The Ultimate Guide: Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has become one of the most popular payment methods of all time, and now people use it daily. Carrying your cell phone with you is the most convenient thing to do instead of carrying a bunch of payment cards. But the big question is, does McDonalds take Apple Pay? We got the answers for you.

Like many other payment methods, Apple Pay is capable of digitally transferring money to any account or cash payment platform. The short answer to whether McDonalds takes Apple Pay is Yes, Apple Pay can be used at McDonalds to make purchases. Apple Pay works like any other digital payment method, and it makes it convenient for everyone to buy a meal instantly. However, this service is restricted to the US.

To explain things more clearly, we have written a comprehensive guide to whether McDonald’s should take Apple Pay. We will also walk you through the step-by-step guidelines on how to make payments via Apple Pay to place orders and pay digitally at McDonald’s.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is something with which every iOS user is familiar. Apple Pay is the replacement for your typical physical cash cards that make it easier and safer to make purchases using your mobile phone. This service is only available on Apple wireless devices, and for most of the food chain-related organizations, it only works in the US region.

Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay

Apple payment service can be used online, in-store, and for in-app purchases as well. This technology utilizes the NFC technology in your smartphone and makes it easier to perform payments with your smartphone. For international online purchases, this service is currently supported on millions of websites.

This service of payment by Apple is not something like an online bank. But it replaces your original credit card by utilizing it with the Apple Pay service. Enabling this service with your payment cards doesn’t mean that you won’t get additional benefits. This service would still let you get all the rewards and advantages that you want to earn.

The best part about using this service is that it works on all of your iOS devices, like your very own iPhone. For example, if you have the Apple smartwatch on your wrist, you can still make payments through it, and it is even more convenient than using your phone.

Do You Have to Install Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is already on your iOS device, like the iPhone, iWatch, iPad, and Mac. You don’t have to download a separate application to use Apple Pay services. The best part is that it also works with Apple Cash, which is a digital card that lives in your Wallet application.

Does McDonalds take Apple Pay?

Yes, McDonald’s outlets in the US region accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Surprisingly, McDonald’s is one of the prime companies that adopted Apple Pay as one of their payment methods. Hence, you can use your Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad to purchase your Big Mac without paying physical money.

You can use Visa Cards, MasterCard, America Express, and the Discover cards to work with Apple Pay to make purchases at McDonalds. In simple words, any card issued by an American Bank is compatible with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is not only usable with McDonalds, but it also works with any restaurant in the US region as long as they accept digital payment methods.

How to Use Apple Pay at McDonalds

Here, we have written a step-by-step guide on how to use Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s to purchase your favorite meals.

  1. Tap the lock button of your iPhone twice to open the Wallet application instantly. You can also unlock the phone and scroll through the App Library to find the Apple Wallet App.
  2. Enter your password to confirm your identification for security reasons. You can also use the fingerprint or Face ID feature to open the app securely.
  3. The default Apple Pay card will show. But if you want to use a different card that you have paired with the application, tap the stack of cards in the app.
  4. Now, place your phone near the card reading machine to make the payment.
  5. Once you have placed your Apple Device on the payment machine, your payment will be made securely.

Does McDonalds take Apple Pay with Apple Watch?

Now, if your big question is, ‘Does McDonalds take Apple Pay?’ Well, the answer is Yes to it, too. Here is the step-by-step guide to using Apple Pay with Apple Watch for McDonalds.

  1. Tap the side button on your Apple Watch two times in order to activate the Apple Pay service.
  2. Hold your watch closer to the NFC payment card reader. You can even attach it near the device to make instant payments.
  3. Once your Apple Watch vibrates, it indicates the payment has been made successfully, and then you can pull it back from it.

Making payments with the Apple Watch is much simpler as compared to iPhone or iPad. And if you’re wondering which card the Apple Watch would be using, well, it would be the standard one chosen in your Apple Wallet.

Does McDonalds take Apple Pay works with McDonalds Drive Thru?

Yes, Apple Pay works with McDonalds drive-thru as well. All you have to do is ask the cashier to bring the NFC card reader device near you through the Windows. At only an inch of a distance, you can make payments with your card easily.

Final Words

If you’re still wondering does McDonalds takes Apple Pay, well, we have surely answered that for you. The setup is seamless, and the payment method is even simpler than the common card payment. Hopefully, this article has guided you well on how to make payments at McDonalds using the Apple Pay service.

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