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For online gaming, after identity web address is a living proof that makes you log into its electronic activities and communications. So, that is the reason for the development of the likes of xResolver, gizmos that help in finding the IP address of the gamer, which have caused an uproar in the gaming circles. The IP addresses are available publicly on the internet and xResolver gets the IP addresses from the username of the player. On the database website, X stands for Xbox console which helps users get more security and avoidance from different hackers. In this blog, you will learn more about its uses, features, and alternatives.

Key Takeaways:

1. XResolver Overview: XResolver is a database service that logs gamertags and IP addresses of online gamers on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.
2. Functionality: It operates by querying Xbox Live servers, allowing users to input a Gamertag and receive the associated IP address.
3. Controversy and Payment Concerns: There are user concerns about payment for its services, but details on the payment structure and its impact on Xbox usage are unclear.
4. Security Measures: Discussions in online gaming communities suggest caution, advising against joining parties of unknown individuals to prevent potential DOS attacks, possibly related to services like XResolver.

xResolver is the most convenient way to get the IP address of a player while playing online. It provides access to all the game’s IP addresses and allows gamers to identify any hacker or enemy in their gaming session.

Using xResolver, users can easily detect unauthorized activities and protect their gaming profiles from malicious activity. With the help of this website, gamers can easily protect their game’s identity.

This seems as so to get someone’s IP on Xbox. You can easily get an IP address from Xbox by using a network tool such as an IP puller. By using an IP puller you can get the IP address of an Xbox user and use it for different purposes. There are four authentic ways of getting IP addresses on Xbox.

Xbox IP Resolver

It is a tool for getting an IP address from gamer tags available on Xbox.

Xbox IP Resolver


Install the Wireshark app from the official website. Connect the Xbox to your PC. It will automatically convert IP addresses in the Wireshark. And get the desired IP addresses.


It is also a kind of grabbing IP address using a URL or tracking code.

Command Prompt

It is an easy way of pulling the IP address by using the command prompt on Xbox.

Note that grabbing an IP address is not illegal. Because whatever you do online on the internet, your IP address will be noted by every web. It is necessary to make IP addresses public when working on the internet. But you have to protect your IP address to stay safe online. For the sake of security, xResolver is the best website. You can change your IP address simply by turning your router on and off. But if you want to change your public IP address, you should contact your ISP (internet service provider) for help.

xResolver provides a variety of features to its users. It helps users identify and prevent any malicious activity being done in online gaming sessions. This also allows users to know if they have been hacked or not through the IP addresses of the players they are playing against. It provides real-time protection by blocking suspicious IPs and notifying users if any malicious activity is detected.

It is a database website that is used to grab the IP address of an online gamer.

Geo Location Identification:

It provides geo-location identification of players by automatically detecting their IP address and displaying it on the website. This data is incredibly significant in terms of the IP address of the player, making it one of the most captivating features.

Personal IP Address Blocklisting:

It also allows users to blocklist their personal IP addresses for better security. With this feature, you can protect your personal data and IP address from any opponent. No matter their tech knowledge or capabilities, they won’t be able to access your private information.

PSN Username and Gamer Tag:

xResolver is the ultimate tool for Xbox and PlayStation users! It comes packed with features that make it so easy to extract IP address information. No more fussing around trying to find what you need- this one-stop shop has everything you need in a cinch. You can easily search by either PSN usernames or Gamer tags, and get all the details you need in an instant.

IP Logger:

xResolver provides you with the power to craft personalized links, allowing you to easily gather IP addresses when shared. Moreover, these tailored URLs allow for a deeper understanding of browser and location information about those who click them.

User-Friendly Interface:

The user interface of xResolver is neat and interactive, making it incredibly easy to navigate. With this quick and simple UI, users can easily get an IP address in minutes. It also provides a better understanding of online gaming and helps protect users from malicious attacks.

There are some alternatives to xResolver which are explained below:


Octosniff allows you to improve your gaming connection. It introduced a large set of features like simple installation, huge guidelines, and all-time support. Octosniff has a user-friendly interface and is easy to access. It is free from antivirus.


Lane Remastered PCPS

It has a free Xbox resolver and a gamer tag IP puller. It is in the form of an application that users can easily install on pc. Lane remastered PCPS is compatible with Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and any game you play online.

Lane Remastered PCPS

Xbox Booter

Xbox Booter introduces the furthest IP puller or IP grabber for online game lovers. It has a quality of layer 4 and layer 7 solids that can directly hit the IP address of gamers offline. It provides a chance for users to get an interesting experience. 

Xbox Booter

Console Sniffer

It is a searching and networking tool that works for all consoles. This does not require any goal break. It can work freely with Wi-Fi or a wireless connection. This is user-friendly and has a preface that is easy to use.  

Console Sniffer


It is very simple to use. With this alternate, you have to just enter the game tag of the player. Choose the format from the given options, hexadecimal and decimal.  Hit the resolve button. Results will be shown in the form of the gamer’s IP address.


Closing Remarks

xResolver is a powerful IP Address tracking and logging tool for gamers. It has all the features you need to easily extract, track, and store IP addresses. This includes personal IP address blocklisting, PSN username/gamer tag searches, and a user-friendly interface. There are some alternatives to xResolver, including Octosniff, Lane Remastered PCPS, Xbox Booter, and Console Sniffe. Each of these has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to evaluate all options thoroughly before choosing the best one for you.

How does xResolver work?

xResolver works by querying and retrieving the IP address associated with a given Gamertag or PSN username. Users can input the gaming handle, and the platform provides the corresponding IP address.

What are the uses of xResolver?

In online gaming situations, xResolver is mainly used to find other players’ IP addresses. Among the many possible uses for this data is facilitating communication with other players or keeping tabs on them.

Is xResolver free to use?

Yes, it is typically free to use, allowing users to access its services without any cost.

Are there cross-platform alternatives to xResolver?

Yes, Lanc Remastered PCPS is a cross-platform alternative to xResolver, compatible with both offline and online usage.

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