MOZ Features and Benefits Review – An Ultimate Guide

In this dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape, when more and more companies are going online, tools like MOZ are an absolute requirement. It will help you analyze different metrics and take advantage of several built-in tools to direct your growth to the right path. In this way, you can take down the competitors and survive in this fast-paced world. The simple interface of this platform makes it an effective platform for marketers, SEO professionals, and website owners. In this guide, we have enlisted the critical features and benefits associated with using this quality tool.

What is MOZ?

MOZ is one of the most prominent names in the world of search engine optimization, and almost every site owner knows about this platform because of its extensive functionalities and capabilities. With a complete set of tools required for measuring different site metrics and insights to implement the right changes, this platform can help you climb the rankings in search engine results pages and grab the top position. Since its development in 2004, MOZ has evolved tremendously and is delivering exciting advantages to users. Additionally, the developer’s team is highly efficient in optimizing the integrated tools according to the latest SEO standards to make sure that site owners can work correctly.

What is MOZ?

Features of MOZ

As mentioned previously, MOZ is a comprehensive platform with several integrated tools required for the perfect search engine optimization. In the under-section, we have enlisted all of them along with their features so you can have the best idea regarding this top-tier platform.

1 – Keyword Explorer

MOZ is widely famous for its brilliant Keyword Explorer tool. It enables users to measure different factors associated with keywords, like difficulty and search volume. Also, they can identify the high-performing topics of their site in the search engine to further enhance their quality for sustainable results. Besides, the simple interface and comprehensive datasets make it immensely effortless for marketers to build content strategies. 

Keyword Explorer


  • Uncover relevant keywords
  • Find search volume
  • Measure the difficulty of estimating efforts
  • Have your hands on long-tail keywords

2 – Link Explorer

Google and other search engines have evolved much to decide the factors based on which they rank the websites in the SERP. However, the importance of quality backlinks remains the same, and it is essential to improve the profile as much as possible for higher rankings. Moz provides you with an excellent Link Explorer tool to check all the sites that have linked back to you, along with the details of the articles and anchor text. As a result, you can identify the opportunities for further linking.


  • Provide metrics about the quality and quantity of backlinks
  • Identify and disavow the backlinks
  • Track the profile to identify high-quality backlinks
  • Also, grab the details of competitor link-building strategies

3 – MOZ Rank Tracker

Tracking the rankings of keywords in the search engine results page is fundamental to having insights about the high-quality content and keywords on which you can grab the maximum potential audience. Using Moz Rank Tracker’s potential, you can have real-time data on keyword positions along with their performance over time. Hence, you can easily identify the content that is going down in the SERP. In addition, you can generate strategies to stay ahead of the competition.


  • You can track keyword rankings across search engine
  • Also, this tool helps you understand performance trends and fluctuations
  • Automated reports for seamless analysis
  • Find the potential down parts in SEO campaigns

4 – Domain Analysis

Another exciting tool integrated into the MOZ platform is that it provides critical insights related to the domain. You can measure the metrics like domain authority, page authority, and spam score of your domain. It will help you grab the idea of your site rating in the algorithms of Google and other search engines. Consequently, you can make strategies to improve its quality and standards.

Domain Analysis


  • Domain Authority will help you directly estimate the quality of the backlinks.
  • Spam Score gives insights into the versatility of the content.
  • Page Authority delivers ideas about its loading speed, and backlinks pointed to it.

5 – Site Audits

Regular site audits are becoming increasingly crucial to sustain your position in this highly saturated and competitive world, as they will provide metrics regarding your performance over time. As a result, you can find the critical flaws in your marketing strategies and learn about the issues, like broken backlinks, duplicate content, and crawling problems. Then, by following a comprehensive strategy, you can eliminate them all.


  • Lets you determine technical on-site issues and fix them proactively.
  • Improve the website performance as well as user experience.
  • Boosts overall site reliability and accessibility
  • Ensure compliance with search engine guidelines.

6 – MOZ Local

Moz has provided another exceptional quality tool for local businesses to grab the metrics regarding their local search engine optimization. You can use the potential of Moz Local to grab accurate and consistent information about your presence in the online world. It will enhance your local search visibility.


  • Maintain consistent business information across directories.
  • Analyze online reviews and reputation.
  • Boost local search rankings for increased visibility.
  • Streamline managing multiple business locations

MOZ Pricing

MOZ offers a free version for businesses or individuals to test all the tools and understand their benefits. However, you must subscribe to a premium plan to unlock its full potential. Understand your requirements and goals to decide on the most suitable subscription. 

  • Standard: $99 per month
  • Medium: $179 per month
  • Large: $299 per month
  • Premium: $ 599 per month

Final Verdicts

In the competitive digital landscape, leveraging tools like Moz is really beneficial for online marketers and website owners. By understanding different tools and their associated advantages, you can work more effectively to take your site up in the SERP. From keyword research to link building and rank tracker, Moz provides a comprehensive toolkit to improve your online presence to grab more potential traffic. You must integrate Moz into your digital strategy and take down the competitors seamlessly for long-term benefits.

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