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Vumoo Live Streaming For Movies and TV Shows – A Complete Review

Getting access to watch the latest movies and TV shows can be a challenging job since they are protected under the ownership’s rights. Even if you are watching something over the Torrent, you have to wait a couple of days to get free access. But that’s not the case with the Vumoo streaming platform. With this website, you can leave out the mess of looking for torrent files, downloading them, and waiting for days or weeks to get free access. Without paying a single dime, you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows. Here, we will also talk about how you can watch movies and TV shows on this platform for free and what its features are.

One of the best things we loved about Vumoo was the range of content that it offers. You get the latest movies from many genres and categories. The same goes for the TV shows and episodes that are aired over various platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Max from various streaming platforms.

Above all these features, you get to access this website on any device or web browser application. It works on smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs. Hence, compatibility is not even an issue with this online streaming platform.

Why Does the Vumoo Domain Keeps Changing?

Since streaming online movies and TV shows without the consent of the creator or producer is a crime, this streaming platform has lost its domain several times. So far, we know the following domains that have been registered by the same streaming service, which operate in different regions.

How to Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free?

Watching movies on this online streaming platform is fairly easy, and you can do so by following these steps.

  1. Go to the Vumoo website (, and you will land on the homepage.
  2. Here, you will see a search tab that allows you to find your favorite content just from the keywords.
  3. If you don’t know what to watch, simply click on the ‘Movies’ tab if you want to watch movies or the ‘TV shows’ tab to watch TV serials.
What is Vumoo
  • On the main page of both movies and TV shows, you will see the most recently released movies and content that is free to access.
  • Simply find your taste and click on any of the movie or TV shows that suits your choice.
  • Once you have clicked on a movie or TV show, it will start playing directly.

Watching movies on this streaming platform is as easy as watching a video on YouTube.

Let’s talk about the key features of this streaming platform that make it a one-of-a-kind option as compared to the others.

Device Compatibility

The first and far most amazing feature of this platform is device compatibility. No matter if you use Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Linux. As long as you have a device that can run a web browser, you’re good to go.

This platform is a simple website domain that can be run over any web browser as long as it supports the Flash player. You can even run it on Smart TVs since they feature Android operating technology.

Free to Access

And, of course, why we all love this streaming platform is that it’s free to access for everyone. You simply have to open the domain, search for your favorite movie, and watch it interruption-free without any ads. It runs seamlessly and does not force you to register an account or avail of a free trial.

High-Quality Streaming

The lowest quality of streaming that you get is 720p, and almost all the movies can be streamed in 1080p. Hence, the promise of Full HD quality is fulfilled by this platform, and you always get the best for the first. All of this goes out for free with a simple web browser.

User-friendly & Fast

Another great feature of this platform is the user-friendly interface that works quickly with just a few clicks. You can simply visit the domain, and the rest of the navigation can be followed by the on-screen options and prompts. Everything is well categorized, and genres can be explored from the pop-up menu, too.

Here, we have shared different alternative websites to watch movies and TV shows for free. These alternatives nearly have the same benefits and features for watching your favorite shows.


It is not wrong to consider the HuraWatch the top alternative to the Vumoo in the huge landscape of movie streaming platforms. The platform holds all the necessary features Vumoo users desire to find on other platforms. HuraWatch is a freemium streaming platform with premium features in it. There is almost every kind of movie, TV show, and season on this site.



TinyZone is a dynamic movie streaming platform and a good alternative to Vumoo. It has a vast array of entertainment options for its users. This caters to the preferences of every viewer through its user-friendly interface and diverse selection of movies spanning various genres. Users can explore from classic films to the latest releases in its rich library of content. TinyZone provides an immersive cinematic experience for movie enthusiasts worldwide with high-quality playback.



YesMovies is another similar alternative with plenty of hassle-free features. There are no hidden charges or any subscription required to watch the movies and TV shows available on this platform. It provides an easy-to-operate interface. However, the pop-ads may interrupt the user’s experience. For this, I have a solution for you – you can use any ad-blocker to block the ads while viewing.



Movies2watch is a site that promises the availability of their services anytime, and anywhere. The huge database consists of movies and TV shows of different genres. It has almost 93 million users across the globe. The diversity of the content made it a global platform for the viewers. It is safe to use with user-friendly advertisements. This is one of the best alternatives to the Vumoo.



DosMovies also referred to as 2Movies is a popular movie streaming platform known for its vast collection of films across genres. Users can seamlessly browse millions of movies. The huge database contains over 80,000 Movies and 10,000 TV Show titles, with high-quality streaming and diverse content. It provides entertainment for every taste of movie lovers. Its user-friendly design and extensive library make it a go-to destination for movie enthusiasts seeking a convenient and enjoyable streaming experience.


Ending Notes

Vumoo streaming platform is free to access, and it gives you the latest content for free. This platform is compatible to run on all devices and operating systems with just internet access. Plus, there is no condition of login or sign up either. But beware of using this platform with a VPN, and if the domain deletes, you can always choose from the alternatives mentioned in this article. Hopefully, this article was helpful, and you have found the correct way of using this platform to watch movies for free online.


Is Vumoo legal?

The legality of Vumoo may vary depending on your location and the content you access. It’s essential to check the copyright laws in your region.

How does Vumoo work?

Vumoo works by providing users access to a vast library of movies and TV shows through online streaming.

What types of content does Vumoo offer?

Vumoo offers a wide range of content, including the latest movies, TV shows, and episodes sourced from various platforms

Are there any subscription fees for Vumoo?

No, it is a free streaming platform.

Does Vumoo have ads?

Vumoo may contain advertisements, which help support the platform’s operations.

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