Yahoo Small Business Features and Login Guide

Online business platforms and e-commerce are becoming more popular among business communities. Yahoo Small Business is one of the trusted online platforms for small and medium businesses. Yahoo offers a wide range of services and is vital in establishing and expanding businesses’ online presence.

It is an online platform with robust tools and services specifically developed to support small and medium enterprises. In this article, we will discuss the main features of Yahoo Small Business and will take a closer look at the step-by-step login guide.

What You Should Know About Yahoo Small Business?

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Yahoo Small Business is a set of tools and services designed to manage and build an online presence for small and medium-sized businesses. It is now ‘’Turbify’’. This online platform is a division of Yahoo Business Empire. The also enables companies to develop responsive websites and integrate domains.

Yahoo Small Business Transformation:

Yahoo Small business has not changed but has gone through a major transformation. The platform started in 1983; later, Verizon Business Services Yahoo purchased it and rebranded it to Verizon Small Business Services. Later, Infinite Computer Solutions took over and gave Yahoo Small Business its new name ‘’Turbify’’.

Key Features of Yahoo Small Business (Turbify):

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The key features of the online platform are stated below. They will enhance your understanding of Yahoo Small Business.

Web Hosting:

Yahoo Small Business offers trustworthy web hosting services and different hosting plans. These plans include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and e-commerce hosting. Hosting solutions are specifically developed to ensure the website’s security and rapid user accessibility.

Smooth Domain Registration:

Another prominent feature of the platform is that it provides an easy and smooth domain registration method with multiple management tools. Your domain name matters the most for online brand and business recognition. Registering your domain name is easy, with fewer steps. 

Website Building Tools:

You needn’t worry if you have no experience in website design. This online platform comes with a complete suite of web-building tools. These tools are simple to use and increase your productivity. 

Website building tools include predesigned templates, drag-drop, and other features to develop an attractive and pro-level website. With Yahoo Small Business, you don’t need to have technical web development expertise.

E-commerce Solutions:

One of the main features is customized e-commerce solutions. The platform offers customized e-commerce solutions for small and medium businesses to increase their online presence. E-commerce solutions include inventory management, secure payment methods, and certain tools for creating online stores. 

Email Services:

For businesses, brand recognition is the key to success, and they continuously focus on strategies to enhance recognition in every aspect. The platform allows companies to register an email with their domain name. Ultimately, this increases the brand`s credibility and recognition among its customers. 

Online Marketing:

The platform provides its users with professionally designed tools for managing online marketing and search engine optimization. These services increase online business activity and win clients’ trust. These tools enable you to boost a website’s visibility and traffic.

Business Listing:

Another feature that inspires online businesses to join this platform is business listing services. Yahoo Small Business offers assistance to businesses for listing on famous directories. It enables customers to find their favorite brands and businesses effortlessly.

How to Login into Yahoo Small Business (Turbify)?

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If you are new to the platform and worried about logging in to your Yahoo Small Business Account, here is a step-by-step guide to help you do so.

Step 1: Go to the official Yahoo Website:

1st step is to visit the Turbify or Yahoo Small Business website. Sign up if you are new to the site. Here is the website link,

Step 2: Update Basic Information:

2nd step is to update your name, email address, and password.

Step 3: Accept Terms and Conditions:

The next step is to accept the terms and conditions and click on Create Account.

Step 4: All Done:

Next, the following screen will appear with the message that ‘’You’re almost done’’. 

Step 5: Log in to activate the account:

After setting up the new account, log in to your Yahoo Small Business Account with your email and password.

Step 6: Setting up alternative email and security questions:

After logging in, the following page will appear, you need to update the information regarding ‘’alternative email’’ and ‘’security questions’’.

After signing in, the following steps are followed:

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After completing the signing up process, the following are further steps regarding selecting a plan, updating business information, and personalizing the settings.

Step 1: Select the Desired Plan:

The next step is selecting the plan that best fits your needs and requirements. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a start-up business, or a medium-sized company, plans are tailored to meet your needs.

Step 2: Update the Business Information:

After selecting a plan, the next step is filling out your business details on the predesigned form. If you already own a domain, Yahoo allows you to integrate effortlessly. If you don’t have a domain, it will enable you to develop a brand new domain and ensure your email address and business name resonate with each other.

Step 3: Personalize the Settings:

After updating the essential business information and setting up the domain, the next step is to personalize the settings and appearance of the email. Personalize settings include automatic email forwarding, designing the professional email signature, etc. It enables you to craft professional details to enhance the appearance and customer interaction.

Step 4: Review the settings and information in detail:

After personalizing the settings, the next step is to review your settings to ensure accuracy. Once settings are reviewed, go to the payment section. After inputting the required payment details, the Yahoo Business account will created and ready to operate.

Pros and Cons:

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  • Attractive Website Templates
  • Free Options
  • Automatic mobile sites
  • Excellent Uptime
  • Website Design Service
  • E-commerce plans


  • Restrictive Site Design
  • Undo Implementation
  • No Image Editing
  • Lack of True Blogging

Pricing Plans of Yahoo Small Business:

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PlansPriceKey Features
Basic PlanFreeIt starts from $4.99 per month and comes without Yahoo branding.
It offers a custom domain, up to 5 GB of storage space, an Email Box, and unlimited bandwidth and traffic analysis.
Paid PlanStarts from $4.99 per monthIt offers increased storage space to 10 GB.
Comes with private domain registration.
Five email boxes are provided.
Professional PlanStarts from $9.49 per monthIt offers increased storage space to 10 GB.
Comes with private domain registration.
Five email boxes are provided.

Website Builder Plans:

Developed forSmaller and budget-conscious websites For larger and public-facing websitesFor businesses with large numbers of employees and for large-scale websites 
Pricing per monthFree$4.99`$9.49
Domain nameYahoosites.comDomain name of your choiceDomain name of your choice
Storage3 GB5 GB10 GB
Email addressesN/A15

WordPress Plans:

Developed forBeginners and Blogers Businesses
Pricing per month$6.49 per month$7.49 per month
Domain privacyPublic listingPrivate listing
Storage100 GB400 GB
Email addresses1040

Shared Hosting Plans:

Developed forPersonal websites and bloggersSmall sized businessesWebsites with High Traffic
Pricing per month$4.49 per month$5.89 per month$6.79 per month
Storage100 GB500 GBUnlimited
Email addresses2505001,000
Band width100 GB per month500 GB per monthUnlimited

E-Commerce Plans:

Developed forStartup online storesMedium-sized online storesLarge-scale online businesses
Pricing per month$10.95 per month$25.95 per month$254.95 per month
Transaction fee1.5%1.0%0.75%

Summarizing it:

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Yahoo Small Business is a smart online platform for small and medium businesses. It comes with a wide range of services for companies to establish and expand their online presence. In this article, we discussed in detail the features of Yahoo Small Business, including web hosting, domain registration, customized e-commerce solutions, online services, email marketing, and mainly designed web-building tools.

Further, we discussed the step-by-step guide to log in to the Yahoo Small Business and different pricing plans to cater to other businesses. The platform has multiple web design templates and multiple free site management options. 


Start creating Verdict in seconds, and convert more of your visitors into leads.

Q1: What is Yahoo Small Business developed for?

Yahoo Small Business is developed for web hosting, advertisement, e-commerce, email, and Web domains.

Q2: Can I use Yahoo as a business email?

Yahoo Small Business Email has a standard plan for small businesses and individuals with basic email needs.

Q3: How do I cancel Yahoo Small Business?

  • First, go to my subscriptions.
  • Click on the option ‘’Subscription you`d like to cancel’’.
  • Click on Cancel Service.
  • Follow the further steps to cancel the service. 

Q4: Is Yahoo Small Business free?

Yahoo Small Business pricing is reasonable.

Q5: Is Yahoo Small Business Turbify?

Yes, yahoo Small Business is now Turbify.

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