How To Register And Log In On Mykohlscard?

MyKohlscard is your personal credit card offered by the American Departmental Store food chain website Koh’s Store. The store lets you shop, pay bills, buy products, and do anything affiliated with the Kohl’s store using the MyKohlscard account.

Interestingly, at over 1100 stores you can shop the latest fashion, beauty, and different products at your home at your fingertips. It allows you to get discounts on your favorite items. It enables you to pay your bills from anywhere and anytime. It is very easy to make smart decisions by using this splendid website.

But you might be wondering, if I do have my own credit card, why do I need a MyKohlscard? Well, it is because of the benefits and advantages that you get with this card. Khol’s card purchases earn you Kohl’s rewards, which can be used further while shopping and making purchases. In addition to that, you can also enjoy exclusive discounts and free shipping on exclusive items when making online transactions.

How to Log In on Mykohlscard?

  • First of all visit the official website
  • After that enter your User Name and Password
  • Finally, click on the submit button
  • And with this way, you get to complete the process

How to Register on Mykohlscard?


To register on Mykohlscard is not a herculean task. There are very simple steps that you have to follow. Note: once a user name is used it cannot be changed again.

  1. First of all, for having access click on the register” on the login page.
  2. Enter a 12-digit card number from your Kohl’s card.
  3. Add your last name as it seems on your Kohl’s card.
  4. Entering your date of birth by following the format that appears there (example: 02/02/1980)
  5.  Enter your Postal code.
  6. Click to “Continue”.
  7. Now, the next option comes to enter the user name, when entering the user name you have to be a bit aware. While logging in, you will be required to enter the exact name of what you want to keep for the long run. As I told you above the user name would not be changed once it has been written. It should be 4-20 characters long and should not be your email address.
  8. Fill up with your phone number
  9. Enter your email address and make confirm to enter it again.
  10. Create your password

Here are some guidelines on when to create your password

  • 8-20 characters
  • 1 number (0-9)
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 uppercase letter
  • Adding one special characters : ! # % ^ $
  • Two repeating characters cannot be used
  • The username cannot be the same

13. Re-entering the password

14. Click “Continue”

15. Complete a one-time passcode process

Features of Mykohlscard

  • You may have the purpose to use this portal for managing your account information, changing your password, or adding new cards.
  • you can easily check your transactions history and account balance
  • You Can request to increase your credit line
  • You can make paperless statements
  • You can use it to pay your bill
  • Whenever you lose your card, just make a call on the helpline (1-800-6664537).  You have to provide your card number’s last four digits and your email address which is associated with your account. There would be a new activation code for your new card.
  • For any query, you can also call on the helpline for having the solution to your question.

There must be a question on your mind about how to pay when you order something online:

Here are certain ways to help you

Pay Through Kohl’s App

  1. Just Go and open your Kohl’s App and Singing in
  2. Click on “ My cards and Address” click and select the card from that list, and enter your password
  3. Select categories or items that you like to tract on the website ( This will make enable the company to send the specific item from all those items)
  4. Tab and “Create Account” If you feel to create an account or can continue using with your current account.  

Pay Through Mobile

  1. Dial 1-800-MYKOHLS ( 1-800-666-4537) enter your account number, add the last four digits of your Social Security number, and at last your password
  2. If you get any questions about using Kohl’s Credit card, or you like to pay by using your mobile phone instead of going online, just answer the question which is asked by the Customers Service Representative.
  3. You will become transferred with acceptable payment processing for having further assistance

Pay Through Mail

You can also use your Kohl’s Credit card to pay via Mail.  Make out your Kohl’s cash by completing and sending the following form with your money.

It is an Authorization form note from Khol’s Credit card: When you are paying with a check or money order just include your account number and the last four digits of your Social Security number on the front of the check or money order.

Benefits of using Mykohlscard

There is no doubt using this website has plenty of advantages that the users get to enjoy. It is bestowed with many advantages. The users always enjoy it when they get the chance to spend their time on this platform. The very obvious advantages are here including:

First of all, it has seen that you can get a chance to take care of your bills on this website. It always makes you aware of how much amount has been charged or reduced from your account. Interestingly, it notifies the users what will be the best option to choose when to confirm a deal. It has some discounted offers for customers. Most of the time, the customers get advantages from those deals.

Mykohlscard is different from the other credit cards when you buy things from the stores with different cards, you do not have discounts. When you become a very good customer you get a chance to get birthday gifts, and free transportation. This helps you to save more money.   

It does not stop here some of our most reliable advantages are here that you can get.

  • Screen card movements
  • Demanding a credit line increments
  • View your exchange history and equilibrium
  • Get paperless proclamation

Frequently Asked Question:

There are some people who have some questions about this Website:

How to Pay Kohl’s Bill online?

The above body of text shared some ways that must help you to pay your online bill. You can pay the bill via mobile, email, or online after enrolling on MY Kohl’s Card.

How to Check Kohl’s Balance?

There are some simple steps to follow for checking your Balance.

  1. Go to your Kohl’ Shopping Account
  2. Sing There
  3. Under “Account” on the top of the page, choose “ Kohl’s Cash”
  4. Tab on the “Kohl’s Cash” click on your shopping profile account
  5. Select “ CHECK BALANCE”

How to Make Payment On Kohl’s?

You can make payments at different stores using cash, a check, money order, or debit card. The payment can also be accepted if we use Kohl’s, Cares Card.

What Can Be a Phone Number to Contact?

(800) 564-5740

For additional assistance, you may contact customer service at (800) 564-5740


MyKohlscard makes the shopping experience more seamless for both in-store and online customers. The reward concept of giving out exclusive discounts and cash back tokens is worth appreciating to grab new customers. In addition to that, you can manage everything right from your MyKohlscard account on your smartphone. Hopefully, this article has guided you well on how to use your Kohl’s card and its benefits.

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