggestions and don’t see them again in your news feed. However, it is not a difficult process, as you can simply disable the settings or feeds. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you cannot hide this suggestion permanently; once you hide it, it will appear after some time. If you turn off the notification from settings, then you will not receive emails or notifications for friend suggestions. 

Can I completely turn off “People You May Know” on Facebook?

No, Facebook does not provide a direct option to completely disable the “People You May Know” feature. However, you can take steps to reduce the number of suggestions you see.

Does Facebook suggest friends based on profile views?

No, it is not confirmed that Facebook suggests a new user based on the profile visit.

How does Facebook determine “People You May Know”?

Facebook suggests people based on mutual friends, phone contacts (if synced), work and education information, networks you are part of, and other factors like being tagged in the same photo or being in the same group.

Does Facebook notify the Users if We search their profiles on Facebook?

No, Facebook does not notify users that you are searching for their name or scrolling through their profiles. 

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