Google Messages vs Samsung Messages – Which One You Should be Using?

Users often find themselves in serious trouble when it comes to choosing a messaging app on their Android apps. Currently, Google Messages vs Samsung Messages are two of the most widely used options that come pre-installed on their respective devices.

Generally, Google Messages can be used on Pixel and other stock phones. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy mobiles feature Samsung Messages. Both have their own set of features and functionalities. This guide will detail the Google Messages vs Samsung Messages so that you can have your hands on a more reliable option.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

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After extensively researching and understanding various aspects of both messaging systems, I have enlisted a comprehensive comparison of Google Messages vs Samsung Messages. You must learn about them to make more informed decisions.

User Interface

Google Messages is brilliant as it has dominated its counterparts in terms of having a clear and simple user-friendly interface. The layout is quite intuitive and displays all the conversations in a list format to make it easy to navigate.

Conversely, Samsung Messages has a more elaborate interface with more vibrant colors and themes. Although its interface is slightly more cluttered than Google Messages because of elaborative icons, you can enjoy more features on the home screen.

Features and Functionality

Both Google Messages and Samsung Messages offer several exciting features alongside simple SMS and RCS options. Some of the primary ones are elaborated on below.

Google MessagesSamsung Messages
You can also schedule messages so that you can send them later.The RCS features are almost similar to that of Google Messages
Extensive search functionality to enable you to find contacts and messages easilyYou can get options to customize the look and feel of the app, including themes, backgrounds, and message bubble styles.
Web messaging is also available with the help of the official websiteEnhanced multimedia sharing with Samsung’s gallery and file manager integration.
Google Messages suggests replies for faster communicationSamsung Messages also has built-in filtering and spam-detection features
Also, this app can provide seamless integration with Photos, Assistant, and DuoYou can also schedule messages so that you will be able to send them later.

Customization and Personalization

Google Messages focuses mainly on integrating more and more functional aspects while maintaining simplicity. Consequently, it offers very limited customization options. You can only adjust the notification settings and theme settings between light and dark.

However, if you like changing the themes and font sizes of your messaging app, you should pick Samsung Messages. In addition to the default icons and themes, you can add custom backgrounds for more personalized entertainment.


Talking about the compatibility of both messaging apps, Google Messages have an upper hand over Samsung Messages as it can be integrated into a wide range of Android devices. Furthermore, it works well with other Google services. 

Samsung has launched its messaging app only for Samsung devices and offers a sturdy integration with Samsung’s ecosystem. Although it offers incredible functionality, you cannot use it on other Android devices.

Performance and Reliability

Google Messages has proved its reliability and smooth performance. The app is lightweight and does not consume excessive system resources. Updates from Google ensure that it remains secure and bug-free.

Samsung Messages is also reliable but can be slightly heavier on system resources due to its rich feature set and customization options. It performs well on Samsung devices, but users may occasionally encounter performance issues, especially on older models.

Privacy and Security 

Privacy is the top priority of Google services and Google Messages are no exception. It offers end-to-end encryption to protect RCS chats so that you will enjoy safer conversations without worrying about data security.

Samsung Messages also provides brilliant security features with the help of its Knox security platform. Thus, it adds an extra layer of protection for users’ data.

Overall Table Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

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AspectsGoogle MessagesSamsung Messages
User InterfaceClean, simple, follows Material DesignVibrant, customizable, follows One UI
RCS SupportYesYes
Smart RepliesYesNo
Search FunctionalityRobust search optionsBasic search options
Web MessagingYes (via
Integration with ServicesGoogle Photos, Google Assistant, Google DuoSamsung Cloud, Bixby, Samsung File Manager
CustomizationLimited (theme, notifications)Extensive (themes, backgrounds, bubble styles)
Multimedia SharingHigh-quality media sharingEnhanced multimedia sharing with Samsung Gallery
Scheduled MessagesNoYes
Spam ProtectionBasic spam protectionBuilt-in spam detection and filtering
CompatibilityA wide range of Android devicesExclusive to Samsung devices
PerformanceLightweight, smooth performanceReliable but slightly heavier on resources
SecurityEnd-to-end encryption for RCS chatsEnd-to-end encryption for RCS, Knox security
UpdatesGoogle offers regular updatesRegular updates from Samsung

The Closure

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These are the details about Google Messages vs Samsung Messages. Both applications have their own set of comprehensive features and functional capabilities, Therefore, choosing one between them relies on your personal preferences and requirements. Google Messages features a clean and user-friendly interface to allow everyone to have a seamless messaging experience.

On the other hand, Samsung offers more advanced and customizable options to make it a good choice for people. Considering the advantages and features mentioned in this guide, you can make more informed decisions and integrate the best option in your personal and business landscape.


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Is Google messaging better than Samsung messaging?

Considering the overall factors and performance, Google Messaging has dominated Samsung Messaging.

Can I replace Samsung Messages with Google Messages?

While Samsung Messaging can’t be deleted permanently from Samsung devices, you can remove this app from your mobile’s homepage and then bring Google Messages there.

Which SMS app should I use?

Google Messages is now the default messaging app on Android mobiles as it can provide modern features like RCS chats and cross-device access.

Does Samsung use Google Messages now?

Samsung has integrated two messaging apps in the new Galaxy smartphones so that users can use the benefits of both Google and Samsung Messaging.

Is the Google messaging app safe?

Google Messaging app offers end-to-end encryption to make sure that you can have your hands on a safer platform for conversation with your friends and family.

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