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Everyone has an online Identity in this digital age. However, protecting your digital footprint is vital as it allows people to access even unnecessary data about you. Whatever we do digitally and whatever we post involves our digital footprints. It includes all necessary and unnecessary data ranging from social media profiles to online purchases and email addresses to posts we upload. You must manage your footprints to ensure that people only see your info that you’re happy to share. For this purpose, you can use several online tools to track your online information. 

Do you want to track your digital footprints? Hassle no more because we’ve created a list of 5 free digital footprint checkers to track your online identity. Keep reading this guide to learn more about tracking your cyber identity. 

A digital footprint comprises everything you do online. It may include all your online information, i.e., name, phone numbers, photos, email addresses, etc. In simple words, call it your digital identity. 

These footprints are accessible to millions of people around the internet and thus may cause you trouble. You can easily track and manage these records to secure your digital identity

A digital footprint is the informational track of whatever you do or post online. There are two common types of Digital footprints:

Active Digital Footprints:

An active digital footprint includes a track of everything you leave intentionally on the internet, for example, posting videos, pictures, and posts. It also contains the tracks of all your social media activities like Instagram, TikTok, and X. 

  • Shared Files
  • Online Forum posts
  • Social Media posts

Passive Digital Footprints:

On the other hand, passive digital footprints include everything you are unaware of. For example, all the records of your online shopping, website visits, and feedback.

  • Medical Records
  • SSN Number
  • Phone Number
  • Reviews/ Feedbacks

As everyone can see, whatever you post or upload, it’s crucial to take some steps to secure your digital footprints. Here are some ways to protect your digital footprint in this online era:

  • Firstly, you can use several digital footprint checkers to track available online information about you. 
  • You must also limit the online data you share on several forums or other platforms. Only submit the data to trustworthy sites.
  • Avoid sharing excess information about yourself on different social media platforms.
  • Delete all old social media profiles you are not using anymore, as they increase your online exposure. 
  • Secure all your profiles and social accounts with strong passwords and two-factor authentication.
  • Don’t log in to several websites using Facebook, as it gives third-party access to all your Facebook details, including your email address, images, and personal data. 

Your online identity is crucial in this digital era as it impacts your professional and personal life.  Fortunately, you can monitor all your digital footprints with several free digital footprint checker tools. You can use this information to protect yourself online, as you can manage and delete unnecessary details about yourself. Here’s a list of the best free digital footprint checkers to help you manage your online traces.

Google Search

Try this most straightforward search engine to check your digital footprint within seconds. Simply type your name on Google, and you’ll have a list of relevant data, all with this name. Also, you can customize this search by filtering a user with a particular city or place.

Next to the search field, click on the “Tools.” Now, narrow the search using relevant keywords. This will help you filter your search, showing just some people pertinent to that specific keyword. 

Google Search

Google Alerts

Another free tool that helps you track all your new information. Simply sign up for Google alerts with your particular topic or keyword. Now, you can track all your upcoming information by setting daily, weekly, or monthly alerts. You can also get the results to that particular thing or name while after entering the name.

Google Alerts


You can track all your digital information with Spokeo. This free digital footprint checker tool makes detecting and managing your online presence effortless. 

Once you add filtered information about you or your loved ones, Spokeo instantly collects all relevant records from several online resources. This way, you can peek into all data and then delete unnecessary data from the site.


Have I Been Pwned

Have I Been Pwned is a free and helpful resource for knowing your online identity. With a bit of search, you can access the relevant data about you from all digital platforms. This tool also allows you to take necessary steps to safeguarding your identity, such as two-factor authentication and more. 

Have I Been Pwned


This free tool is a powerful search site that allows you to access publicly available data about you or your loved ones. Upon searching, you can check what info about you is accessible to others. This tool immediately monitors plus manages your online exposure, ensuring you secure your digital identity.


Concluding Remarks

Protecting your digital Footprint helps you save yourself and your loved ones from strangers trying to search your data. Paid or free digital footprint checkers can track your info within seconds; thus, you can control what people see about you.
This digital record can be accessed with a single search, and your safety can be compromised. It can ultimately threaten your job opportunities and spoil your reputation. The free Digital footprint checkers can help you track, manage, and delete your info information worldwide. 

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