10 Best URL Shorteners to Create Good-Looking Links

As the name recommends, link shorteners are utilized to shorten long URLs. They create links with fewer characters and empower you to incorporate a particular closure or alias into them. They also add your domain name so the consumers can approach you.

Nobody wants to tap on a link like that, regardless of whether it fits the character count. The limited URLs are better because they look better. They give a superior customer experience to customers and social media followers.

What exactly is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener converts long links into short and decent ones. You can track your link metrics and manipulate the links with various features such as click analytics, UTM parameter support and retargeting.

Creating aesthetic URLs is a technique that redirects the user to precisely the exact location. A decent URL shortener allows you to share links that do not utilize excessive characters and measure performance.

Reasons to Shorten Your URLs

There are numerous reasons to shorten your URLs:

  • To cut off characters
  • To hide UTM tags
  • To make copy simple to digest
  • Tracking clicks on third-party platforms

10 Best URL Shorteners to Create Decent links

There are lots of great URL shorteners, each with detailed analytics, but the top 10 best URL shorteners to create good-looking links are given below:


Bitly is one of the most popular full-service, business-grade URL shorteners. If you want to shorten links, you do not need an account. You can create multiple links by just pasting your URL in the box on the homepage. Now click Shorten, and your short link is ready. Bitly helps you to track link clicks, click locations, and top referrers and get related analytics on your dashboard.

The premium service offers branded links, QR codes, rich data and numerous users. It allows you to utilize your custom domain and share your URLs with a wide range of customers. The platform measures your marketing campaign performance and shares your content with the target audience. Bitly can integrate with Zapier to further streamline your marketing efforts.


Free: $0/month

Starter: $8/month (paid annually)

Basic: $35/month or $29/month paid annually

Premium: $300/month or $199/month paid annually

Enterprise: Custom pricing


Rebrandly is the best custom URL shortener for creating branded links. In comparison, it is like all other applications yet have a unique appeal. You can customize and brand URLs to lay out a business in the digital world. The platform helps you to set up your website’s domain name. You can utilize your domain name to use it further with multiple shortened links.

Rebrandly is a highly flexible industry-driving tool specially designed for small businesses. You can create, share, and track shorter URLs using custom domain names with extensive functionality. It also gives access to a comprehensive dashboard for overseeing insights. The platform is tracking more than 2 billion clicks n a month for numerous brands. You know that brands get value from modifying links you can access anywhere on the web. You can create a folder so that teams can manage branded links.


For Individuals:

Free: $0/month

Essentials: $34/month or $24/month paid annually

Professional: $99/month or $75/month paid annually

For Teams:

Teams: $499/month or $417/month paid annually

Enterprise: Custom pricing


ClickMeter is the best tool for affiliate marketing, bloggers and influencers. It is a click-rate optimizer with a friendly visual dashboard that analysis your links in-depth. You can create a URL by using multiple features. It is something else for advertisers and offices dealing with Google AdWords or other marketing networks. Currently, over 100000 organizations use this phenomenal tool for maximizing each link. It has the intended effect on web admins with a global audience and supports numerous languages.

The primary focus of the platform is to enhance location-based focus. That is how you can integrate with well-known content management frameworks such as WordPress and Shopify. It has a feature named conversion tracking that a few URL shorteners offer. The extraordinary ecosystem has valuable tools for providing URL libraries to your consultants. There is API access to associate your link shortener’s features with different gadgets. One of the beneficial features is A/B testing, which is included in the cheapest plan.


Medium: $29 per month

Large: $99 per month

X-Large: $349 per month is a link shortener with a difference if you need big-on conversations using content curation. It helps you create short, branded, customizable links to articles, blog posts and web pages. This unique URL shortener helps you to drive more traffic to your website. For example, if you add your link to any third-party website, individuals can get access to your website using a button. You can use text, forms and even your CTA blocks to get people to see when they click them. The platform also allows you to hide specific CTAs using tracking and analytics.

“Snips” is the feature that takes you to the relevant content and snips you created using Call-To-Action. You can create new CTAs for different campaigns and add them to your website, social media platforms, etc. It allows you to view the clicks, conversations and movements from the analytics dashboard. Sniply collaborates with Zapier to utilize a CTA form that helps get subscribers directly from an email marketing application.


Basic: $9/month or $90/yr

Pro: $29/month or $290/yr

Business: $59/month or $590/yr

Enterprise: Custom pricing


Creating an active link that captures valuable data about your URLs is also beneficial. It also gets insights that help link to perform better. The dashboard helps create custom domains. You need to paste your link into the box and customize it. It is also a recommendation to add TinyURL to your browser for faster link shortening. You are not required to register an account to access TinyURL. You can include your shortened link to share it by email or on any social media platform.

There is an option to download a QR code such as SVG, PNG, etc. The registered accounts can create unlimited URLs and access more features like monitoring and analytics. A branding and customization feature allows you to change the front portion of your shortened URLs and add your domain or subdomain.


Free: $0 per month

Pro: $12.99 per month or $9.99/month paid annually

Bulk 100K: $129 per month or $99/month paid annually URL shortener is the best tool for social media management. A particular element in the Hootsuite website allows you to shorten your links to use via social platforms. You can also create short links utilizing the domain. The website dashboard can access if you are an official Hootsuite client.

The benefits include seeing your short-link metrics and other social analytics to see your brand’s performance comprehensively. You must upgrade your plan if you are willing to add a custom-branded URL.


Free trial: available

Professional: $49 per month

Team: $249 per month

Business: $739 per month

Enterprise: Custom pricing is a free URL shortener that does not need enrollment. Its landing page includes only the URL input field and the Shorten button. You can paste your link and shorten it, as it is one of the quickest URL shorteners out there. You can look at your link’s statistics by seeing your page with the review included. Once made, the links will not expire, so do not take the stress.

Another addition is that you can customize the links towards the end to make them remarkable, which can address your brand or identity. You can also get your hyperlink as a QR code if you click on “Give me this URL as a QR code under the shortened link. Similarly, as with a vast number, you can add it to your business cards or marketing plans to enhance your website traffic.


Free: Free tool is an incredible tool for groups and offices utilizing branded links. Many teams’ management features and tools protect your links and privacy. The device processes over 20 million redirects consistently for organizations across the globe. It has extensive URL customization and numerous tools for gathering insights into licks. You can also deal with various custom domains in a similar dashboard.

It is undoubtedly an excellent URL shortener. However, it will help if you are utilizing your custom domain. It allows you to set your default domain for any short link that does not work. You can dive deeply into the link later when someone clicks on your links in the Statistics and Clicks Stream segments. The tool incorporates Zapier to make short links from an RSS feed or Shopify items.


Free: $0 per month

Personal: $19 per month or $190 annually

Team: $49 per month or $490 annually

Enterprise: $149 per month or $1490 annually


Polr is the best tool for creating and hosting your URL shortener. It is an open-source project for those that need to make and host their URL shortener. You can involve Polr or customize it to your precise necessities – it is written in PHP and Lumen languages utilizing the MYSQL database.

It permits anybody with specialized expertise to create and host their link shorteners. The tool accompanies a slick, intuitive user interface and limited approaching traffic to break down link activities. You can create custom domain name branding to expand your business with your audience.


Free: Free tool


BL.INK is a fully-featured URL shortener with a user-friendly dashboard tracking link activities. You can transform long URLs into short ones and track the traffic coming from the links. It has a dashboard that shows trending links and general statistics. The analytics page lets you enter traffic by gadget, location, and referrers. You can also dive into clicks of the day.

It helps you create custom short links for branding and test the shortened link’s beta version. Then, you can create exceptionally designed word-based URLs that attract the customer’s attention. Furthermore, it ensures the right colleagues access your link shortener tool, effectively empowering user authorities.


Expert+: $49 per month

SMB: $99 per month

TEAM: $299 per month

BUSINESS: $599 per month

ENTERPRISE: Custom pricing

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