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Web Analytics Tools You Should Be Using

In this era of digital marketing every brand, business or company (no matter small or large) usually requires a variety of different web analytics tools to measure website performance. Keeping an eye on the overall performance of the website, knowing the happiness of users and spying the competitors’ strategies are some major reasons of using the web analytics tools.

What are Web Analytics Tools?

Having the basic understanding of web analytics will definitely inspire you to make use of such tools more proficiently to improve business performance. Basically, web analytics tools are online resources that provide user insights into how a website or business is performing on the web.

These tools are known as the best resources to collect and analyze data not only for your own website but also help you understand and analyze your competitors’ website data to plan something unique and prolific for your own business. These analytics tools usually provide you traffic details, page visits, and so on to provide you precise web data to make the digital marketing campaigns efficient and result driven.

Why Should you Use Web Analytics Tools

With help of information and data provided by the analytics tools, a brand or business can better understand its customers and then can apply that knowledge to improve the online reputation for the business to appear in the top search results as well as to boost website conversions.

Through this way, you can understand that how your business website is performing and how users are behaving while visiting it. In results, you will have clear information regarding what areas of website design or digital marketing campaign should be improved to get better outcomes.

Best Web Analytics Tools to Improve Business Performance

There are a number of free and freemium web analytics tools available on the internet that can be used to keep track of website performance in a great way. Some of them are listed below;

Web Analytics Tools for SEO & competitive intelligence

Looking for something great to compare your online performance with your competition? SEMrush would be an excellent option to do so. It is one of the renowned SEO tools and always provides precise data to keep an eye on your website’s performance in search engines.

It shows that how your business rank among your competitors and most importantly provides you other web analytics data such as traffic, organic keywords, backlinks, referring domains and best-performing pages etc to improve things greatly. Majority of webmasters are also using the SEMrush for competitor analysis as it provides valuable insight and recommendations that can help a business or brand improve its website’s performance, search engine ranking, and online advertising etc.

Moz is one of the best Web Analytics Tools for SEO & competitive intelligence that can help track and improve search engine ranking. It offers a lot of web tracking benefits to its users such as tracking the target keywords, information on how to improve ranking on desktop & mobile devices as well as to find out the top competitors in the industry. It is known as the best tool to improve search engine optimization tactics for better outcomes than ever.

Web Analytics Tools for User behavior

It is the free tool in the list of best web analytics tools and helps you track website traffic, keywords, user behavior and much more to boost SEO efforts. It will also tell you that which keywords of your website are bringing a big part of search engine traffic to your website to help focus more on those keywords to acquire more visitors.

It is also the best tool to get reports and information about website visitors and your conversions. By using these details and information, you can plan better things like improved user experience and navigation to keep users from leaving your site.

In order to provide qualitative customer analysis, Clicktale keeps track of every action of a website’s visitors from their very first click to the last that can help you improve business creatively. It is one of the best web analytics tools and uses Meta statistics to generate visual heat maps and reports on customer behavior that are always favorable for business to bring improvements. It also shows the traditional conversion analytics to let a business know how that how users are converting in sales or leads.

It is something great in the world of web analytics tools and provides users with simple heat maps, user behavior, and other details. By using these details, a business can better understand exactly what customers are doing on the web pages. Users of crazy egg can easily improve website design and content as well by seeing that is helping the users and what they find interesting on the site to spend more time.

Web Analytics Tools for testing &optimizing

A/B testing made easy with this great tool as it helps the brands and companies to improve website pages via A/B testing. A brand or business can simply make changes to a web page and then check whether the newer version of a web page is performing better than the older or not.

It is a web analytics tool that helps a user to figure out that how to design a user-friendly website to chase business performance objectives.

It is another free web analytic tool powered by Google that helps a business test and choose between several versions of the website or landing pages to boost the website conversion rate. Through this way, a business can find the best page or content that generates the most clicks or conversions to contribute the business.

Web Analytics Tools for Social metrics

It would be great for you if you are using Twitter to get more traffic for your website or business. It helps all Twitter users to learn things such as who your Twitter followers are, where they are coming from, how they are reacting for your posts and what topics are most interesting for them. Through this way, a business or brand can bring positive improvements in social media content strategy to make the content more engaging not only for the existing followers but to attract more new followers as well.

Since social media marketing is considered as one of the best ways to drive more customers and sales for your business or products, tracking the social media efforts is vital thing to have an accurate idea on how well a business is performing in social media platforms. If you are using Facebook marketing for your brand or company then Facebook page insights is the best web analytics tool for you to track your performance. It is a built-in feature available for all Facebook pages that provides comprehensive insights on how people are reacting toward your Facebook ads or posts.

By using the information and data provided by Facebook Page Insights, a business will be able to optimize its social presence in order to increase likes, followers, and user engagement etc.

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  1. Nice post and no doubt that Google’s Analytics is best and yet free for everyone. The true potential of Analytics is still under clouds which we have to learn.

  2. Hello Noman,

    SEMrush is the beast and earned the excellence for several reasons. It is one of the best tools to get all the analyzation report of the website. I like the way it extracts all your competitor’s data and put everything on a platter. Although, it essential how you use that data for your business growth.

    Pretty much familiar with Crazy egg as well, the heat map it shows are really awesome. Thanks for putting all the analytics tools together. Have a great day ahead!

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