Tips to Use Google Trends for Keyword Research

Effective keyword research is the first and foremost step of a result driven SEO strategy to get high ranks for a blog or business website.

Since, there is a big number of free and paid keyword research tools over the web, Google trends is one of them that offers you great keyword research features and attributes.

After Google AdWords keyword planner, Google trends is the great option for marketers.

It offers you in-depth keyword research based on various factors like time, region, target market and many more.

In this article, you will learn how to use Google Trends for keyword research by reading these effective tips to use Google trends in order to select best keywords for your next SEO campaign.

Where to start

The best thing about Google trends is that there is no need of an account to access the link where Google shows trends.

Just enter the keyword you want to research on, and collect the data according to your keyword research criteria.

If there is need to compare different keywords in one go, you can separate them by putting commas among all your keywords in the search bar.

Purify your search query

Google trends offer you a wide range of keyword research features to purify your each query in order to get better outcomes.

For examples, if you are running a company that offers SEO services and also want to work on the keyword ‘SEO company’, the graph will show the best and top SEO companies and websites once you have tapped the search button.

It is showing the results from all around the world and if you want to see the results from a specific state or country, you can choose from the menu that you will get right below the ‘worldwide’.

When searching for a particular keyword, you can refine your keyword research in Google Trends by time range, location and similar keywords used to search etc.

Gain ideas for your marketing campaign

It is very easy to gain ideas for your marketing campaign via Google trends by having a detailed look at related search queries that other people are using.

By doing so, you will be able to write unique and easy to find content for your website or blog by using different ideas.

For instance, when working on the keyword ‘SEO company’, you can write different topics to attract visitors like ‘benefits of hiring a best SEO company’, how to find SEO company in town’ and characteristics of best SEO company’ etc.

Choose your topics wisely

One of the great features of Google Trends is that it allows you to perform keyword research according to the time range.

It is something that helps marketers a lot to choose the topics wisely in order to get maximum ROI from SEO campaign.

It shows that what keywords people are using to find best SEO companies around the globe or within the country or hometown. Through this way, you can choose the right keywords for your topics wisely to write on.

Google trends is becoming the most popular way of keyword research globally because it pulls data and information directly from the renowned search engine Google.

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