StoriesIG Review – A Best Instagram Story Viewing Tool

Social media platforms are now an essential part of our everyday lives as millions of users access them to share their favorite moments. Instagram is one the top in engaging users with its tremendous interface and engaging content. Among its various features, Instagram stories are one of the most usable features that enable people to share the highlights of their cherished moments in a temporary format.

However, some users only want to watch the stories of their profiles instead of navigating through them all. StoriesIG is the platform that can help you watch the stories of selective users while maintaining privacy. 

StoriesIG – Easy Instagram Story Viewer

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StoriesIG is a free online platform that lets you watch Instagram stories without having any ID. Hence, you can watch the highlights of your desired profiles anonymously. As a result, you can maintain complete privacy. This tool helps you to keep your identity hidden while navigating through the stories of your friends or other close ones.

In this way, you can surprise them by telling them about their posted stories without being mentioned in the viewing list. While many advantages are associated with this platform, some potential stalkers leverage the potential of this site to stalk a user.

How to Use StoriesIG Story Viewer?

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Watching Instagram stories without having an Instagram account or without showing your real identity is made possible with the help of StoriesIG. However, it is necessary to use this tool properly for the desired purpose.

While some people face difficulty in utilizing its potential, I have detailed the step-by-step process to watch and download Instagram stories anonymously.

  • Firstly, open the Instagram app on smartphones or the official website on a laptop/PC and access your targeted profile.
  • Now, copy the username or the link to the desired profile.
  • Open your favorite browser and search for StoriesIG. 
  • Click on the official website ( of this Instagram stories viewer platform.
  • Paste the username or link of the profile in the designated box and click on search.
  • After processing, StoriesIG will come up with the stories.
  • You can watch the desired one by simply clicking on it.
  • Additionally, a download button is present to save the stories in your storage for offline viewing.

One notable point is that you must copy the profile link instead of the reels’ link to watch the stories of your targeted users while using StoriesIG. Otherwise, you will be unable to have your hands on desired content.

Other Tools of StoriesIG

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Although StoriesIG is designed specifically to view the Instagram stories anonymously, the platform integrates several other effective tools to watch and download the Instagram content comfortably.

In the under-section, I have detailed some of the useful tools of this platform you can utilize without any difficulty.

StoriesIG Photo Downloader

Some Instagram users are very fond of uploading their photos. While you can easily save them in your storage through screenshots, the images get blurred. That’s why StoriesIG photo downloader is available to download and save them in high quality. 

  • Just paste the username in the dedicated tool and search.
  • Click on the download button to save the image in your device storage.

StoriesIG Profile Viewer

The second amazing built-in tool is the StoriesIG profile viewer that lets you download the DP of targeted user. In addition, you can view and copy the Bio alongside learning about the total number of followers, followings, and posts.

StoriesIG Profile Viewer
  • Copy the username, paste in the tool, and click search.
  • After processing, you can view the profile picture and download it.

StoriesIG Reels Downloader

As per the new updates, Instagram converts all uploaded videos into reels automatically. That’s why StoriesIG has integrated the reel downloader to enable people to watch and download interesting content for offline entertainment.

  • Copy the Instagram profile URL or username and paste into the Reels downloader tool.
  • Navigate to your desired content and click on download.

Features of StoriesIG

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The following are the key features of StoriesIG based on which it has outclassed all of its other counterparts. 

  • Complete Privacy: StoriesIG maintains your privacy by hiding your identity. It won’t leave any traces that you visited the profile.
  • No Notifications: While some users think that downloading photos and reels or watching stories will notify the profile owners, there is no such case with StoriesIG.
  • High-Quality Downloads: The content downloaded with the help of StoriesIG is of high quality with all the pixel sizes maintained.

Pros and Cons of StoriesIG

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  • Simple to operate
  • Exceptional anonymity
  • High-quality downloads
  • Multiple tools integrated
  • Hassle-free story viewing


  • Ads and Pop-ups

Alternatives to StoriesIG

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Snapinsta is the most widely used tool for navigating through Instagram content without revealing privacy. It has several built-in tools that allow you to not only watch and download stories but also reels, posts, and videos.


Mystalk Instagram Viewer

Another common alternative to StoriesIG is the Mystalk Instagram Viewer. This platform is also similar to StoriesIG but comes up with several extensive features, like a compelling interface, high-quality downloads, and watching Instagram photos, reels, and others.

Mystalk Instagram Viewer


Lastly, we have placed Picuki among the alternatives to StoriesIG. While this tool is not highly dedicated to watching Instagram stories solely, you can utilize several other features to make your posts more compelling and engaging.



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StoriesIG offers a perfect balance between privacy and advanced features, becoming one of the most highly rated Instagram anonymous viewers platforms on the web. Whether you want to maintain your privacy while watching the stories of your friends or downloading other content, this platform offers all the built-in tools. Privacy, anonymity, brilliant user interface, and high-quality downloads are its top attributes. You only have to access the official site and paste the username of the Instagram user to access his or her content and save it in your storage drive without letting them know.


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Is StoriesIG Free To Use?

Yes, StoriesIG is totally free to use and you can easily download and watch Instagram stories without paying a cent.

Is there a limit to the number of Instagram Stories I can download at once?

No. You can completely download all the stories available at the moment without facing any challenges or restrictions.

Is it legal to use the StoriesIG service?

According to the Digital Rights Act, it is legal to utilize the potential of the StoriesIG platform.

How can I download Instagram highlights?

StoriesIG is the best choice to download the Instagram highlights. Nevertheless, it is crucial that the account should be public.

Where can I find the saved Stories?

Generally, you can find the saved stories in the downloads or Instagram folder of your laptop/PC and smartphone.

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