Top 10 Google Ranking Factors to Consider in 2023

Complying your website with Google ranking factors is the determining factor that decides the position of your keywords in the SERP. Undoubtedly, Google is the most widely used search engine, with billions of monthly users who look for answers to their queries. Therefore, Google has strengthened its ranking policies, allowing only highly-rated sites to reach the top to enhance the visitor’s knowledge. Thus, if you are a website owner looking to rank it for particular queries, you must comply with the necessary ranking factors. This guide will provide complete details about the top 10 points to monitor in 2023.

What Are Google Ranking Factors?

Generally, Google ranking factors are defined as the criteria based on which the websites attain their positions in the search results. Previously, you don’t have to face many difficulties while ranking your site in the search engines. But there has been a tremendous rise in the number of websites. So Google is now ranking the sites on numerous factors. More than 200 points are known to influence the keywords’ presence, showing the severity of competition in today’s era.

Top 10 Google Ranking Factors In 2023

In this guide, we will let you know about the top 10 Google ranking factors you must consider to improve your site’s rankings in 2023.

1 – Content Quality

Content quality is the most influential factor that determines your ranking in the search engine. You should write simple, compelling, and highly informative content so Google bots will acknowledge your efforts and help you rank higher in the search engine. Some essential points while writing the content are explained below.

  • Uniqueness: Write unique posts and make them plagiarism-free, as Google loves to rank the latest data in the SERP.
  • Simple Language: Don’t stuff your articles with difficult words. Consequently, people won’t understand you and hang off the site, leaving bad impressions.
  • Length & Structure: The length of the content doesn’t matter directly. Still, you should write a comprehensive review on the topics to engage more users. On the other hand, you must give a proper shape to your posts so that Google will capture your idea and help you appear in the top results.

2 – Backlinks

Secondly, backlinks are critical to helping you rank in Google. Getting links from high authority sites indicates Google about your website’s worth and content importance and suddenly takes you high in the search results. Conversely, low authority or comment backlinks prevent you from reaching the top. Similarly, they can also cause penalties, further decreasing your rankings. To avoid these, you must get links from high-authority sites and look forward to creating one through manual modes.

3 – Loading Speed

Another Google ranking factor that you must consider in 2023 is website loading speed. Recently, the search engine has changed its policies and allowed only those sites to dominate the rankings, which takes less time to load. Hence, the visitors won’t get bored while searching for a query. Therefore, you must enhance your site’s loading speed. Install the latest plugins or seek help from a third-party tool to reduce the latency.

4 – Content Relevancy With Search Intent

There are several kinds of search intent; you must write the content accordingly to reach the top of the rankings. Google and other search engines are now getting extremely sharp and can easily recognize the users’ search intent. Ultimately, they present them only to those sites which possess the relative content.

For example, take the keyword “best gaming laptops.” Google bots have recognized that visitors are searching for top-selling products. Thus, it shows the review articles on the top in SERP. You should relate your content with the search intentions to get higher rankings.

5 – Optimize The Keywords

Optimizing the keywords is also necessary to compel Google to take your page up in the search results. You must integrate the potential words in your content. Besides, it is compulsory to add them in the featured images, SEO titles, H2s, and in URLs. However, you should prevent keyword stuffing in your posts.

6 – Mobile Friendly Themes

A survey revealed that more than 60% of users use mobile devices to search queries. Therefore, consider this wide traffic and install a mobile responsive theme on your site. Furthermore, Google has also announced to make your websites mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you may suffer from penalties or decreased SERP rankings.

7 – Website Authority

Your site’s authority directly depends upon the types of links it receives. You will have high credibility and domain authority if your website is mentioned on big blogs and forums. Resultantly, Google will take you to appear at the top of the results. 


It doesn’t matter if you have top-quality and unique content with high domain authority; if your site is not secure, you will not reach on top of the rankings. As per recent updates, Google prefers those websites which have HTTPS. If you are still using HTTP, change it as soon as possible.

9 – On-Page SEO

Another critical point to ponder is On-Page SEO. Generally, it is considered writing compelling content and stuffing the keywords. However, it is something more than that. You must look for other points like engagement time, click-through rate, bounce rate, and user experience. Take necessary steps to optimize them for complete On-Page SEO.

10 – The Site’s XML

The ranking is the next stage to indexing, and it is only possible when your website has XML. Extensible Markup Language (XML) stores and share your data with third-party tools. Hence, it integrates with Google bots and allows the crawling of your content in the search results. The rest of the above-mentioned factors take you high in SERP. You can create multiple XML by using the All in One SEO plugin.

Final Verdicts

All these are the details about the top 10 Google ranking factors to consider in 2023. In conclusion, the rise in online competition has caused Google to strengthen its criteria to rank websites in search engines. That’s why you must take a deep note of the essential strategies to comply with all the basic demands to improve the keywords’ positions. Publish unique and compelling posts besides creating backlinks on high-authority sites. Further, you should complete the On and Off-Page SEO to maintain the site’s health. That’s all about this guide. Stay tuned for more information!

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