Free SEO Tools Every Beginner Should Know

A business owner can never deny the importance of SEO. SEO is key to success for businesses of all levels. SEO Tools help you understand the significance and the way it works in business elevation strategy. There are tons of options when it comes to SEO tools both paid and free ones. But being a beginner, you don’t need to invest in paid tools. There are free SEO tools that can perform the duty well on the beginner level and once you have an idea of what you are looking for and how the tool works, you can jump on to the next level and go for the paid SEO tool.

What are the SEO Tools?

SEO tools are a detector that inspects the areas that need improvement. it gives an idea of the success rate of the website. It highlights the issue that keeps you behind when it comes to ranking and SERPs.  

There are various tools each responsible for a specific task in the optimization of your website:

Besides being extremely helpful in the recognition of your business, it is highly important to understand how these tools work.

Free SEO Tools for Beginners: 

Here is a list of some Free SEO tools which work efficiently and does what is claims. 


SEMrush is one of the most well-organized and free SEO tools and the plus point it is very easy to use. All you need to do is just enter your URL and run a search and the result will provide you with the data which you can later implement on your website to elevate your SERP ranking.

For a beginner, it is a good guide but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming as the amount of data it presents seems exhausting sometimes. But you can solve that too if you focus on one step at a time and move to the other step when you are an expert in the first step. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you understand the status and insight of your website. It is quite easy to use and even beginners can understand it well in a few days. This keeps track of from which channel your website is receiving most of the traffic. So that you can put more effort into that channel. It isn’t a complete SEO tool, but It helps you understand whether you are receiving organic traffic or not.

Google Analytics provides you with a detailed insight into what is going on behind your website. It gives you a vivid view of where you are receiving more traffic and conversion rates.

Google Search Console

If you don’t want to back and forth in understanding and utilizing one free SEO tool. Then, let it Google Search Console. It is beginner-friendly and easy to use providing a detailed description of your website more simply.

One of the most important functions of Google Search Console is “Search Analytics”. You can get a view of whether your website is heading in the right direction or not.


Ubersuggest assists you in providing a quick report of the URL you are inspecting. The primary aspect of Ubersuggest is its keyword searching capability. This makes it a competitor to the Google Keyword Planner tool.

It provides you a detailed overview of your performance in the form of a graph which helps you analyze your performance in the quickest of time showing which keyword performed well by giving it ranking in the form of a number. It also provides the backlinks used by your competitor’s site making the competition easier and paving the way for your success.

Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is the best SEO tool if you are seeking to optimize the content on your blog. It helps you optimize every single webpage on your site.

One of the highlighting features of Yoast SEO provides you a suggestions for the keywords that you must use in your blogs for the optimization of your blog. 


It provides you with a clear view of your competitors and suggests ways you can elevate your page/website on search engine ranking. Once you have installed the extension and used it again and again, it will become your top-rated free SEO tool of all time. SEOquake should be your key tool for optimization tool for:

  • It is free and easy to use
  • Instantly run an SEO Audit of any webpage
  • Inspect the external and internal links of any webpage
  • Contrast domain and URL in minimum time


SEO is always a long-running game – taking advice from such tools and building your strategies can bring success for you. Multiple SEO Agencies utilize different kinds of tools as per their experience and understanding of the tool trends in the market. The most important of all is to pick the tool that related to your strategy and helps you gain your data appropriately is necessary. The article goes on to discuss different free SEO tools to assist you gain authentic insights about trends. You can check all these or go for any single one. I hope that this guide will be helpful for you.

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