Essential Considerations for Gaming Laptops and Top Games

Previously, gaming was a hobby. However, it has evolved into the mainstream of entertainment since 2020. Moreover, the development of dedicated gaming laptops has played a significant role in enhancing its popularity. A gaming laptop is a versatile solution that allows gamers to enjoy their favorite titles without compromising the performance and health of their gadgets. They differ widely from traditional devices based on their exciting features and specifications. In this guide, we have elaborated on the key aspects you should consider while buying a gaming laptop. Furthermore, we have enlisted some of the top games you can play on them.

The following are the critical points to check in a laptop to decide whether it is good for gaming.

Understand the Specifications

Firstly, you should understand the specifications of gaming laptops, which are required for seamless entertainment and performance. Selecting a device with the right specifications can take your enjoyment to an advanced level.

1 – Graphics Processing Unit

GPU is primarily responsible for maintaining the screen refresh rate and delivering enhanced picture quality. The Clevo PA71 laptop features the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphic card, integrated with Intel UHD 630 for more effective functioning. It will guarantee optimal resolution and pixels besides providing a complete view of images, videos, and documents.

2 – Central Processing Unit

The processor is also important as it directly plays a role in processing and loading the game files. The Clevo NH70 has surpassed all of its other counterparts. It possesses the Intel Core i7 9750H processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.6 Hz. Hence, the CPU maintains a consistent performance level. Besides, it also aids in multi-tasking.

3 – RAM

Random Access Memory is the temporary storage where the processor loads the game files for quick retrieval. Therefore, a gaming laptop must have a high RAM capacity to leave space for other critical activities. The latest technological developments have introduced high-quality RAMs, like DDR4, which possesses exceptional operational capabilities.

4 – Display

Although gaming laptops don’t have an extended display like that of the iMac Pro i7 4K desktop computer, you must focus on the quality. It will lead you to have an improved visual experience. Additionally, you should check if the laptop supports 4K quality. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite videos, movies, and shows.


5 – Storage

The storage capacity of the gaming laptop is another considerable factor. As high-end games take a great toll on storage capacity, you should purchase a gadget with a large as well as SSD storage drive. The storage of 512 GB or 1 TB allows you to store multiple heavy games simultaneously and other files and documents.

6 – Cooling System

Gaming causes laptops to produce immense heat, and disposing of them is necessary to prevent the device components from getting damaged. You must be biased toward a device that features an advanced cooling system, along with the proper ways of removing heat from the inner part. It will save the components from melting or getting damaged.

Cooling System

Design and Aesthetics

Next, you must look for the design and aesthetics of a gaming laptop along with several other crucial factors, mentioned below.

  • Build Quality: Gaming laptops must have a sturdy body to ensure that they can withstand everyday wear and tear to serve you for an extended duration.
  • Shape and Portability: The shape of the gaming laptop must be slim and fit to give an aesthetic look. Also, it should be lightweight so you can take it anywhere to enjoy playing your favorite titles.
  • RGB Lighting: RGB lighting on keyboards will give a new sort of flair to your gaming sessions, especially in the dark, resulting in personalized entertainment.

Connectivity and Ports

While gaming laptops are associated with gaming, some users are fond of connecting external gadgets to boost their entertainment level. Also, some gamers stream their gaming sessions on YouTube and other platforms like Twitch Turbo, which requires strong and consistent Internet connectivity. Therefore, you should focus on connectivity and port options, like USB, HDMI, headphones and Thunderbolt 3.

Battery Life

Gamers take a heavy toll on the laptop’s processors and RAM to maintain the screen refresh rate and deliver consistent performance. Consequently, it drains the battery more readily than normal. However, some options are available on the web that feature a considerable battery life, allowing you to enjoy longer gaming sessions without frequently charging your laptop. 


Lastly, you should keep your budget limit under consideration. A large number of options are available on the web, providing you with the features mentioned above. However, their pricing may not be affordable for every user. Therefore, you should research heavily to find gaming laptops under your price range to avoid breaking the bank. 

Top Games to Play on Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are designed specifically to play almost all high-end games. In the under-section, we have elaborated on the top 5 games you should play on your gaming device. Nevertheless, must check the compatibility of the title with your laptop.

1 – GTA 5

GTA 5 is an action-adventure thriller that has captivated many gamers. Several dedicated gaming laptops can run this title efficiently to enhance your experience. You must complete the missions to progress, ultimately reaching the final goal. The infrastructure of this game requires it to be run on devices like Clevo NH70.


2 – Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a shooting game that requires an increased performance level of the GPU to allow the gamers to aim correctly. Clevo PA71 is best for operating Apex Legends as it features a powerful GPU to deliver a high frame rate. Also, it will reduce the lag issues significantly. Ultimately, you will be able to aim at the enemy and shoot him right away.

5 – Online Games

Although online games do not require high-end gaming laptops, playing them on dedicated devices will give an immense level of entertainment and amusement. You must consider accessing the under-mentioned online gaming websites on your gaming laptops.

a. AARP Games

AARP Games is a free website that features a unique collection of games, designed specifically for old-aged people. Its simple interface is easy to operate, taking the enjoyment to an advanced level. The diverse collection of games includes almost all genres, like action, adventure, racing, shooting, arcade, and others, to resonate with the preferences of a larger audience. 

b. Google Memory Game

One of the most entertaining online games is Google Memory Game. The gameplay involves flipping the two cards simultaneously to find the match. This title is highly recommended for users overwhelmed by everyday tasks. They can improve their memory and focus by practicing memorizing the signs and numbers.

Google Memory Game

c. Unblocked Games

As the name represents, Unblocked Games are the titles that are blocked in some specific regions but are available on this platform. Simply open the browser on your laptop and search for the website to reach the homepage of the world’s largest gaming collection. One of the best parts about this platform is that it can be accessed from all corners of the globe.

Final Verdicts

Having a hand on a high-end gaming laptop is not challenging in this modern world, as technological advancements have enabled companies to come up with several exciting gadgets. However, certain factors play a massive role in influencing your purchase decision. You must look for a product that features brilliant specifications, including RAM, processors, and storage. Additionally, you should consider the design and portability along with battery life. Lastly, the pricing factor will decide whether you can choose the device. Considering these factors proactively will lead you to make the right purchase decision.

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