InsAnony Review – A Best Instagram Story Viewer

People like posting their unique moments on social media. One of the primary platforms where people share it in the form of images and videos is Instagram. Many users upload them on their “Stories”.

If you want to view these stories without notifying people, you can use the InsAnony tool. It is a tool that is designed to help people view stories anonymously. Besides this, it also offers different other features. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about this tool.

So, let’s get started.

An Overview of InsAnony

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InsAnony is a tool that a lot of people are using to stalk Instagram profiles. Users mainly utilize it to view stories without letting the other person know about it. Instagram story is a feature where people upload content for 24 hours. After that, this content disappears automatically.

When you view this story, Instagram notifies the account owner about it. This promotes privacy and people love it. But sometimes, people want to view stories anonymously. The official app does not allow it.

So, they tend to use InsAnony for that. You can search for almost any public profile on this tool and view their stories. It allows you to download these stories on your device as well.

The same case is with the Highlights. You can both view and download them via this tool.

Major Features of InsAnony:

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Some major features of InsAnony are listed below:

Free Tool:

InsAnony is a completely free tool. Usually, third-party tools that bypass features of the main tool offer paid services. But that is not the situation here. You can start using this tool without paying anything.

Easy to Use:

The usage method of this tool is very easy. You can search for profiles by simply entering their username. It also allows you to input links to these profiles to search them. Downloading stories on your device is also super easy. This whole topic will be discussed later in this article.

Anonymous Story Viewing:

This is the core feature of this tool. It is designed to help people view stories anonymously. They don’t have to reveal their identity to do so. Users can also view highlights in the same way.

No Account Login Required:

Utilizing this tool does not need having an Instagram account. Without registering, it is typically not possible to access an Instagram profile.

 But with this tool, not only can you access it, but you can also download its story content. This brings us to its next feature.

Download Story Content:

InsAnony story viewer is designed to let you download story content as well. It’s another feature that the official app does not offer. There is a separate button available to get it on your device. This applies to both images and pictures uploaded on stories.

How to Use InsAnony?

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Using the InsAnony tool is very easy. We’re going to discuss the process in different steps for easy comprehension.

Step – 1:

In the first step, you have to access the tool. You can do it by searching on Google. You can also access its direct site link (

Step – 2:

When you visit this tool’s site, you will see a search bar there.

You can use it to search for your required profile. There are 2 ways to do that.

  • Entering the exact username.
  • Entering the proper link to the profile.

You can use any method that is convenient to you. After that, click on the “Search” button.

Step – 3:

Once you search the profile via username, the tool will open it in front of you. You can see all their uploaded Instagram stories and highlights here. Click on any story you wish to view.

You can also see the “Download” button available on each of these stories/highlights. You can use it to get the content on your device.

Safety Concerns Regarding InsAnony:

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Users have some safety concerns regarding the use of InsAnony. That is because third-party applications are usually risky to use. They contain malware or virus threats with them. This can harm the devices of users. As of this tool, you can use it without such fear. It is fairly safe to use due to its strong security protocols.

However, it is recommended that you use a trustworthy VPN service while utilizing this tool. It will help your device stay safe from any major malware threat.

Is Using InsAnony Ethical?

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Using InsAnony can be considered ethical. That is because you don’t harm anyone by stalking them directly. However, things change when you use this tool in the wrong way. This means that it will be considered unethical if you use it to harass someone. The same goes for blackmailing.

You should also keep in mind the copyright factor of the content. Make sure to avoid reusing any content downloaded from this tool. That is because it may be copyrighted and you can get into trouble because of that.

Best Alternatives of InsAnony:

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There are some alternatives also available to the InsAnony tool. They offer similar features and user experience. We have listed some of the best ones below:


The first alternative on our list is InstaNavigation. It has no limits on how you use it to watch or download Instagram stories. For that, you don’t even require an account.

The special thing about this tool is its multilingual nature. You can use it in different languages including French and Italian.



Pixwox is widely used as an alternative to InsAnony. It offers smooth access to public Instagram profile stories. You can paste usernames/links to do that. This tool can also help you view profile statistics.  



Picuki tool has a very smooth and attractive user interface. Its usage method is very easy as well. It is one of the most minimalist Instagram viewer tools. Its homepage has a simple search box. You can use it to access any profile you want to stalk.


You can start viewing stories without being noticed by the account owner. Like InsAnony, you can download these stories with this tool as well.

The Final Lines

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To conclude everything shared so far, InsAnony has become a popular Instagram story viewer tool. That is because it lets you view these stories secretly. Besides this, you can download them on your device as well. The features of this tool are very useful. The information given above shares their details. We have also provided a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool. So go and stalk, and explore many more on this amazing tool.


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Is InsAnony safe to use?

Yes. The InsAnony tool is completely safe to use.

Do I need an account to use InsAnony?

No. There’s no need for an account to use this tool.

Are the discussed alternatives to this tool safe to use?

Absolutely. The alternatives that we have discussed are safe to use.

Is this tool compatible with mobile devices?

Yes. This tool is compatible with mobile devices.

Can I reuse downloaded content from this tool?

It is not recommended to reuse downloaded content from this tool. That is because copyright issues can get you into trouble.

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