Facebook Marketing Tips- Killer Facebook Ad Types You Aren’t Using

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook is more than just a social media website

What started as a small online community just for students of one college has become the most popular and biggest social media platform around the world. On average, Facebook sees more than 1 billion active users every day which is leaps and bounds higher than any other platform including YouTube, Twitter, Wechat, Instagram and Snapchat. The amazing thing about Facebook is that it’s no longer just a social media source where users can have chats and conversations but this is a place where business happens these days. You will be amazed to know that more than 80% of global businesses around the world have used or are still using Facebook for marketing purposes. Just like any other social media platform, marketing and advertisement campaigns on Facebook are designed to get more attention and higher conversion rates. Some of the greatest Facebook marketing tips show that it’s easier to put an interesting ad on your page but it’s difficult to get the desired results without proper planning and strategy.

Useful Facebook Marketing Tips Every Business Must Try

Facebook Marketing Tips

  1. Local ad campaign:

    This is one of the best Facebook marketing tips but the difference is that it’s specifically designed for local businesses and shop owners in a small community. If you also have a shop where you want to get real customers, you should use this feature on Facebook. With this feature, you can post pictures of your products, services that you offer and discount prices or special promotions. If a big event is coming, start posting ads at least 1 week prior to the actual big day. Keep in mind that these ads should be for mobile devices as well and when it’s actually the day of the big event, ask some friends to take photos and post them right away so travelers in the area might get interested and stop by for a quick look.

  2. Multi-product ad:

    Usually, when you see the ad of a product, it’s just one product or one specific service offered by a company. A clever way to attract more traffic with just 1 ad is to include more similar products in the same advertisement. For instance, you offer bedroom furniture, bathroom vanity mirrors and lounge chairs and the great tip is to take pictures of all these items and put them in the same ad with separate description and discount price if possible. The main image should be interesting enough and the message should also be included above the first image.

  3. A photo advertisement:

    This is similar to the 2nd tip but the only difference is that here you will only show 1 product or 1 service. This can be very useful for your business as with the picture, you will have the upper hand to put anything interesting enough to get more attention. While making this advertisement, keep in mind to pay more attention to what product you use, focus on the product and not the background or surrounding, take a high-quality picture with a professional camera and don’t add any visual effects. Additionally, you can put any message i.e. free trial, discount for 1st purchase etc in the picture as well but the call to action feature should b in the description of the picture so visitors can click on the link.

  4. A video advertisement:

    Have you ever wondered why television commercials are always a great success and how can they be so accurate and right all the time? This is because a video can deliver a message way better than a picture or a written blog. Luckily Facebook has the feature of posting videos so you can use this feature to advertise your business and products in videos. There are few Facebook marketing tips for video ads that you need to follow; use the high-quality camera, keep the video relevant and as short as possible, stick to the script and give more attention to the product itself rather than just putting it in the background.

  5. An offer advertisement:

    This is something quite new to Facebook because a few years back, there was no concept of such an advertisement option but now Facebook allows users and business owners to promote offers on their official pages for marketing purposes. With this advertisement option, you have the upper hand to offer some special discount or promotion to Facebook users. This can be anything from a discount on your products to free shipping on 1st purchase to discount coupon that can be sent as a gift card. With this advertisement option, you will have the facility to choose your targeted population so put all the relevant information in the ad in order to save wrong clicks.

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