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Best Tips for Maintaining Your Apple Earbuds Longevity

Have Apple earbuds but not following the right tactics to maintain them? Well, it might result in your product getting worn out or malfunctioning without even allowing you to enjoy your favorite music for 6 months. Don’t want such an outcome? Just follow the primary strategies to ensure their longevity.

You have to implement a proper strategy of regular cleaning, careful storage, and handling to ensure that your earbuds can last longer. It will keep them safe, sound, and in good working condition. This guide will detail the best tips that can help you greatly to take care of your earbuds. 

Key Takeaways

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While I have listed a comprehensive guide above, here is the key overview of all the tactics to maintain your Apple earbuds to save you time.

  • Insert and remove earbuds gently.
  • Keep the volume at a moderate level.
  • Clean ear tips and grilles regularly.
  • Store earbuds in a protective case.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid moisture exposure.
  • Inspect regularly for wear and tear.
  • Keep firmware updated.
  • Utilize warranty and repair services when needed.

Best Tips for Maintaining Apple Earbuds

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While I also own a pair of Apple earbuds and they still are giving me the optimal performance. The key behind this is the way I have used and maintained them. I am sharing the tactics that I have followed so you can also improve the functional life of your product.

Correct Insertion and Removal

Firstly, you should start with taking care of the way of inserting and removing your Apple earbuds. It will significantly enhance their lifespan. When inserting them into the case, you must be very gentle. Similarly, when taking them out, you should pick them from the sides instead of the fingerprint sensor to improve their performance.

Volume Control

Volume control is another key to maintaining the longevity of Apple earbuds. High volume is injurious to both your hearing as well the gadget. Therefore, it would be best to keep the volume at a moderate level. It will not only keep your earbuds safe but also prevent damage to your hearing sense.

Clean the Ear Tips

Ear tips are always on the verge of damage by the debris and earwax. Besides being an unhygienic practice, it also impacts the sound quality of your Apple earbuds. That’s why it is the area to pay attention to. Clean the ear tips with the help of a soft brush or cloth. The only consideration is to make sure that the brush or cloth is dried completely.

Cleaning the Grilles

Similar to the ear tips, the grills of the speakers can also accumulate wax or debris. It will result in a cluttered sound with no clearance. Cleaning them is also necessary but it is highly risky as a small debris can break the grill. You shouldn’t use any sharp object to remove them because it will damage the mesh.

Proper Storage Solutions

When you have disconnected your Apple earbuds from your smartphone, place them in the protective case instead of keeping them open. It will prevent your gadget from getting damaged or rusted. You can also buy an additional case for more safety.

Avoiding Extreme Conditions

Extreme temperature conditions are always harmful for everything and earbuds are no exception. That’s why you should keep them away from harsh climate conditions such as temperature, direct sunlight, and humidity. Another tactic you can opt for is to avoid leaving them in hot cars, which is normally a common practice.

Handle the Case

The case of Apple earbuds is also vulnerable to damage. So you also have to take care of it. When the earbuds are out of it, place the case in a protective area with no moisture. In this way, you can save it from getting damaged.

Disconnecting Properly

When you have used Apple earbuds to listen to your desired music, disconnect them properly from your smartphone. Turn off the Bluetooth and carefully place them in the case. It will keep the battery conserved when not in use. 

Avoiding Moisture Exposure

Moisture is simply the biggest enemy of the Apple earbuds. While I have already mentioned that you shouldn’t place your earbuds or case in moist conditions, you should also not use them during rain or swimming. An additional tip is not using them during physical activities as sweat can cause similar damage.

Software Updates

Apple is highly active in bringing the latest updates to its earbuds to ensure their functionality. That’s why you should keep them updated with the latest version. It will not only add extra features but also help in fixing the bugs. Open the device setting right now to check if an update is available.

Winding Up

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These are the key tips and strategies you can follow to maintain your Apple earbuds. Make sure you clean your gadgets properly before inserting them carefully into the case. Careful storage and regular cleaning are the keys to improving the performance level of these hearing aids.

Although some people like listening to music at higher volumes, it is not a handy practice. It will bring the damage to your earbuds as well as your ears. Follow the tips mentioned in this guide to continue using your items for longer.


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When should I buy new Apple earbuds?

You should change your earbuds after two or three years at your convenience. It will keep you connected with the latest models.

What is the lifespan of Apple Earbuds?

On average, the Apple Earbuds usually last for three years if used properly and carefully. However, it may extend based on how you have used them.

Is it OK to charge AirPods overnight?

Yes. It is a good strategy to charge your earbuds for the whole night. In this way, they will be ready to be used in the next morning.

Can you shower with Apple earbuds?

Unfortunately, Apple has not designed its earbuds to be used in water. Consequently, you cannot access them while swimming, bathing, or in other water activities.

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