How to Access and Navigate the YouTube Audio Library?

The YouTube Audio Library is one of the most convenient resources for content creators, video producers, and filmmakers to find royalty-free music. Additionally, they can get sound effects to enhance their projects. You can find a large collection of high-quality audio tracks on this platform, allowing you to use them in your videos without any copyright claim issues. Furthermore, it is completely legal to add music to your video content.

We have created this article to guide you through the methods to access and navigate the YouTube Audio Library to find the best music.

What is YouTube Audio Library?

YouTube Audio Library is the built-in feature of the world’s largest video streaming site. It allows video creators to choose and download free music without any copyright infringement issues. As a result, you can enhance your content’s quality and sound effects and enable it to rank on the top of results. Further, you can earn longer advantages due to diminished copyright issues and licensing types. Thus, video creators looking to take their content quality to an advanced level can leverage this platform for more ergonomic benefits. You can filter genre and mood to synchronize them with your video theme.

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How to Access YouTube Audio Library?

In the under-section, we have provided the complete details to help you access the YouTube Audio Library effortlessly.

1 – Open Your Browser

Open your Chrome browser on your device, whether a laptop/PC or mobile. If you don’t have a Gmail account, create a new one. Otherwise, log in to your existing one with a username and password. In case you don’t remember the credentials, consider forgetting them to access your account again. 

2 – Reach YouTube

After logging in to your Gmail account, you need to reach YouTube. There could be different ways to open the official site. Firstly, you can paste the URL directly into the search box to access it. Secondly, sometimes YouTube added bookmarks at the top of Chrome’s homepage. Thirdly, you can get to YouTube by opening the Apps button and scrolling down to the video platform. Afterward, you will be able to access the YoTube Audio Library.

Another notable point is that the steps mentioned above are followable only if you use a Chrome browser. If you prefer Bing or Yahoo, you can directly search for YouTube, and after reaching the homepage, sign in to your account by adding the Gmail and password to have confirmed access to YouTube Audio Library

3 – Sign In to YouTube

YouTube Audio Library can’t be accessed without signing in to it. As time proceeds, Google has made enormous developments in its working model and has shaped the login options to synchronize them completely. As a result, when you enter the credentials in Chrome, you will automatically be signed up for the YouTube account. However, you must confirm that sometimes glitches and cookies prevent this activity. On the other hand, you must enter the credentials when approaching YouTube from other browsers.

4 – Access The YouTube Studio

After you open the world’s largest video platform and have entered the credentials, you will see the homepage. Click the profile button on the top right corner present on it to see multiple options. Here you have to click the YouTube Studio button to pave your way to the YouTube audio library.

5 – Get the YouTube Audio Library

After clicking the YouTube Studio button, you may find a comprehensive menu chart on the left side. Scroll it down until you see the Audio Library. Click on it to open the YouTube Audio Library and find the largest collection of the best royalty-free music.

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Navigating the YouTube Audio Library

In the next part of this guide, we will provide complete details on navigating the YouTube Audio Library to find the top-quality music matching your video’s theme.

1 – Open the YouTube Audio Library

After clicking the Audio Library in Studio, you will see a new interface showing you a list of different sounds and audios. You can pick any of them for your video.

2 – Featured Tracks and Playlists

You can find featured tracks and playlists on the official homepage of YouTube Audio Library. The music present in these lists shows the most popular ones often used by video creators. Furthermore, YouTube algorithms also place them per the seasonal requirement and capture your interest through the watched and searched history.

3 – Search and Filter

Next, you can use the search and filter option to find your favorite music that matches your interest. You will get a drop-down menu showing all the genres by clicking the filter option. You can select your desired one and press the apply button. The algorithm will provide you with all the related genres, as depicted in the picture.

Similarly, you can search for the best versions that fit your mood. Whether you are looking for sad music or want to make your picnic videos more appealing with rock versions, the YouTube audio library will surely have something for you.

4 – Browse the Sound Effects

The YouTube Audio Library’s main page provides three playlist options. One of them is music, while the other one represents the sound effects. The third section contains starred songs. You can also navigate through the other tabs to find the most suitable versions to add ambiance and depth to your videos.

5 – Download the Music

Simply press the download button by moving the cursor to the added tab in front of your selected music or sound effect.

Final Verdict

These are the steps to access and navigate the YouTube Audio Library to find the perfect music and sound effects for video content. Owing to its exceptional features and simple interface, this platform has built its authority as one of the most effective options for video creators to find royalty-free music to prevent copyright infringement issues. The largest collection allows you to synchronize your video theme with a compatible music choice. Furthermore, you can easily download it by pressing a single button.

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