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Hey stalkers! Has someone blocked you on Instagram? And now, you are curious about what is happening in their daily lives. Yes, right? Now, the question arises: how? Many tools and software in the market enable individuals to see Instagram DPs, reels, and videos. InstaDP is one such tool that allows you to see and download Instagram profile’s DPs, stories, story highlights, videos, and photos.

Today! I am going to share my experience with you on InstaDP. Let’s start with learning about its features!

An Introduction to InstaDP

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InstaDP is an Instagram DP viewer and downloader. However, it also has extra features like downloading reels, stories, posts, and other stuff available over the platform. More interesting, it also assists you in downloading private accounts DP in original quality. The platform can also ask you to fill a form when trying to download a private account profile picture. InstaDP has maintained its standard about user privacy and security in this way.

How to Use InstaDP?

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Using InstaDP is the main concern for all users. Therefore, I have compiled a complete guide on how to use InstaDP. Let’s start with some easy steps.

Step 1- Access the Tool

Firstly, you need to browse InstaDP on your internet browser to access the tool. Alternatively, you can access the tool through this:

Access the Tool

Step 2- Select the Preference

After accessing the tool, you have to select your preference whether you want to download or watch Instagram profile photos, photos, videos, reels, stories, and story highlights. Click on one option; as I have chosen the Instagram Video Downloader.

Select the Preference

Step 3- Insert the Copied Link

Furthermore, you need to insert the copied link of the content in the blank space and press the “Get” button.

Insert the Copied Link

Step 4- Download the Content

Finally, after some processing seconds, your content will be ready to download. Click on the “Download” button to start downloading it.

Download the Content

InstaDP Features

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However, individuals have several benefits of InstaDP, but often they don’t know what they can do with this tool. That’s why I have considered compiling a complete guide on its features to tell users how they should use it to consume its full potential.

Easy to Use

InstaDP has the most easy to navigate user interface that allows users to navigate on the platform easily. When you browse the tool and open it to watch or download something its user interface helps you do so. For instance, you don’t have to learn technicalities first to make use of this tool. You only need a username or Instagram user’s ID to watch and download profile’s content.

No Distractions

No matter if it has on-screen ads because they won’t walk to a threat like any other ads. This is the main reason why users feel comfortable while exploring Instagram anonymuosly on InstaDP and deliver no distractable experience. Sometimes, ads feel like inessentails but they are the main source of their annual revenue.

Download Instagram Content

This tool enables users to download Instagram content by inserting the URL of that content copied from Instagram. If you are interested in downloading Instagram stories, IGTV, photos, reels, and DP, then you should use InstaDP. Moreover, this tool makes it easy for users to download different types of content from just one platform.

Categorical Search Bar

As I have mentioned, InstaDP is a one-stop downloader tool for all types of Instagram content, including reels, images, videos, IGTV, and profile pictures. Therefore, it has prepared six different sections according to Instagram’s content for users’ convenience and comfort.

Instagram Viewer Without Account

What if you don’t have an InstaDP account? You don’t need one, actually. It means users just have to browse this internet tool and enter their username to watch and download the content available on that profile. Further, users don’t have to proceed with the process of signing up and exploring Instagram.

Free Tool

If you are not capable of paying heavy money to other Instagram anonymous viewer tools, then this may your right choice. Users don’t have to break their bank because InstaDP allows tracking completely free of cost to its eary user.

InstaDP Pros and Cons

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Individuals have several InstaDP benefits, but it also poses some cons, which I have discussed below.


  • Keep your anonymity
  • Allows you to view profile pictures
  • View and download stories
  • Profile picture viewing


  • Ads
  • Dependent on Instagram’s policies


Start creating Verdict in seconds, and convert more of your visitors into leads. is an anonymous online tool that enables users to watch and download Instagram users’ DPs and other content. Users can check out someone’s Instagram profile without letting him know. This tool maintains users’ anonymity, which is proof of its legitimacy, regardless of whether it obeys Instagram laws.

Users just have to insert the username, and the further process is regarding After that users can watch and download the content they wanted to from the profile. Note one thing! It obeys the rules and regulations of Instagram which is why you can’t download or watch content of private profiles.

InstaDP Alternatives

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Sometimes, InstaDP’s site server gets down due to too much traffic. In that case, users can use InstaDP alternatives to catch up on their preferred content. Here are some efficient and free alternatives to this tool.


StoriesDown is one of the most legitimate platforms that doesn’t have any data breaches. This tool asks for identity approval by a captcha to get the results of their searches. It doesn’t require a login or sign-up and doesn’t track your activities on the dashboard. These types of capabilities make it one of the most usable InstaDP alternatives.



What a blind ask for? Two eyes, right? It is also right in the case of stalking because users are so much impatient. InstaNavigation is one of the fastest responsive InstaDP alternatives that provides users with results in just a matter of moments. This tool is also deliver free service to all type of users in a secure manner that enahnces its legitimacy.



Picuki is a unique platform because it allows individuals to edit their Instagram posts in a professional way. It is included in the list of InstaDP alternatives because Picuki provides users with built-in Instagram explorer. Furthermore, it enables you to search for a specific user on Instagram to keep an eye anonymously on the user.



Imginn is one of the most capable and powerful anonymous Instagram downloaders in the list of InstaDP alternatives. All public profiles can be accessed through this tool, but as per Instagram rules no private profile can be accessed. It has to be the best-ever anonymous Instagram stalking site because of its capabilities and no such cons as ads.



Pixwox which was once Picnob, is a highly potent Instagram anonymous stalking platform on the Internet. Users are free to watch and download their favorite Instagram content whether photos or videos just by entering their username. It supports multiple languages, which makes it the ultimate universal solution for many of us. Therefore, I have included Pixwox as one of the InstaDP alternatives.


Ending Note

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Watching or downloading someone’s Instagram profile is a concern for many Instagram users all over the world. Further, this vacuum is filled by the ultimate solution to watching Instagram stories, highlights, posts, and display pictures by InstaDP. It is the most beneficial and unique Instagram anonymous tool that keeps users anonymous to make them secure. On this amazing tool, I have compiled a complete review with its alternatives in the above section. You can consume the power of its alternatives to watch and download Instagram content on your smartphone or PC.


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Q1- Is InstaDP safe?

The answer to this question is yes. InstaDP is legit and safe to use because it maintains users’ anonymity.

Q2- Is InstaDP free?

Absolutely yes, InstaDP is a completely free to use tool. It doesn’t charge any penny to any of its users to watch or download Instagram accounts’ DPs.

Q3- Does InstaDP have a mobile application?

No, InstaDP runs completely online, and users don’t have to download any other application like InstaDP—Instagram DP Zoomer.

Q4- Does InstaDP require a login?

The answer to this question is no. InstaDP doesn’t require any type of login or sign-up before use, which is proof of its legitimacy.

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