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How Much Does YouTube Premium Cost? A Complete Guide

Do you want to access premium and exclusive content on YouTube without ads? Yes, it is possible, as YouTube has a premium subscription for the users. You can get perks like ads-free videos, exclusive content, downloading videos, and playing videos in the background.

But if you do not know how much YouTube Premium costs, its plans, and its features, don’t worry I will tell you everything about it. Let’s talk more about YouTube Premium. 

YouTube Premium – An Intro

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YouTube Premium is a subscription from YouTube that provides a quality experience to its users. You can enjoy the exclusive content from your favorite content creator. However, you will need to subscribe to monthly plans whether individual, family, or student plan. 

It is not only ads-free, but you can download videos to watch offline and play music in the background. YouTube Premium provides complete access to YouTube music

YouTube Premium Cost and Membership

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Here, I briefly mentioned the YouTube Premium Cost and membership plans. 


YouTube individual subscription is only for one person or device. It provides you access to YouTube Premium to download videos, watch without advertisements, and many more. You can subscribe through the app or website.

Individual Plan Costs, $13.99 monthly, and you can also subscribe to annual billing to save some money. Apple users can subscribe for $18 monthly. 


The family sharing plan is affordable and beneficial because you can share with 5 members (13+ years of age), and all can access YouTube Premium. It costs $22.99 per month. It is important that all members have their own Google and must be 13+ and live in the same house. Also, a family-sharing plan is available for specific countries, so you can check the availability before you subscribe.  


YouTube Premium also provides a cheap subscription for students. Students with valid student cards or IDs can subscribe to a student plan who are eligible and complete the requirements. This offer is only available for four years, and you have to verify your eligibility every year. 

YouTube Premium’s cost for students is $7.99 per month, and you can get all the perks at a low price. 

YouTube Premium gives you a one-month free trial with each plan and you can cancel at any moment when you want.  It is important to know that price and payment methods are based on the country location and geographical area of the IP address. Once you have purchased premium, your payment method will be saved in your Google account. 

How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium 

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If you want to subscribe to YouTube Premium, here are some easy steps to follow:

  • There are three subscription plans available
  • Choose one of them (Individual, student, family) 
  • Once you have selected, Click on plan and Try for Free for one month or buy the subscription. 
  • Complete your payment method and enjoy perks

 However, it is necessary to know if you will buy the free trial for one month. It will turn into next month’s subscription automatically unless you unsubscribe. 

Pros and Cons


  • Ads free videos
  • Download content
  • Youtube Music access
  • Background Playing Option


  • Expensive 
  • Lack of premium original shows

What We Conclude

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YouTube Premium subscription provides you access to premium content that is not available to free users. You can subscribe for a monthly or annual subscription and it will also give a free trial. However, it has three plans: family, student, and individual.

If you buy the premium subscription, then you can enjoy the videos, TV shows, and music without ads and download them for offline viewing. Despite perks, it is expensive what it provides because it lacks the premium original shows. But you can enjoy the YouTube music without any hassle. 


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What is the cost of YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium cost depends on the country’s location but for United States users, it costs $13.99 for individuals, $22.99 family and $7.99 for students. 

Is there a family plan for YouTube Premium?

Yes, you can buy the family sharing plan, which costs $22.99 per month and you can add 5 family members. 

Does YouTube Premium offer a free trial?

Yes, YouTube Premium provides a one-month free trial for new users, and it will turn into next month’s subscription unless you unsubscribe. 

Do I need a separate subscription for YouTube Music Premium?

No, if you have subscribed to YouTube Premium then you will not need for separate YouTube Music Premium it includes access to YouTube music. 

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