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On the internet, there are dozens of slang words that we are using on daily basis but we don’t have much idea about the actual forms of those words. Those are utilized in different modes but we are unaware of them. Like NFS, which is used in various platforms such as computing, banking, gaming, food, and many more. The use of Nfs comes in different online landscapes.

Suppose you are in search of knowing the definition and use of Nfs so you have stopped at the right place. In this guide, we will talk about the meaning and all the possible categories of Nfs where this is used as a slug word.

What Is NFS Definition?

Generally, the meaning that is derived from NFS is “Not For Sure”. This is an acronym that is used in communications such are the slung words that we use in typing different messages. This is just one meaning that can be taken from this slug. It is used on several platforms and fields but has different meanings everywhere. Let’s come to know about some more meanings of NFS.

NFS Means in Food

As we have discussed NFs are used to provide meaning differently according to the situation when we see it in the food creating a very interesting environment. Surprisingly, it has two meanings in food.

  • According to WHO, NFs means “Nutrition and Food security”.
  • In the second place, you must have noted and seen when Nfs is written in food’s description items, which shows the same meaning.

NFS Use in Banking

If you have no idea before about the meaning of NFS which is used in the business fields let’s have a look to know about that. As you know that many acronyms are used in banks, and Nfs also one of those that is used a lot. In the banking line, NFS stands for “National Financial Service” which is considered the largest ATM network in India.  A basic objective of Nfs makes interconnectivity between ATMs and banks. This can be easy to know for you about the means of NFs in text messages.

NFS Use in Media

Did you notice that NFS provides meaning when it is used on social media? This is a slug word that is mostly used while texting someone on different social media platforms. It stands for “Not For Sure”. NFS is very commonly used in chatting on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. It has the same Facebook meaning as well while making its use in social media. Many people use this slug when they make their communication concise.

NFS Stands For Computing

This term is also in computing to describe something. NFS is known in the computer language “Network File system”. When different files have to access the network the NFS protocol port is used. This acronym provides a very interesting meaning when people use it.

NFS Meaning on Shoes

Many shops are using NFS on several shoes to provide a specific meaning. They use on their shoes which means “Near few Shoes.” When I examined the exact meaning from Google came to know that shoe shops use this when they have a showpiece, and write NFS on it to show it is not for sale, just for show.

NFS Meaning in Military

When we talk about the use of NFS this is used in the United States stands for “National Forest Service”. This is a company that manages 20 National Grasslands and 154 National Forests in the US.

NFS Gaming Meaning

Many people are there who want to know the meaning of NFS in gaming. NFS is used in video gaming series which stands for “Need For Speed”. This is a racing game that has been developed by Criterion and Electronic Arts games. Most people enjoy but sometimes it comes to their mind to know the full form of NTS which always passes over their eyes.

NFT mean in TikTok:

On TikTok, NFS comes in the use of this short form when someone wants to say this is not funny shit. It occurs when someone reacts to anybody in a serious or angry mood.

NFS means on Instagram Text:

On Instagram, this is used to represent the meaning of Not filter Sunday.  This is used very commonly by many people in their daily uses. Instagrammers use this hashtag to show they are going to upload photos without a filter.

What mean of NFS share mean?

NFS (Network file share) allows sharing of files between the UNIX operating system and Windows sharing. This acronym is frequently used to deliver massage without waiting time.


What is NFS managing in Texting?

(Not for Sale) is derived meaning while texting.

IS NFS showing the meaning of New Friends?

There is no specific platform where it has been used to deliver the meaning of New friends.

What Do FMTC and NFS Mean?

It stands for Fidelity Management Trust Company and National Financial Services. This is the kind of organizational service that is offered by banking groups.


NFS is a commonly used word to show the various meanings in different fields. It has a different set of meanings to describe the different contexts. In this short body of text, we have illustrated its meaning, use, and how it is used in the various platforms. We answered frequently asked questions as well, if you find any complexity in knowing the meaning of NFS you may visit the above body of text, for getting more know-how about NFS.

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